Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3661

Chapter 735 – Beams of Destruction

“Impossible! This is Six Fingers we are talking about!”

“How can Lord Six Fingers die to one attack from a human Swordsman? Could there be some kind of bug in the World Ark?”

When the several hundred Tier 6 Holy Race experts present saw Six Fingers’ body fading away, they couldn’t help but be in disbelief.

It was bad enough that Six Fingers’ mighty Heavenly Strike had failed to kill Shi Feng, but the fact that Six Fingers couldn’t withstand one attack from Shi Feng was truly beyond their comprehension. It even challenged their understanding of God’s Domain.

If speaking purely in terms of Strength, Six Fingers was second to only Divine Artifact users. His Strength was so overwhelming that not even experts like Locust and Myriad Blades would dare to face him head-on. No matter how they thought about it, they simply couldn’t understand how this situation had come to be.

“Don’t just stand there!” When Shi Feng saw that Gentle Snow, Fervent Samsara, and the others were still in a daze, he quickly reminded them, “The three army commanders have been eliminated, so quickly take care of the remaining Tier 6 Holy Race experts! We don’t have much time to waste here!”

The Sun Dynasty’s three subordinate Guilds had mobilized nearly 300,000 players this time, of which about 1,500 were Tier 6 experts. Currently, these Tier 6 experts were scattered across the Soul Lake, so it was Zero Wing’s best opportunity to eliminate them before the main battle. But now that they had attacked the entrance campsite, it went without saying news of their actions would reach the rest of the three Holy Race Guilds’ forces.

If they wished to eliminate more Tier 6 experts before the main battle, they had to act quickly. Otherwise, once these Holy Race armies were prepared, the difficulty of dealing with them would increase exponentially.

Upon hearing Shi Feng’s words, Gentle Snow, Fervent Samsara, and the others quickly snapped out of their daze and started killing the Tier 6 Holy Race experts.

Out of all the Zero Wing members present, only Fiery Heart, who had just arrived in the Eternal Realm recently, remained unfazed by Shi Feng’s strength. Before Shi Feng even voiced his reminder, she had already cast a Tier 5 Curse at a group of Level 180-plus, Tier 6 Holy Race experts.

Although Six Fingers was astonishingly powerful, he was only a Level 182 player. Even if he possessed Strength superior to Tier 6 Gods of the same level, it should be known that Shi Feng could already contend with Level 200, Tier 6 Gods when he first returned to their home God’s Domain.

Level 200 was a massive turning point in God’s Domain. Going from Level 199 to Level 200 would be akin to achieving a one-tier advancement. So, even before Shi Feng returned to their home God’s Domain, his Strength was already superior to that of the current Six Fingers. After killing the First Generation Saint Ukarius, he had even leveled up to Level 191, his Basic Attributes improving by two minor thresholds.

In Shi Feng’s current state, his attack could cause even Level 200, Tier 6 Gods to stumble. So, Fiery Heart didn’t find it surprising that Six Fingers had died so abruptly.

While Zero Wing’s members were cleaning up the Tier 6 Holy Race experts, someone from the three Holy Race Guilds quickly called for a retreat.

“Retreat! Retreat quickly!”

“We are no match for Black Flame! Only by gathering all of our Tier 6 experts and using a Large Combination Holy Art can we fight him!”

Suddenly, all of the Holy Race experts present began to flee in all directions, nobody having any intention of fighting Shi Feng’s team to the death.

Seeing this, Gentle Snow and the others experienced a headache. Setting aside the 30,000-plus Tier 5 Holy Race experts, if the 400-plus Tier 6 Holy Race experts were determined to flee, they wouldn’t be able to prevent more than a few from escaping.

“Have the ship’s spirit cannons finished charging, Rampant?” When Shi Feng saw the Holy Race experts scattering, he promptly posed a question to Rampant Blade, who had stayed behind to pilot the Silverwing.

Hence, before getting off the Silverwing, Shi Feng had instructed Rampant Blade to begin charging the flying ship’s one hundred Spirit Destruction Cannons and eight Floating Spirit Cannons.

If all 128 Spirit Cannons fired together, their combined effect would be many times greater than if he were to use Holy Annihilation or Dark Moon many times in quick succession.

“All 128 Spirit Cannons are fully charged, Guild Leader!” Rampant Blade reported excitedly as he looked at the charging indicators on the 100 Spirit Destruction Cannons and 28 Floating Spirit Cannons.

“Good! Fire!” Shi Feng commanded without hesitation.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Immediately, all of the Spirit Destruction Cannons and Floating Spirit Cannons aboard the Silverwing fired simultaneously, each unleashing a beam covering a 3,000-yard radius onto the fleeing Holy Race players. If caught in the middle of these beams’ striking radius, not even Tier 6 players could run to safety in time, and they’d have no choice but to defend against the destructive beams.

When all 128 beams descended, a blinding light enveloped the Soul Lake’s entrance, covering a radius of tens of thousands of yards. From a distance, it looked as if the land was being purified.

None of the Tier 5 Holy Race experts could resist the Spirit Destruction Cannons, all of them vaporized the instant they made contact with the beam attacks. As for the Tier 6 Holy Race experts, although one beam was not enough to kill them, each beam still shaved off a visible chunk of their HP. After suffering 128 beam attacks, even the Holy Race experts who could rival Tier 6 Gods of the same level were reduced to ashes.

After the beams of destruction dissipated, the three Holy Race Guilds’ campsite had become a barren wasteland. Apart from a few Holy Race experts who managed to escape with the help of lifesaving tools, the rest were all dead.

Is this the power of an Advanced Dark-Gold Flying Ship?

Gentle Snow couldn’t believe her eyes as she looked at the vast expanse of scorched earth before her. Of the 30,000-plus Holy Race experts stationed at this campsite, 99% were killed in an instant. Even God-ranked Holy Race experts were no exception.

Over a dozen Tier 6 God-ranked experts!

Apart from apex powers, no other human power could go up against such a force in the current Eternal Realm. Yet, in front of the Silverwing, these God-ranked experts were no different than cannon fodder.

Fervent Samsara and Heavy Abyss were similarly shocked by this development. Although they had long known that the Silverwing was a high-ranking flying ship, they never thought it could be this frightening. The firepower of this flying ship was even greater than that of a Void Fortress.

“Guild Leader, nearly 100 Tier 6 Holy Race experts escaped before the attack connected,” Rampant Blade reported the information he got from the Silverwing’s exploration magic array.

“So be it. Everyone, back on the ship! We must eliminate as much of the Holy Race army’s forces as possible before news spreads!”

Shi Feng wasn’t particularly surprised by Rampant Blade’s report. Immediately, he commanded everyone to return to the Silverwing and head for another campsite the Red Dragon Nation and Azure Fang had discovered.

While Shi Feng’s team was making its way to another campsite, Zero Wing’s nine other assault teams also began their attack on the Holy Race army one after another.

“The Holy Race army’s campsite is just ahead. Are you sure you want to attack it, Vice Guild Leader Phoenix?” Unrestrained Lionheart, the vice commander of the Red Dragon Nation’s main force, couldn’t help but ask Phoenix Rain as he looked at the Holy Race’s campsite in the distance.

Truth be told, Unrestrained Lionheart was full of apprehension as he followed Phoenix Rain, Zero Wing’s newly appointed Vice Guild Leader, to attack the Holy Race army. This was because he had never heard of Phoenix Rain until today. Moreover, most of the players in Phoenix Rain’s team were only Tier 5 players.

It should be known that the campsite they were targeting housed over 10,000 Holy Race players, of which over a hundred were Tier 6 players. Yet, Phoenix Rain was looking to attack it with only a team of ten…

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