The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6888

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6888-Yegor, Truett, and Xitlaly exchanged glances and nodded simultaneously.

Herodias sighed and said, “First, the Tirta Sect and Skynet must immediately relinquish their independence and transfer all resources, territories, disciples, and subjects under their command to James.”

At these words, Truett and Xitlaly looked shocked. However, Yegor smiled knowingly.

Herodias continued, “Second, once Truett completes his tasks for James, he must step down as leader of the Solstice Alliance, and James will take over its administration.

“Third, we will not make decisions about our family’s future. We trust James to handle everything.”

With that, Herodias looked at Xitlaly and weakly raised her hand.

“Mother!” Xitlaly hurriedly stepped forward to support her, eyes filled with tears.

Herodias smiled. “You are a smart child, Xitlaly. Since you joined our family, I have asked nothing of you except that you address me as your mother.”

“Yes, Mother. Is there anything you need for me to do?” Xitlaly, choking back tears, nodded.

Herodias gripped her hand tightly and said, “Good child. I want you to promise me two things. First, hand over all control of the lustus Sect to James!”

She looked at Xitlaly with earnest eyes as she spoke.

Xitlaly said with teary eyes, “I will definitely obey Mother’s instructions. The lustus Sect, Skynet, and Tirta Sect have long been integrated, so I am also a disciple of the Tirta Sect. I have no selfish motives whatsoever.” “Good, good.” Herodias gently tapped on Xitlal/s hand and looked at Truett. She took his hand and held their hands together.

“Secondly, I want you two to follow the example of James and Thea. No matter how many setbacks and difficulties you encounter, even if you are separated for countless years, your love should remain stronger than gold, your hearts steadfast, and you should always be together. Trust each other, even if you have to be reincarnated, have your memory erased, or your soul cleansed.”

Truett and Xitlaly looked at each other and nodded deeply simultaneously.

“Mom, there’s something I need to tell you!” Truett suddenly interjected.” Xitlaly is pregnant with our child!”

Herodias trembled visibly, gripping their hands tighter in excitement.

Yegor, who stood beside Herodias, widened his eyes in surprise and rejoiced.

Herodias exclaimed with a laugh. “Fantastic! Receiving such wonderful news before my rebirth makes me relieved.”

“Amazing news! Look at these two children. They’ve grown so mature and composed. We’ve been back for so long, yet never even noticed. We failed in our duty as parents!” Yegor chimed in with tears of joy welling in his eyes.

Herodias took a deep breath and said, “Enough with this chatter. You should share this news with James immediately. He is a good friend of yours and a steadfast comrade in life’s trials. Plus, he’s also your matchmaker. His significance in your lives is immense.”

“Remember, the Tirta Sect and James are united in purpose, bound to each other in life and death. If he chooses to challenge Zymurgy, he must rectify the Tai Chi World. Our resources, creatures, elite forces, and teams are indispensable.”

“Given his nature, he won’t show mercy to other sects within the Tai Chi World, but he holds different sentiments toward the Tirta Sect, lustus Sect, and Skynet.

“As his trusted ally, you must not hinder him. Instead, you must support him and take the lead in critical moments. Remember, without a foundation or support, achieving greater goals will be impossible.

“Now that we’ve decided, there’s no room for regrets. Whether faced with countless swords, seas of fire, or even abysses, we must stand firm with James.”

Herodias’ resolute words prompted Yegor, Truett, and Xitlaly to exchange determined glances and nods.

Yegor laughed and teased, “You’ve finally come around. Go ahead and start your new life first. I’ll follow you soon. When it comes to love, youngsters aren’t necessarily better than US. Haha!”

Herodias rolled her eyes and retorted, “You wouldn’t dare not come after me.

Yegor was rendered speechless for a moment. Then, he burst into laughter.

However, tears gradually welled up in his eyes and washed his face

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