The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6890

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6890-Seeing their startled looks, James turned around and glanced at Thea.

Thea immediately reprimanded, “What are you all talking about? Ms. Herodias had just been reborn, but you’re already acting up?”

Yegor’s face instantly changed. He waved his hands frantically and explained, “No, no! You’ve misunderstood. I was simply worried after seeing what happened with you and James.”

James said smilingly, “Don’t worry. Herodias is the daughter of Tirta. She has two extra souls, which is why she can split into three.” Yegor sighed in relief.

Truett also nodded after coming to a realization.

James looked at Thea and said, “Alright. Now that Ms. Herodias’ issue is settled take Xitlaly to the Great Historial Land. We still have some important matter to discuss.”

Thea nodded and summoned a purple-red light to wrap around Xitlaly. Then, they disappeared from the spot.

“Wait,” Just as Truett was about to stop them, James waved his hand to interrupt him.

Truett hurriedly said, “James, my wife…”

James scolded, “She’s going to have her baby. A grown man like you shouldn’t get involved.”

Truett looked at James in shock. “Did you already know?” Yegor said surprisedly, “You’re truly insightful…”

James sneered, “What are you two thinking? As a grown man, observing someone else giving birth is kind of shameless, don’t you agree?

“My wife discovered it first. We decided that as our close friends, we want your child to be born in the Great Historial Land. Our twins are there, and your child could grow together.” Yegor and Truett looked at each other in shock.

They were well aware of James’ actual intention. Children born in Great Historial Land would start with a higher status more respect, and might even become Hongrome Children.

James was paving the way for Skynet’s successor, starting in the womb.

Allowing his own children to share such honors and opportunities with another person’s children was unprecedented. This kind of love and kindness was so immense that it was impossible to repay him, even with their life.

James asked with a smile, seeing their shocked expression. “What’s wrong? Are you worried that Xitlaly is with my wife right now?”

Yegor took a deep breath and elbowed Truett. “Hurry and kneel to thank James.”

Just as Truett was about to kneel, James quickly stopped him. “What are you doing? We’re like brothers. If you kneel, I’ll have to kneel too. It’d look like we’re getting married. Wouldn’t that be awkward?”

Truett instantly burst into laughter. Yegor and James could not help but chuckle.

They were close friends who shared a great bond. With just a glance, they could easily understand each other.

Meanwhile, at the bottom of Forladtt Land’s Aquasoul, in the temple where Yehria was imprisoned. At that moment, she was covered in blood, and her head was bald. Even so, her exceptional beauty could not be hidden.

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