Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3663

Chapter 737 – Silent Battlefield

TL Notes:
I previously mentioned that the raws I received for Chapter 505 were missing a section. Well, I’ve found the completed version and made the necessary changes.

This was where Guild Cities came in. To establish a Guild City in the Eternal Realm, players would need to have the City Building Order, and to obtain a City Building Order, players would need to explore and raid the Hundred Eyes Canyon.

The only problem was that these undeveloped lands were located far from any NPC strongholds, and reaching them required a lot of time, even with the help of Legendary Flying Mounts. It might not be a problem if players only needed to travel to these places once, but the time players wasted on travel would quickly pile up if they had to make multiple trips. This was where Guild Strongholds came to play.

However, establishing a Guild Stronghold in the Eternal Realm was a challenging task. Not only did the construction of a Guild Stronghold require an astronomical amount of Eternal Gold Coins, but a City Building Order was also needed.

To make matters worse, it was incredibly difficult to obtain a Lord’s Certificate. Even the pseudo-apex powers in the current Eternal Realm would need to mobilize all their forces to acquire one. Meanwhile, the Hundred Eyes Canyon was one of the few players where players could obtain City Building Orders.

Also, “Lord’s Certificate” changed to “City Building Order.”

This was the only Large-scale Destruction Spell in Phoenix Rain’s repertoire. Even with the powerful suppression that the World Ark’s environment placed on mana, Endless Requiem could still cover a 1,000-yard radius in a deathly gale that eroded all life.

Of course, Endless Requiem wasn’t all-powerful. Setting Tier 5 players aside, any decently equipped Tier 6 player caught within the Tier 6 Curse’s AOE should have no trouble surviving it under normal circumstances.

However, it should be known that Phoenix Rain was currently Level 212 and equipped with the God Chaser Set. In terms of power, her Endless Requiem would be stronger than even that of Level 200, Tier 6 Gods. It was no longer a Large-scale Destruction Spell that players under Level 200 could withstand.

“Dammit! Stop her!” one of the Holy Race army’s leaders shouted as he pointed at Phoenix Rain.

Almost immediately, the four God-ranked Holy Race experts stationed in the campsite charged at Phoenix Rain. They understood what they needed to do, and they did not hesitate to take action for even a moment.

On the other side, Phoenix Rain naturally noticed the four Level 180-plus God-ranked experts charging at her. However, even when the four God-ranked experts arrived within 500 yards of her, she did not stop channeling her Endless Requiem. Instead, she simply raised her free hand at the four experts.

Triple speed-casting, Tier 6 Spell, Thunder Dragon’s Halberd!

Suddenly, three crimson lightning bolts shot out from Phoenix Rain’s hand and targeted three of the four approaching God-ranked experts. Each lightning bolt also split into countless branches as they closed in on its target, covering a much greater area and making evasion impossible. As a result, the three targeted God-ranked experts could only gather their Holy Aura to defend themselves.


Following a loud explosion, the three Level 181, Tier 6 God-ranked experts were sent flying back over a hundred yards, and their HPs fell by nearly 50%. One of them even had his arm crippled because he had failed to deflect Phoenix Rain’s attack completely.

“Who is she?”

The Holy Race players in the campsite felt their worldview challenged when they saw this development.

Just by raising her hand, Phoenix Rain, a human Mage God, had crippled one God-ranked expert and injured two…

While the Holy Race players in the campsite were in shock, the fourth God-ranked expert had arrived within 50 yards of Phoenix Rain. However, before he could attack Phoenix Rain, a gray-clad old man suddenly appeared before him and swung a knight’s sword at his neck. This situation left him with no choice but to try to block and deflect the attack.


When both sides clashed, a crisp sound echoed across the battlefield. Immediately afterward, the Holy Race army’s fourth God-ranked expert could be seen being sent flying like a cannonball. It was also obvious that the God-ranked expert had sustained serious injuries as even after crashing into the ground, he failed to get up right away.

An existence beyond Gods!

It was another existence beyond Gods!

In a mere team of ten, there were actually two experts who were above Gods!

Although these eight Zero Wing members were only Tier 5 players, they were all at Level 210 and equipped with the Epic God Chaser Set. The power of their attacks could rival Level 180, Tier 6 Gods. With their opponents being only a bunch of Level 180 players, it went without saying they could deal devastating damage.

The eight Tier 5 Zero Wing members were effectively invincible as they clashed with the Holy Race army, killing several dozen Tier 5 Holy Race experts with their every attack and heavily injuring Tier 6 Holy Race experts. As for the Tier 6 Shadow Knight Sinful Flame, he was akin to the Grim Reaper on the battlefield, eliminating every Holy Race expert in his path without fail.

In only three seconds, Sinful Flame and the eight Tier 5 Zero Wing members had already killed over a thousand Holy Race players, reducing the campsite’s population by nearly 10%…

Am I hallucinating?

Unrestrained Lionheart couldn’t help but rub his eyes as he watched the slaughter before him. He seriously suspected he was hallucinating.

It was already unbelievable that Zero Wing’s 10-man assault team had two Taboo-level existences. Yet, as if that wasn’t enough, the remaining eight members of the team were also existences slightly stronger than the average God-ranked experts[1]. Most importantly, these eight individuals were only Tier 5 players.

It should be known that Unrestrained Lionheart was an Elder of the Red Dragon Nation. However, even after ascending to Tier 6, he was still much weaker compared to God-ranked experts of the same level. Unless he could gather a full set of Legendary Equipment for himself, he could never hope to fight God-ranked experts of the same level.

Yet, Zero Wing’s eight Tier 5 members could not only fight God-ranked experts, but they were even winning with an overwhelming advantage…

As Unrestrained Lionheart grappled with reality, the Holy Race army suffered another thousand casualties. The Holy Race army, once a symbol of fear for the various human powers, was now crumbling apart like a house of cards before the relentless onslaught of Zero Wing’s assault team.

With such frightening teams under his command, it’s no wonder Black Flame can hold the Skylight Association’s partnership offer in contempt. If Nineteenth Sword learns of this, he’ll probably regret ever making an enemy out of Zero Wing.

When Unrestrained Lionheart saw how easily Phoenix Rain’s team was massacring an army of 10,000-plus Holy Race players, he suddenly started to pity Nineteenth Sword.

It should be known that Zero Wing had dispatched ten assault teams to ambush the Holy Race army scattered across the Soul Lake. Even if the other teams were slightly weaker than Phoenix Rain’s team, the difference shouldn’t be significant.

With such a force under Zero Wing’s command, even if all of the pseudo-apex powers currently operating in the World Ark joined forces, they still couldn’t afford to provoke Zero Wing. Yet, the Skylight Association’s Nineteenth Sword had declared he would make it impossible for Zero Wing to survive in the World Ark…

“Everyone, gather on me! I’m activating the Holy Aegis!”

As Zero Wing’s assault team members continued their slaughter, the Holy Race army’s commander took out a holy totem from his bag and chanted an incantation. Subsequently, numerous protective screens made of holy power formed around the campsite, isolating the Holy Race army from Zero Wing’s members. At the same time, a barrier covering a 1,000-yard radius formed around Zero Wing’s members, trapping them inside.

“Someone, contact the rest of the army! Inform them that Zero Wing’s main force is attacking us and that we have trapped them here! Have them send reinforcements immediately!” the army commander commanded.

Now, they only had to wait for reinforcements from the rest of the army to eliminate Phoenix Rain and the others.

Admittedly, Phoenix Rain and her teammates were very strong. On a battlefield involving only ten thousand players, they could exhibit heaven-defying strength. However, their strength would become insignificant when faced with the three Holy Race Guilds’ army of 200,000-plus experts.

The three Guilds had gathered over a hundred God-ranked experts this time, so annihilating eight God-ranked experts would be child’s play. They also had Large-scale Combination Holy Arts that, when executed by a hundred Tier 6 God-ranked experts, could obliterate even Taboo-level existences.

Have these Guilds lost their minds?! Why would they use a defensive treasure like Holy Aegis here?! Unrestrained Lionheart revealed an ugly look when he saw the protective screens that had formed around the Holy Race army’s campsite.

Holy Aegis was a famous single-use tool among the Holy Race as it could withstand many attacks from even Taboo-level existences. However, due to its rarity, each Holy Aegis was worth as much as a Legendary Weapon, and even the Holy Race’s royal powers did not have many, let alone the subordinates of royal powers.

If Phoenix Rain’s team couldn’t break out in time, their fates would be sealed once the rest of the Holy Race army arrived.

While Unrestrained Lionheart was having a panic attack, the members of the three Holy Race Guilds calling for reinforcements inside the Holy Aegis suddenly revealed dumbfounded expressions.

“Screw you! We have also discovered Zero Wing’s Taboo-level main force members! There are three of them here! We have already trapped them using Holy Aegis, so hurry up and send reinforcements!”

TL Notes:

[1]…slightly stronger than God-ranked experts:

This line is written in Unrestrained Lionheart’s perspective, so the “God-ranked experts” here are referring to Level 180, Tier 6 God-ranked experts. Phoenix Rain and the others are equipped with the Advanced Black Cloak, so Unrestrained Lionheart is unaware of their actual levels.

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