Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3656

Chapter 730 – Unsheathed Sword

Soul Lake, Resurrection Camp:

Although many players and powers had distanced themselves from the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp due to the upcoming war, the camp’s player population hardly decreased. This was because Azure Fang and the Red Dragon Nation had gathered over 100,000 members at the camp.

In addition, Azure Fang and the Red Dragon Nation had also set up multiple large magic barriers and top-tier Magic Elven Cannons around the camp. The Magic Elven Cannons numbered as many as 300, and each could exhibit power at the Tier 6 standard. In static defenses alone, the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp was already superior to many of the Eternal Realm’s fortresses.

“As expected of pseudo-apex powers. I didn’t think you would manage to gather so many Tier 5 elites and war weapons on such short notice,” Shi Feng said as he scanned the players in the resurrection camp.

At a glance, he could see that all of the Tier 5 experts in the camp were fully equipped with Fragmented Legendary items and Common Secret Treasures. Some of them were even equipped with Combat Secret Treasures. Not even Zero Wing could equip so many players to such a standard.

“Unfortunately, this is still far from enough. As we are right now, we are far behind even the Sun Dynasty’s three subordinate Guilds, let alone the Sun Dynasty’s Holy Guard,” Frey said, shaking her head.

For the sake of defending the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp, she had pulled all the strings she could and gathered 70,000 experts from the Red Dragon Nation. She would have preferred to gather even more experts if it was possible. Unfortunately, this was already most of the experts the Red Dragon Nation had operating in the Eternal Realm.

It was the same for Azure Fang. Only, Azure Fang managed to gather a little more experts than the Red Dragon Nation, its forces totaling 80,000.

Although the combined forces of Azure Fang and the Red Dragon Nation reached 150,000, they were still numerically disadvantaged compared to the 200,000-plus players the Sun Dynasty’s three subordinate Guilds managed to gather. In a frontal confrontation, their chances of victory would be slim.

“Do you have any suggestions for the upcoming siege, Guild Leader Black Flame?” Garut asked.

Garut was honestly surprised that Zero Wing had only decided to mobilize about 1,000 players. Originally, he thought Zero Wing would at least send tens of thousands of Tier 5 experts to aid in the defense. That way, they wouldn’t be too far behind in numbers compared to the Holy Race’s side.

Yet, Zero Wing had only sent close to a thousand players. Although there were over a dozen Tier 6 experts among them, and some Tier 5 experts were equipped with the Eternal Magic Armor Equipment Set, they would be of little use in a battle involving hundreds of thousands of Tier 5 and Tier 6 Holy Race players.

The fact that Zero Wing had brought the behemoth known as the Silverwing didn’t matter, either. Their chances of victory were still slim. After all, the Holy Race army attacking them had over 10,000 Tier 6 experts. Moreover, these were all experts trained to fight against other royal powers. They were much more superior compared to the Holy Race players who had attacked the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s resurrection camps previously.

“Rather than be on the defense, I am considering taking the fight to them. No matter what, a resurrection camp is not a stronghold. Even if you strengthen its defenses with magic barriers and arm it with various war weapons, once the battle begins, we will fare no differently than if we clashed with the enemy on an open field,” Shi Feng said. “On the other hand, if we ambush the enemy’s scattered Tier 6 combatants with small but elite assault teams, we can greatly reduce the enemy’s top combatants before the main event.”

The use of Tier 5 players in the upcoming battle would be limited, and Tier 6 players would be the main fighting force for both sides. If one side’s Tier 6 players suffered annihilation, its remaining forces would be powerless to resist the other side’s Tier 6 players.

Previously, in the defensive war led by the Seven Luminaries Alliance, they couldn’t let too many Holy Race players enter the Alliance’s resurrection camps as it would disrupt the occupation process. Hence, they had to stay in the camps to prevent anyone from sneaking through.

Now, though, the Sun Dynasty’s goal was to target Zero Wing and eliminate all the forces stationed in the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp. In such a situation, it would be foolish for them to stay inside the resurrection camp. It was especially so now that he had brought a bunch of Level 200-plus experts from his home God’s Domain to the Eternal Realm.

In a defensive siege, the combat effectiveness of these Level 200-plus experts would be limited. However, if they were put in a field battle involving only tens of thousands of players, their strength would be overwhelming.

Of course, this was a secret Shi Feng did not plan on sharing with outsiders like Frey and Garut.

“Reducing their combat power before the main battle is indeed a good idea, but with our current forces, it really isn’t ideal to do such a thing…” Frey said after pondering over Shi Feng’s suggestion. “Based on the intelligence I’ve received, the Sun Dynasty’s three subordinate Guilds are no pushovers. Each Guild has several hundred Tier 6 experts under their command. Even if they are scattered across the Soul Lake, each group should still have over a hundred Tier 6 experts. Meanwhile, the total number of our Tier 6 combatants is only a little over a hundred. We will need to concentrate all of our Tier 6 combatants into one team if we want to eliminate any of their teams within a short time.”

“I agree. Even with your current strength, we can, at most, afford to form two assault teams, Guild Leader Black Flame,” Garut said, nodding in agreement with Frey. “But if it is just two assault teams, the damage we can do to the enemy will be negligible. We will also expose our top combatants, making it easier for the enemy to counter us.”

“One or two teams might not do the trick, but what about ten?” Shi Feng said, chuckling.

“Ten assault teams?”

Frey and Garut couldn’t help but look at Shi Feng in confusion. They failed to understand what was going through Shi Feng’s head.

Their three Guilds only had a little over a hundred Tier 6 experts. If they were to form ten assault teams, each team would only receive about a dozen Tier 6 experts. They’d be sending their forces straight into the jaws of death if they tried pitting a dozen Tier 6 human experts against a hundred Tier 6 Holy Race experts.

“You two don’t have to worry about this. Zero Wing’s members will take on the responsibility of attacking the enemy’s Tier 6 experts. I only need you to send some scouts to determine the positions of the enemy forces,” Shi Feng said, not bothering to explain himself. “If there are no more problems, let’s quickly get things into motion. The enemy’s Tier 6 experts will start to group up if we drag our feet for too long.”

Shi Feng’s words stunned Frey and Garut. However, since they couldn’t think of a good reason to object to Zero Wing shouldering all responsibilities for attacking the enemy, they agreed to provide several hundred scouts for reconnaissance. Even if these scouts were annihilated, it wouldn’t result in much losses to their two Guilds.

Subsequently, Shi Feng had Phoenix Rain and the other players from his home God’s Domain form nine assault teams and scattered them across the Soul Lake. Then, he hopped onto the Silverwing with Zero Wing’s main force members and flew to the border connecting the Soul Lake with the frontline maps.

It was already known that the Holy Race army was continuously gathering their forces at the border, so they would definitely find some enemies there.

Meanwhile, shortly after Zero Wing arrived at the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp with the eye-catching Silverwing, news of Zero Wing’s arrival quickly reached the Sun Dynasty’s Holy Guard.

“Zero Wing’s Guild Leader has arrived at the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp, Your Highness,” Heavenly Ape Saint, who was currently a Level 181, Tier 6 player, cautiously reported to a woman with a stunning appearance and slender figure. “However, it doesn’t look like he is as tough as he makes himself out to be. According to our investigations, Black Flame only brought a thousand players to reinforce the resurrection camp. It is obvious he is afraid we will wipe out Zero Wing’s forces. As things stand, the three Guilds’ armies will be more than enough to destroy the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp.”

“I thought the person who killed my foolish little brother would be someone incredible, but it seems I have overestimated him.” After hearing Heavenly Ape Saint’s report, the woman named Daystar nonchalantly commanded, “Let’s not waste any more time, then. Have our gathered forces move out immediately. I want to be back in the core area in half an hour.”


Heavenly Ape Saint respectfully withdrew and began instructing the gathered members of the Holy Guard to advance on the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp immediately.

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