Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3657

Chapter 731 – Zero Wing’s Elites
Following the news of Zero Wing’s Silverwing arriving at the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp, the three Holy Race Guilds that had entered the Soul Lake quickly went into action.

The Sun Dynasty was a royal power of the Holy Race, so although the three Guilds were subordinates of the Sun Dynasty, they were still vastly superior to the average human Guild. Presently, each of the three Guilds had gathered around 90,000 experts to encircle and attack the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp, their combined forces exceeding 270,000. In addition, they had close to 1,500 Tier 6 experts in total. With these forces, they wouldn’t fear clashing against even the Seven Luminaries Alliance.

“Of all the places the Vice Guild Leaders could have assigned us to, why did they assign us to receive the new arrivals? What rotten luck we have! By the time we move out, we’ll probably have nothing left to do.”

“I know, right? I can only hope that Zero Wing will last a little longer. Otherwise, we’ll earn barely any Guild Contributions on this trip.”

At the entrance to the Soul Lake, a group of Tier 6 Holy Race experts stood atop a mountain, watching team after team of Holy Race players cross the canyon below. The canyon served as the gateway to the Soul Lake, and these experts were assigned by the three Holy Race Guilds to watch over it. However, as they watched their allies cross the canyon and disappear into the Soul Lake, they couldn’t help but feel envious.

The reason for their behavior was the generous bounty the Sun Dynasty had placed on Zero Wing. Anyone who successfully killed a Zero Wing member would earn Guild Contribution Points from the Sun Dynasty, which was a huge opportunity for Holy Race players.

In the Holy Race’s Greater God’s Domain, the ten royal powers had monopolized 99% of all precious resources. Their monopoly over high-ranking Holy Arts and materials needed to repair Legendary Weapons and Equipment was especially firm. This made it incredibly difficult for other powers to get their hands on these resources. If they wished to get their hands on these precious resources, their only options were to either become strong enough to replace a royal power or subordinate themselves to a royal power.

Of course, even after a Guild subordinated itself to a royal power, things wouldn’t be smooth sailing for all its members. As royal powers would only grant their subordinate Guilds a limited amount of precious resources, the members of a subordinate Guild typically had to use an exorbitant amount of the Guild’s Contribution Points to exchange these resources. The types of resources they had access to were usually very limited as well.

But now, they had an opportunity to earn the Sun Dynasty’s Guild Contribution Points directly, and all they needed to do was kill members of Zero Wing. Not only did this mean that they could exchange precious resources at a significantly cheaper price, but the variety of items they could exchange would also be much greater. They could even make a fortune by reselling the items they exchanged.

Inside a certain tent on the mountaintop…

“How are preparations coming along on your side, Locust? The Holy Guard has already moved out. Once Her Highness Daystar takes action, there won’t be anything left for us to do,” a giant of a man who was ten meters tall, covered in holy patterns, and had messy hair said to the elegant middle-aged man resting beside him. “If the rumors about Black Flame killing Chalk Splendor are true, he should be able to rank in the Transcendent List. You know how hard it is to find opportunities to fight such experts. It’d be a pity if we don’t even get to fight him.”

The Holy Race’s Transcendent List was similar to the Divine Glory List published by the Seven Luminaries Alliance. All those on the list were experts who would be remembered by history. They were also qualified to establish training centers and recruit disciples in the real world. Most importantly, they would qualify to live in the Holy Land, which was the dream of countless Holy Race players.

Unfortunately, 90% of the Transcendent List was monopolized by experts from royal powers, and no expert from other powers would ever dare to challenge these individuals. After all, the act of doing so was a provocation to the royal powers.

As a result, those not belonging to a royal power could only challenge the remaining 10% if they wanted to secure a place on the Transcendent List. However, there were so many players seeking to challenge the remaining 10% that the current waiting list was over a century. Unless they could come across one of these few Transcendent experts alone out in the fields, it would be nearly impossible for them to get into the Transcendent List.

But now, a new opportunity known as Black Flame had appeared.

It should be known that Chalk Splendor was a reserve candidate for the Transcendent List, and many powers had deemed it likely he could enter the Transcendent List in the future. Yet, Chalk Splendor had died in the hands of Black Flame, which meant that Black Flame was stronger than him. This meant that so long as someone could kill Black Flame, there was a high chance they could be put on the Transcendent List and skip the trouble of having to defeat an existing Transcendent expert.

“Black Flame is indeed strong, but it is an exaggeration to say that he has the strength to enter the Transcendent List,” the elegant man named Locust said contemptuously. “Don’t forget that the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Verdant Rainbow was helping Black Flame when he killed Chalk Splendor.”

“Even so, it is still an incredible feat. If we can kill such an expert, we will get nominated for a reserve candidate spot at the very least,” the giant of a man said excitedly.

“Six Fingers has a point,” a woman with her eyes closed said. The woman sat alongside the giant and the elegant man, and she carried two sabers on her back. “If you’re not interested, Locust, leave Black Flame to me later on. I was originally planning to challenge one of the royal powers’ reserve candidates, but it will save me a lot of trouble if I can come across Black Flame.”

Locust was rendered speechless when he heard the woman’s words.

Sky Pillar Saintess, Myriad Blades!

She was a chosen one of the Sky Pillar Guild’s latest generation. Both she and Six Fingers, the giant of a man, were his rivals when it came to competing for a spot on the Transcendent List. If he allowed either of them to kill Black Flame, his entry into the Transcendent List would be delayed even further.

While Locust, Myriad Blades, and Six Fingers were chatting inside their tent, the Silverwing had stealthily arrived within a thousand yards of the canyon’s entrance. Currently, the Silverwing was concealed with a Tier 5 Invisibility Scroll, and Shi Feng stood on its deck as he observed the Holy Race army stationed above the canyon.

“I’m done analyzing the energy fluctuations, Guild Leader. I detected over 30,000 energy signatures, and 414 of them are Tier 6,” Fiery Heart, a Tier 5 Grand Wizard equipped with the God Chaser Set, reported through the team chat with certainty.

“That’s quite a lot of Tier 6s. It seems we were right to come here first,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. “Is everyone in position?”

For the current Eternal Realm’s human powers, a force of 400-plus Tier 6 Holy Race experts would be considered a huge threat. However, it was a different story for the Tier 5 and Tier 6 experts from his home God’s Domain, as well as Tier 6 experts like Gentle Snow.

“Everyone’s in position and ready to take action!”

“Guild Leader, give us the command!”

Hidden Soul, Fire Dance, and four Level 200-plus, Tier 5 Assassins responded one after another to Shi Feng’s question, each positioned next to a tent occupied by the Holy Race army’s Tier 6 experts.


After seeing that everyone was in position, Shi Feng promptly gave the command to attack.

TL Notes:

[1]Sky Pillar Priestess:

I am unsure if this should be Holy Child, Holy Daughter, or Priestess. I might come back to make changes in the future.

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