The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6889

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6889-“Alright, time is of the essence. Go fetch James,” Herodias instructed Truett.

Truett turned, wiping away his tears, and hurried out.

Meanwhile, Xitlaly and Yegor stayed by her side.

Upon arriving at the temple, Truett found it empty except for James and Thea seated there.

Truett approached them. “Where are the others?”

James looked at him and replied, “They’ve just been released from their seal and need to recover. Have you already bid farewell?”

Truett nodded, then said, “My mother would like you two to join US.”

James said smilingly, ‘That won’t be necessary. I can’t bear another farewell. I know what’s on her mind.”

After speaking, he extended his hands and revealed the Wisdom Tower, Courageous Tower, and Perceiver Tower. They buzzed as they flew toward Herodias.

Truett opened his mouth but swallowed his words.

James stated, “We’re like brothers. There’s nothing you can’t say.”

Truett asked, “Is this an artifact that will help my mother reincarnate?”

James explained smilingly, “It’s not just an artifact. It’s a place for her to be reborn. These are the Wisdom, Courageous, and Perceiver Towers left behind by Emperor Yarden. They contain numerous energies and boons. It’s up to Ms.

Herodias to choose which she’d like to enter.”

Truett nodded and asked, “What’s the criterion to be reborn?”

James replied calmly, “There’s no fixed criterion. It depends on what level of cultivation you aim to reach.

“If you aim for the Xurxo Daeclon Rank! or the Yitro Daeclon Rank, or the Soma Daeclon Rank at best, then it’s possible with Tirta Power. But aspiring to reach the Daeclon Mahayana is completely out of reach.”

Truett took a deep breath at the revelation. “What else is required besides abandoning one’s cultivation and seeking a new life to aspire to the Daeclon Mahayana?”

James stated bluntly, “Self-integration of power, followed by self-creation of power. In cultivation, what you develop is yourself. Anything bestowed by others isn’t truly yours. Only what you create is genuinely yours. That’s the essence of the Daeclon Mahayana.”

Truett’s eyes widened. He further inquired, “Like my father’s righteous aura?”

“Yes,” James affirmed with a smile. “Sir Yegor is an exception. Despite forsaking Tirta Power, his righteous aura remains. Therefore, his cultivation speed will be much faster after obtaining a new life.”

As James finished speaking, he realized that Herodias had selected a tower. He recalled the three towers and took them into his own hands.

Truett asked anxiously, “Did my mother make a choice?”

James nodded.

Truett pressed, “Which one?”

James shook his head and said, ‘That’s her secret. I have no right to reveal it.”

Truett scratched his head in frustration. Before he could speak further, Yegor and Xitlaly walked over.

Yegor asked, “Why did my wife split into three and enter different towers? Does that mean I might have three wives in the future?”

Truett exclaimed, “So I’ll have three mothers?”

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