Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3660

Chapter 734 – One-Hit Asura

“How strong!”

“That’s the Sky Pillar Saintess and Fleeting Wraith we are talking about! How can Black Flame still hold the upper hand when fighting both of them?!”

“Is that guy a monster?”

As the intensity of the battle between Shi Feng and Myriad Blades and Locust grew, the Tier 6 Holy Race experts waiting for an opportunity to strike couldn’t help but be astonished.

They had heard of Black Flame before. They also understood how powerful a Limit Breaker could be.

However, it should be known that Myriad Blades and Locust were not a couple of nobodies in the Holy Race. Despite not being members of a royal power, they were strong enough to put up a fight against experts on the Transcendent List. If given the opportunity, they could very well become experts on the Transcendent List.

Normally, if the two went all-out and worked together, even Divine Artifact owners would have a headache dealing with them.

Yet, Myriad Blades and Locust were being overwhelmed right now. Myriad Blades’ holy armaments were constantly being struck down, while Locust couldn’t even close the distance on Shi Feng, let alone find an opportunity to attack him. They could only watch as Shi Feng gradually wore down the holy armaments.

“Are you still not ready, Six? Myriad can’t hold on for much longer!” Locust said anxiously through the team chat when he saw that Myriad Blades could only use her holy armaments for defense and nothing else.

Originally, Locust thought that with his extraordinary speed and reactions, paired with Myriad Blades’ incredible control, Shi Feng should be rendered helpless in no time. But now, whether it was the speed he prided himself in or Myriad Blades’ incredible attack rate, both were inferior to Shi Feng. Shi Feng’s physical parameters were simply monstrous.

Now, only six seconds after their exchange began, they had already fallen into a complete disadvantage. In fact, he could already foresee Myriad Blades’ holy armaments crumbling apart completely in a few seconds. Once that happened, it would take no more than an instant for him and Myriad Blades to die.

“Don’t worry. I’m ready,” Six Fingers responded with a grim chuckle. “Don’t fault me if you die.”

Upon hearing Six Fingers’ response, Locust and Myriad Blades immediately noticed a gigantic phantom appearing a thousand yards away from them.

The phantom was in the image of Six Fingers, and it was several thousand meters tall. At this time, the phantom had already raised the mountainous hammer it wielded and smashed it down toward the area where they were fighting.

As the hammer descended, it cast a dark shadow over a 1,000-yard radius. At the same time, Fervent Samsara and the other Zero Wing members, who were fighting against the Holy Race’s Tier 6 experts in the distance, felt a chill run down their spines.

The power of Taboos!

This was undoubtedly the power of Taboos!

The average Tier 6 player would be at risk of permanent death if they were so much as scratched by this attack, let alone getting hit directly.


Six Fingers bellowed with all his might as he glared at Shi Feng. At the same time, the phantom hammer accelerated its descent even further.

Heavenly Strike!

Black Flame! You’ll be dying with us here! When Locust saw the descending hammer, he turned to look at Shi Feng with a sneer on his face.

Six Fingers’ Heavenly Strike was not only powerful, but it also had a large attack radius. Even if Shi Feng had astonishing speed, there was no way he could get out of Heavenly Strike’s 1,000-yard AOE in time. Not to mention, he still needed to deal with their distraction.


A dazzling beam of light shot into the sky, reaching a height of 10,000 meters before stopping. When the beam of light faded, the mountain the Holy Race army had set up their campsite on had disappeared, and taking its place was a bottomless abyss.

“Is this Lord Six Fingers’ Heavenly Strike?”

“Crap! Aren’t we in the World Ark right now? How can an attack deform the World Ark’s terrain to such an extent?!”

“I doubt even Black Flame can survive such a frightening strike.”

The three Holy Race Guilds’ members gasped when they saw the devastation caused by Six Fingers’ Heavenly Strike.

The World Ark was one of the few World Mode Regional Dungeons in the Eternal Realm. Its terrain was extremely sturdy, and even Tier 6 players would have difficulty damaging it. Yet, Six Fingers had erased an entire mountain in a single strike, effectively turning the entrance canyon into a basin. On top of that, he had also left behind a bottomless pit with a 1,000-yard radius. The power of his attack was simply unheard of.

What a tough opponent Black Flame is. Had I come across him by myself, I would have no choice but to run. Looking at the smoke rising from the bottomless abyss before him, Six Fingers couldn’t help but feel fortunate he had Myriad Blades and Locust to keep Shi Feng distracted.

Although Heavenly Strike had astonishing power, Six Fingers needed a long time to conjure the required phantom. Without someone to distract his targets for him, in the six seconds it took him to conjure his phantom, even Tier 5 experts could easily move out of his attack range, let alone Tier 6 experts. If his opponents were confident in their strength, they could even attack and kill him while he was occupied. And seeing Shi Feng’s astonishing speed and control, he did not doubt Shi Feng could kill him in six seconds.

While Six Fingers was thinking of commanding the surviving Tier 6 God-ranked experts to clean up the rest of Zero Wing’s members, something amidst the dispersing smoke clouds caught his attention.

Impossible! Six Fingers was dumbfounded by the sight before him.

At this time, with one of his swords raised, Shi Feng could be seen holding back the mountainous phantom hammer, thoroughly preventing it from descending any further. Not only that, but he still had over 95% of his HP remaining…

“He’s not dead?!”

“How can he still be alive?!”

The three Holy Race Guilds’ members who were just about to rejoice were similarly dumbfounded by this situation, none willing to believe what they were seeing.

“Your attack is indeed extraordinary, but you chose the wrong opponent!”

Shi Feng did not bother to offer any explanations when he saw Six Fingers’ look of shock. While using the Winter of Eternal Night to hold back the phantom hammer, he swung the Shadow Incinerator at Six Fingers, who stood over a thousand yards away.

Third Sword, Holy Annihilation!

Immediately, a tide of flames swept toward Six Fingers, the speed of the flames so fast that time in the surrounding area had seemingly stopped flowing as they moved.

“I won’t let you kill me that easily!”

Six Fingers was no ordinary Holy Race expert. Almost at the same time as Shi Feng executed his attack, his powerful sixth sense made him lift his hammer to defend himself.


The instant the scorching flames and hammer collided, Six Fingers’ body flew away like a kite with its string severed, and his HP bar began to deplete at a visible rate.

60%… 30%… 10%…

When Six Fingers crashed into the mountain on the other side of the former canyon, his HP fell to zero, and he wore an astonished look as his body gradually dispersed into particles of light.

“Guild Leader?”

At this time, the three Holy Race Guilds’ members weren’t the only ones in shock. Gentle Snow, Fervent Samsara, and the other Zero Wing members fighting against the Holy Race’s Tier 6 experts were similarly dumbfounded.

It should be known that even with their current strength, they wouldn’t dare say they could defeat someone as mighty as Six Fingers. Yet, this seemingly mighty individual failed to survive even one attack from Shi Feng…

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