Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3658

Chapter 732 – Celebrity Black Flame

TL Notes:
Made a fix to Chapter 731:
Subsequently, Shi Feng split Zero Wing’s members into ten assault teams, making sure to evenly distribute Phoenix Rain and the other experts from his home God’s Domain across the ten teams. Then, scattered the ten teams across the Soul Lake.

Subsequently, Shi Feng had Phoenix Rain and the other players from his home God’s Domain form nine assault teams and scattered them across the Soul Lake. Then, he hopped onto the Silverwing with Zero Wing’s main force members and flew to the border connecting the Soul Lake with the frontline maps.

It was already known that the Holy Race army was continuously gathering their forces at the border, so they would definitely find some enemies there.

Basically, it means that Zero Wing has only formed ten assault teams in total instead of eleven.

Subsequently, before any of the Tier 6 Holy Race experts resting in the targeted tents could react, Fire Dance and the others swiftly brandished their daggers and short swords, stabbing their hearts and slitting their necks.

Each of the targeted tents housed between five and six players. Even though Holy Race players inherently possessed a lot of HP and Defense, they still died instantly to the attacks of Fire Dance and the others, which were close to rivaling the attacks of Tier 6 Gods.[1]

In the blink of an eye, six Advanced Tents were ambushed, and 31 Tier 6 Holy Race experts were killed.

“Ambush! Human Assassins are ambushing us!”

At the same time as Fire Dance and the others took action, a Tier 5 Holy Race expert patrolling nearby noticed their presence and promptly shouted to alert the others.

All of the Holy Race experts assigned to this location were battlefield veterans. The moment they heard someone alerting an ambush, whether it was those resting in tents or chatting somewhere, everyone promptly dropped what they were doing and rushed in the direction of Zero Wing’s six Assassins. They even erected an energy barrier that covered the entire campsite, ensuring that the six Assassins could not escape.

“Commander Six! Emergency! Zero Wing’s members have ambushed us! We have activated the Holy Power Barrier and trapped them in the campsite already!” a Tier 6 patrol reported urgently after entering the camp occupied by the three Guilds’ army commanders.

“Zero Wing ambushed us?” Six Fingers couldn’t help but be stunned by his subordinate’s report. “Are you sure you’re not mistaken?”

It should be known that their three Guilds already regarded Zero Wing as a fish on a chopping block. After all, according to their investigations, Zero Wing only had a little over one hundred Tier 6 experts defending its resurrection camp. That was only a fraction of what they had.

With so few Tier 6 experts, Zero Wing would have great difficulty even defending its resurrection camp. How could Zero Wing possibly take the initiative to attack their campsite, which had over four hundred Tier 6 experts?

However, before the Tier 6 patrol could answer Six Fingers, Locust had already put away the tent, revealing the sight of the aforementioned holy energy barrier shattering and several dozen figures descending from the sky.

“Black Flame!”

“That person is Zero Wing’s Guild Leader Black Flame!”

The instant the several dozen figures appeared in the sky, many of the Holy Race players in the campsite immediately recognized Shi Feng and began shouting frantically. It was like Shi Feng was a candle in the dark, his presence being extraordinarily eye-catching.

“Since when did you become so famous among the Holy Race, Guild Leader?” Gentle Snow asked. She couldn’t help but be stunned when she saw the Holy Race army down below behaving like a bunch of mortals who had just seen God descend upon them.

It should be known that just a moment ago, the Holy Race players in the campsite were in the middle of encircling Fire Dance’s group of six. Yet, now, all of them were focusing their attention on Shi Feng, behaving as if they had completely forgotten about the 31 Tier 6 experts Fire Dance’s group had killed…

“I have no idea.” At this time, even Shi Feng found this situation confusing.

Did he really have such a striking appearance?

It should be known that he was wearing a dark gray cloak that hid his equipment and weapons. He did not reveal any distinguishing features. Paired with his face, he should look the most inconspicuous of everyone on his team.

Meanwhile, the Transcendent List was a ranking list known by all among the Holy Race. Even those who merely have the potential to enter the Transcendent List would have their faces memorized by most Holy Race players. Hence, the three Guilds’ members had long memorized Shi Feng’s appearance. And as experts who had developed their minds to a great extent, it was very easy to single out Shi Feng from his teammates.

At Locust’s command, all the Holy Race experts obeyed without hesitation, solemn expressions on their faces. No one dared to underestimate Shi Feng. Treating him like a World Boss, they had only their core experts face him head-on while everyone else supported them from behind.

In only a moment, 23 Level 180-plus, Tier 6 Holy Race experts stepped forward, each strong enough to rival the human race’s Tier 6 Gods. They then charged toward Shi Feng’s landing location. As for the other Tier 6 Holy Race experts, they charged at the other Zero Wing members.

“How cautious of you all,” Shi Feng said, still slightly surprised as he looked at the 23 experts standing before him.

As far as he could remember, Holy Race experts held great contempt for human experts. If Holy Race experts encountered human experts out in the fields, most would choose to fight one-on-one duels, even when they had the numerical advantage.

Yet, the campsite’s 23 strongest Holy Race experts had chosen to attack him together. This was a situation far beyond the norm.

“Cautious?” Looking down at Shi Feng’s comparatively small figure, Six Fingers grimly said, “I don’t think so. When dealing with Limit Breakers like yourself, no amount of caution is excessive.”

In the Holy Race’s Greater God’s Domain, the term Limit Breaker was used to describe monstrously powerful players. More specifically, Limit Breakers were all monsters capable of ranking on the Transcendent List!

Previously, Six Fingers was partially convinced by Locust’s opinion that Shi Feng had only managed to kill Chalk Splendor thanks to the assistance of the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s chosen one. However, after seeing Shi Feng’s extraordinary use of the surrounding energy, Six Fingers immediately understood that Shi Feng wasn’t someone who needed to rely on others to kill Chalk Splendor.

If they wished to go against such a monster, they would have to gather all of their campsite’s strength to have any chance at victory.

“Locust and I will distract him, Six,” Myriad Blades whispered to Six Fingers and the others as she cautiously approached Shi Feng with Locust. “Take any opportunity you see, even if it means our deaths.”

After saying so, Myriad Blades unsheathed her sabers and charged at Shi Feng.

TL Notes:
[1]they still died instantly to the attacks of Fire Dance and the others, which were close to rivaling the attacks of Tier 6 Gods:
In this scenario, I believe that the attacks of the Level 200-plus, Tier 5 Assassins rival the attacks of Tier 6 Gods that are at Fire Dance and Hidden Soul’s level. So, somewhere around Level 180, considering that Gentle Snow is Level 180 as of Chapter 723.

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