The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6892

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6892-Yehria said confidently, “Unless you’re not a man, nobody will refuse to become my cultivation partner, including James.

“He has the lust but doesn’t have the guts. He’s a hypocrite, afraid of being seen as heartless and betraying that bitch, Thea.”

Morgott burst into laughter again.

Yehria urged angrily, “Stop laughing! If you still have the ambition to dominate the Greater Realms, let me out. I’ll bring you to the places where your main body is sealed and immediately help you recover.”

Morgott narrowed his eyes and asked, “Seriously?” Seeing that Morgott was interested, Yehria suppressed her excitement and replied seriously, “I wouldn’t lie to you. Actually, it’s good that James is causing

turmoil in Zymurgy.”

Intrigued, Morgott asked, “Oh? How so?”

Yehria explained, “On the surface, it looks like that bastard took away my position as the ruler of the Greater Realms and imprisoned me. In reality, the one most affected is the Law of Paths, Wesley Shepherd.”

“If something happens to me. The Forty-Ninth Heaven will not spare Wesley.

Even if they spare him, they will imprison him. This will leave the holy temples below the Forty-Ninth Heaven without a master and be left for your taking.

“As long as we can escape this place, I can release powerhouses of the thirtysix unorthodox sects and seventy-two unorthodox factions to help recover your physical body. Then, the realms below the Forty Heavens will be under our control.

“We’ll be able to join forces to eradicate James and Thea to reclaim rule over the Greater Realms. You can seize James’ There Treasures and well conquer the Forty-Ninth Heaven together.” Morgott frowned after hearing Yehria’s comprehensive plan and said, “Are the thirty-six unorthodox sects and seventy-two unorthodox factions you speak of the one hundred and eight evil gods sealed away by the former Supreme Path?”

Yehria sneered and nodded.

Morgott was completely shocked. His eyes widened as he asked, “How do you know where they are sealed?”

Yehria wore a smug and sneered. “Are you surprised? Besides me, you are the second person in the Greater Realms to know this secret. You should also understand how terrifying their strength is.”

Morgott took a deep breath and looked up at the cave’s ceiling, his eyes filled with complexity.

Of course, he knew what it would mean for these Thirty-six Malakars and seventy-two Malephars to be released from their seals.

However, he had not expected that such a shocking secret would be controlled by Yehria.

Yehria stared at him and said, “What else is there to hesitate about, Morgott?” After a prolonged silence, the Morgott suddenly questioned, “This is James ‘ territory.

Breaking through Emperor Yarden’s golden body won’t be easy. Plus, I’m just a fragmented spirit. How can I save you?”

Yehria said solemnly, “Didn’t you claim to be James’ brother and are capable of moving around freely? You can possess me, take on your appearance, and leave through the Hudde Passage.”

Morgott gradually narrowed his eyes.

Yehria, sensing Morgott’s hesitation, urged anxiously, “What’s holding you back?

James is obsessed with victory. He’s too preoccupied with integrating the Tai Chi World and the Greater Realms. He wouldn’t notice us.”

The Morgott pondered momentarily and said hesitantly, “You’re a woman.

Asking me to possess you…”

Yehria said anxiously, “Since when did this ever matter? We’re to be cultivation partners soon anyway. We’ll be sharing our bed and cultivating together. Why still bother with such trivialities?”

After a long hesitation, Morgott came to a decision. He transformed into a purple-red light and possessed Yehria’s body.

Yehria’s body trembled, and her injuries recovered instantly.

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