Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3662

Chapter 736 – Frightened Holy Race

Standing amidst a primordial forest with an Advanced Black Cloak concealing her information, Phoenix Rain responded confidently to Unrestrained Lionheart’s anxiety.

Before Phoenix Rain came to the World Ark, Shi Feng had already informed her of the general situation of the Eternal Realm and Zero Wing, so she knew that Zero Wing needed to defend its resurrection camp at all costs. Otherwise, Zero Wing would lose access to Holy Ring City, and its development would lag behind the other powers over time.

It should be known that most powers operating in the Eternal Realm had scattered large amounts of manpower across the Eternal Realm’s various NPC Cities. Not only were these NPC Cities gathering places for a large number of players during the Eternal Realm’s initial stages, but the real estate of these NPC Cities was also an opportunity for the various powers to generate astronomical wealth.

With Zero Wing’s current development being limited to just one city, it wouldn’t matter how well Zero Wing fared in the Eternal Realm. At the end of the day, Zero Wing still couldn’t generate enough wealth to compete against the various powers that were operating in numerous NPC Cities.

To make matters worse, Zero Wing had very few Tier 6 experts under its command presently. This, in turn, limited how many resource nodes it could occupy in the Eternal Realm. Even if Zero Wing currently possessed the ability to increase a player’s chances of advancing to Tier 6, the Guild would still need experts with the potential to reach Tier 6 before it could start to produce Tier 6 experts.

Although the Crystal City of Secrets had a large player population, it was still just one city. Compared to the players populating the many NPC Cities across the Eternal Realm, the Crystal City’s player population was minuscule. At this rate, it wouldn’t be long before the various powers would have more Tier 6 experts than Zero Wing. Once that happened, there would be very little Zero Wing could do to catch up.

If Zero Wing wished to stand a chance against the various conglomerates and pseudo-apex powers, its only hope now was to defend its resurrection camp and rely on it to generate wealth and expand Zero Wing’s territory.

“If you insist… But please be careful, Vice Guild Leader Phoenix.” Hearing Phoenix Rain’s determined response, Unrestrained Lionheart reminded, “According to our scouts, the campsite has at least three God-ranked experts. If you find yourself not a match, retreat as soon as possible. If your Tier 5 teammates get killed by any of those three, they might permanently lose access to God’s Domain.”

“At least three God-ranked experts?” Sinful Flame, a legendary individual and an Elder of the Azure Chamber of Commerce, licked the edges of his mouth in excitement when he heard Unrestrained Lionheart’s words. “I never thought I would get an opportunity to become a challenger at my age.”

“You better not hog them all to yourself, Elder Flame. At least leave some for me,” Phoenix Rain said, chuckling when she saw Sinful Flame’s enthusiastic behavior.

Due to the limited number of Tier 6 experts and fourth-floor experts in their home God’s Domain, she had very few opponents she could spar with ever since she advanced to Tier 6. However, that was no longer the case now that she had arrived in the Eternal Realm.

Meanwhile, similar to Sinful Flame, she wanted to spar with as many Tier 6 experts as she could. It would be even better if they were fourth-floor experts and above. Whether she won or lost these fights, she would benefit from them massively.

“No can do. Also, we must agree to a first come, first served basis. Nobody is allowed to interfere with each other’s fights,” Sinful Flame said, rolling his eyes at Phoenix Rain. He showed no intention of making concessions to his juniors.

“Fine.” Phoenix Rain helplessly nodded.

Meanwhile, Unrestrained Lionheart was exasperated when he heard the conversation between Sinful Flame and Phoenix Rain.


These two individuals were wildly arrogant!

God-ranked experts were respected and feared by the various upper-ranking hegemonic powers in the Greater God’s Domain. Yet, Sinful Flame and Phoenix Rain regarded God-ranked experts as merely sparring partners. It should be known that these two individuals were merely fourth-floor experts. They were leagues inferior to the Holy Race’s God-ranked experts.

Even if Sinful Flame and Phoenix Rain worked together, they would stand no chance against a God-ranked expert from the Holy Race. In fact, they would still lose even if the God-ranked expert gave them a handicap of an arm and a leg. Yet, they were now boldly claiming that they were going to challenge multiple God-ranked experts by themselves…

When Phoenix Rain saw one of the Holy Race’s Level 181 God-ranked experts emerging from an Advanced Tent, she suddenly issued a command to move out before charging forward by herself, behaving nothing like a proper leader.

As for the eight Tier 5 Zero Wing members on Phoenix Rain’s team, they charged forward in a frenzy. As if afraid they wouldn’t be noticed, they even went as far as to shout a battle cry as they advanced on the Holy Race army.

Lunatics! These people are a bunch of lunatics! Unrestrained Lionheart was dumbfounded when he saw Zero Wing’s team initiating a frontal confrontation.

Weren’t they supposed to ambush the enemy?! How was this anything like an ambush?!

At this time, aside from Unrestrained Lionheart, the Red Dragon Nation’s scouts, who were observing the Holy Race’s campsite from afar, were similarly stunned by this situation.

If they didn’t know any better, they would think that Zero Wing’s 10-man team was secretly backed by a 100,000-man army. After all, these Zero Wing members behaved nothing like a 10-man team would when advancing on a 10,000-man army.

Naturally, Zero Wing’s unrestrained shouting caught the attention of the Holy Race army in no time. Immediately, the Holy Race players stationed in the campsite emerged from their tents and quickly grouped into parties, intending to use Combination Holy Arts to retaliate against the attacking enemy.

“What’s going on? Why are there only ten players?”

“Are these human players playing a joke on us?”

After the Holy Race players got into positions, they couldn’t help but doubt their eyes when they saw the approaching Zero Wing members.

Ten players!

A team of ten players actually dared to charge at their army of 10,000! Not only that, but only two among these ten players were Tier 6 experts! If they didn’t know any better, they’d think they were being attacked by a team of God-ranked experts armed to the teeth!

While the Holy Race players were pondering how they should deal with Zero Wing’s deranged members, Phoenix Rain suddenly raised her staff into the air. Immediately afterward, a twofold magic array for a Tier 6 Curse that covered the entire campsite suddenly appeared, shocking all of the Holy Race players in the campsite.

However, what shocked the Holy Race players wasn’t the fact that Phoenix Rain had double-cast a Tier 6 Curse, but the mana that was being used to power the Tier 6 Curse!

Phoenix Rain’s mana was as solid as steel, and not even the mana of Tier 6 Gods could compare!

Upon sensing the mana in the twofold magic arrays, even the Holy Race’s God-ranked experts, who were initially thinking of ridiculing Zero Wing’s members, shuddered involuntarily.

“She’s beyond Gods?”

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