The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6886

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6886-James looked at her and was about to speak when he saw Herodias suddenly extend her hand to reveal a fist-sized, multicolored pearl.

James and Thea were simultaneously shocked.

This was the Xyloria Tirta Pearl of the Tirta Sect. Surprisingly, it was bigger, brighter, and more beautiful than the Xyloria Tai Chi Pearl!

Nobody would have imagined that Herodias had been carefully carrying such an important treasure on her.

Thea said, “Don’t go against your heart, Herodias. If there is even the slightest reluctance to give it up, please don’t force yourself. James would never blame you.”

James remained silent, unsure of what to say. Truthfully, he desired the Xyloria

Tai Chi Pearl. However, he understood that Herodias would never have offered it up if she was hesitant. He had no intention of acting sanctimonious or pretending to decline, as that would seem insincere.

He would never force Herodias to give it up if she was unwilling. According to Morgott, there were six Xyrisia Sacred Spirits. Even without the Xyloria Tirta Pearl, there were five others, and integrating the Five Spirits was still possible.

Herodias pointed her fingers, and a majestic Tirta Power struck the Xyloria Tirta Pearl.

The Xyloria Tirta Pearl instantly burst into a radiant, multicolored light, filling the entire space.

She continued to infuse it with Tirta Power until the Xyloria Tirta Pearl shone brightly. Then, holding Thea’s arm with one hand, she stood up with difficulty.

Herodias looked at James solemnly and said, “My father is right. I have been too narrow-minded and worried too much. No wonder I can’t be as strong as Thea and fight to the end with Yehria.”

With that, she offered the Xyloria Tirta Pearl in her hands.

“James, the road ahead is long and dangerous. The Tirta Sect will follow you until death.”

James took a deep breath, reached out, and took the Xyloria Tirta Pearl while nodding solemnly at Herodias.

He understood very well that what Herodias handed over was not just a precious pearl but also represented her father’s life and the Tirta Sect’s fate.

As James took hold of the Xyloria Tirta Pearl, Herodias suddenly staggered and fell to the ground, unconscious.

“Ms Herdoias!” Thea hurriedly stepped forward to support her.

On the other hand, James immediately scanned Herodias with his Chaos YinYang Eyes.

Thea asked hurriedly, “What happened to her?”

“She has abolished all her cultivation and even poured her Genesis Pearl into the Xyloria Tirta Pearl,” James explained, taking a deep breath. “Go get Yegor, Truett and Xitlaly.”

Without hesitation, Thea turned into a streak of purple-red light and shot out.

Soon, Yegor, Truett and Xitlaly hurried in. Upon seeing Herodias lying on the ground, they all displayed shocked expressions.

After hearing Thea’s explanation, they sighed deeply.

Truett knelt to the ground, embraced Herodias, and said, “You put the Greater Realms before yourself. I thought I’d be abolishing my cultivation base first.

Unexpectedly, you beat me to it.”

James said apologetically, “Sir Yegor, Ms. Herodias did this for me…”

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