The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6887

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6887-Yegor glanced at James. “What are you talking about? Despite my wife’s usual recklessness, she is very thoughtful.

“I know she dreams of restoring the glory of the Tirta Sect and eliminating Yehria. Unfortunately, she wasn’t strong enough.

“Now, with your help, she could meet her father once last time. She must have gained enlightenment, and the obsession and arrogance in her heart have completely disappeared.

“She chose to abolish her cultivation and start over. That in itself might be a blessing under disguise.”

He glanced at Thea again. “She knows that despite her thin standing in Zymurgy. Although she has been relying on the foundation left by the Tirta Sect,

she probably wouldn’t have lasted long anyway. Perhaps starting over again is the right decision for the Tirta Sect.” James raised his head and said faintly, “Indeed. It’s not just the Tirta Sect that needs a restart. All the creatures in the Greater Realm have strayed for too long.

It’s time to return to the right path.”

Truett looked at James and said, “Since my mother has abandoned her cultivation base and wants to start over, as her son, I can’t…”

James interrupted him, “You’re the Solstice Alliance’s Leader. You should settle important matters first. If anything, you should be the last.”

Xitlaly looked at Truett and said, “He’s right. We should be the last to have a restart. We need to finish the task James gave US and help him in his conquest.

After all, our enemy is very powerful.”

Truett nodded solemnly and fell silent.

James looked at Yegor and asked, “Are you willing to give up your righteous aura?”

Yegor suddenly raised his head and laughed. “If I didn’t have the mission you assigned me, I would have made the same choice as my wife right away.”

James nodded and said, “Okay. Since Herodias is one step ahead, she may be much higher than you by the time you have your restart. Don’t be envious.”

Then, he glanced at Yegor, Truett, and Xitlaly.

“I won’t stay to disturb your family time. Say your goodbyes to Ms. Herodias.

The next time you meet will be in a very long time.”

With that, James enveloped Herodias with an Innate Energy. Then, he signaled Thea, and the two of them left.

The next moment, Herodias slowly opened her eyes. When she looked at Truett, Yegor, and Xitlaly, there was no sadness, only a gentle smile.

“You got the better of me again!” Yegor said playfully.

Herodias replied weakly, “I met my father. You didn’t have a chance.”

Yegor smiled and nodded. “I know. James just told US everything. I can see he feels bad about it.”

Herodias sighed. “He’s too sentimental. It’s what’s good about him but also one of his shortcomings. It will become a fatal weakness of his in the future.”

Truett hurriedly held Herodias’ hand and asked, “Did you really think this through, Mother?”

Herodias said smilingly, “My son is even more foolish. Fortunately, he met a good friend. Otherwise, he’d be completely lost.”

Truett said emotionally, “James asked US to say goodbye to you. I’m afraid we won’t meet for countless years…”

Herodias nodded and said, “That’s right. I want to tell you a few important things.”


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