Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3659

Chapter 733 – Black Flame’s Sword

“It’ll all be up to you, Six. I doubt Myriad and I can create many opportunities.”

When Locust saw Myriad Blades charging at Shi Feng, he put on a determined expression and raised the thorny wooden staff he wielded. Immediately, countless holy patterns started to form around him.

“Don’t worry. I understand.” Six Fingers solemnly nodded.

Logically, Six Fingers should have been the one to engage and distract Shi Feng since his ten-meter-tall body would make him the best fit for melee combat out of everyone present. Yet, Myriad Blades and Locust had chosen to take on this role instead.

As for why they had made such a decision, it was because Six Fingers owned an astonishingly destructive Holy Art called Heavenly Strike.

Heavenly Strike was a mysterious Holy Art Six Fingers had found in an ancient ruin, and it could exhibit power rivaling Holy Ancestor-ranked Holy Arts. Paired with his Fragmented Divine Artifact Radiance, he could overwhelm the defenses of even Ancient Gods of the same level. Hence, Myriad Blades and Locust had chosen to create opportunities for him to land attacks on Shi Feng.

Otherwise, if they tried to trade blows with a Limit Breaker like Shi Feng, the latter would eventually whittle them to death.

At the same time as Six Fingers nodded, Myriad Blades brandished her sabers and summoned a thousand holy armaments. These armaments came in various forms, such as sabers, spears, swords, axes, shields, and whips. Each armament had its respective strengths, and they all carried power at the Tier 6 God standard.

When Myriad Blades willed all of these holy armaments to attack Shi Feng, it was as if a thousand Myriad Blades were attacking Shi Feng together. Moreover, none of these holy armaments were restricted by HP, so they remained unfazed even when attacked.

Fusion Holy Art, Thousandfold Mirage!

Thousandfold Mirage allowed Myriad Blades to become a one-man legion, and it was the primary reason behind her confidence in challenging a royal power’s reserve candidate for the Transcendent List.

In the meantime, the elegant Locust suddenly revealed a ferocious expression, his eyes turning crimson as the wooden staff he wielded merged with his body. His body also became withered like dead wood and shrunk by several sizes. Then, once his transformation was complete, he turned into a stream of light as he charged at Shi Feng, his speed so fast that he could put Tier 6 Assassins to shame.

Fusion Holy Art, Sanguine Ascension!

Sanguine Ascension was the ultimate desperation move Locust had developed by combining a Holy Art with one of his Legacy Skills. When used, it allowed his Movement Speed and Attack Speed to achieve a qualitative leap, and nobody could keep up with him under the same tier. However, in exchange for this overwhelming speed, he would fall into a heavily injured state for a considerable time after using the Fusion Holy Art.

When Zero Wing’s members saw Myriad Blades’ and Locust’s display of strength, they couldn’t help but be shocked.

Are those two monsters?

Fervent Samsara was similarly shocked when he saw Myriad Blades’ swarm of holy armaments and Locust’s impossibly fast speed. Although he could keep up with Locust’s speed thanks to his sixth sense, his body couldn’t, especially not when Locust was constantly changing his attack and movement trajectories.

As of present, Fervent Samsara was certain he stood no chance against Myriad Blades and Locust, even in one-on-one situations.

Thousandfold Mirage and Sanguine Ascension? Is the other one Heavenly Strike? Shi Feng suddenly thought of three names when he saw the moves executed by Myriad Blades and Locust.

During the war between the two races in his previous life, many Holy Race experts had become famous in the human race’s Greater God’s Domain due to their feats. Among them, three were particularly outstanding, and they were Myriad Blades the Sky Pillar Saintess, Locust the Fleeting Wraith, and Heavenly Strike Six Fingers. Or, more specifically, their trademark moves were very well-known.

In the Sky Pillar Saintess’s case, she had slaughtered an apex power’s Holy City with her Thousandfold Mirage.

As for the Fleeting Wraith, he had single-handedly distracted Death Wind, one of Demon’s Gate’s Nine Great Experts. It should be known that Death Wind not only wielded a Divine Weapon but was also equipped with Divine Equipment. Under normal circumstances, even Shi Feng would not dare to fight Death Wind for too long. Yet, Locust had distracted Death Wind for half a day and safely retreated.

Similar to the other two, Six Fingers had accomplished an incredible feat that made him famous throughout the human race’s Greater God’s Domain. The feat in question involved killing one of the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Taboo existences with one almighty strike from his hammer, which instantly scared the million-strong army led by said Taboo existence into fleeing.

In his previous life, Shi Feng rather admired these three individuals. After all, these three individuals all dared to stand against the human race’s apex powers by themselves. Only, he never thought he would face all three of them together right now.

“Black Flame! Let me see just how strong you are!”

Manipulating her holy armaments, Myriad Blades bombarded Shi Feng from all sides. Although it was a chaotic bombardment with no skill involved, it was the most effective method to deal with Limit Breakers like Shi Feng.

Limit Breakers of the human race were individuals who had gotten ahold of Primordial God Legacies and achieved strength beyond the limit in one aspect. When facing such overwhelming strength, techniques no longer mattered. In Myriad Blades’ case, she could only rely on having an overwhelming numerical advantage to fight Shi Feng.


Despite seeing Myriad Blades’ bombardment, Locust did not hesitate to join the fight. With his focus on Shi Feng’s back, Locust kept moving around erratically in mid-air at extreme speeds. Even experts who had made significant progress in the Extrasensory Realm would have difficulty reacting to his movements.

If Chalk Splendor was currently standing in Shi Feng’s position, even if he still had the Sunlight Blade with him, he would probably lose his life to the duo if he did not activate Sunlight Body preemptively. He might even die before he could even put up any form of defense.

Bring it on!

Seeing the display of raw power happening before him, Shi Feng started to feel a sense of danger. Immediately, he unsheathed and brandished the Winter of Eternal Night and Shadow Incinerator.

World of Frost!

Scorching Flame!

Sword’s Orbit!

Flowing Light!

Suddenly, Shi Feng’s level fell by one, and one hundred frost swords appeared around him. Although the frost swords were still vastly outnumbered by the holy armaments, when Shi Feng executed Sword’s Orbit with them, the miniature stars they created instantly turned the tables on the holy armaments. Moreover, scorching flames enveloped each star, and the rotation of the stars created a bright and scorching galaxy within a 1,000-yard radius of Shi Feng.

Subsequently, scorching stars and holy armaments clashed, causing powerful explosions and creating cracks in the Eternal Realm’s space. Over ten thousand collisions took place in a mere moment, each collision sending a holy armament flying and leaving cracks in it.

At the same time, Shi Feng was constantly moving about in the air, and try as Locust might, he simply couldn’t catch up to Shi Feng’s constantly shifting position. All the while, Myriad Blades and Locust saw their Stamina and Concentration draining rapidly because of their ultimate moves.

This… How is this possible?!

Aren’t Limit Breakers supposed to have exceeded the limit in only one aspect?

Whether it was Myriad Blades or Locust, they couldn’t help but be dumbfounded by this situation. Not only did they fail to match Shi Feng in a clash of Strength, but they also failed to match him in speed.

For a moment, they even wondered if Shi Feng was human.

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