The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6894

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6894-James put away the Chaos Absinthe and swiftly urged his Innate Energy, Hongrome Essence, and Chaos Essence to resume the fusion of the Genesis Worlds.

Lesia stood beside him, visibly shocked and hesitant to speak.

Suddenly, a purplish-red light erupted from the distant void, transforming into a beautiful figure before them.

Thea exclaimed. “Did you not see? Morgott aided that wench to escape!”

James remained silent, focused on his task.

Lesia, observing from the sidelines, scrutinized Thea with a complicated expression.

Thea asked coldly, “Are you not going to do something? If not, I’ll go after them


James remained impassive.

Thea huffed in irritation and turned to leave, but Lesia had blocked her path.

Thea glared at Lesia.”What do you think you’re doing? Also, who do you think you are?”

Lesia said solemnly, “Master hasn’t given permission, so nobody is allowed to go after him. Not even you, his wife.”

Thea said coldly, “I see how it is, James. Now that you’ve integrated the Three Treasures and are the ruler of the Greater Realm, your patience to converse with me is wearing thin, huh? You’re only sending a second body to stop me?

You’re quite audacious, aren’t you?”

James remained indifferent to her rants, staying absorbed in his work.

Meanwhile, Lesia stood firmly before Thea and refused to give way.

Thea demanded coldly, “Move, or else I will have no choice.”

Lesia said solemnly, “You may wield control over the Hokuwn, and your strength may indeed surpass mine. However, your mastery of the Hokuwn’s inheritance is incomplete. Hence, I’d say we’re a match right now.”

“Then allow me to show you some power,” Thea responded, beckoning with her hands.

Immediately after, a vast purplish-red light surged toward Lesia.

Lesia transformed into a streak of Sword Light, instantly shattering Thea’s assault.

Thea stumbled backward, eyeing Lesia with astonishment. ‘You’re just a second body, but are also so strong?”

Lesia stated firmly, “I have no desire to engage in combat with you, Ms. Thea.

Since my master has allowed them to escape, he must have his reasons.”

Thea turned around and retorted, “What reasons? He let her go because he is mesmerized by her beauty and is seduced by that wench’s charm.” Leisa inquired, “If I were to entrust Yehria to you, would you be able to eliminate her?”

Thea fell silent at her question.

Lesia took a deep breath and said, “Don’t forget. You’re not the complete Yin governor yet. You must merge with the Light Heavely Path to trigger the Tai Chi Tribulation for a chance to defeat Yehria and exact revenge for the eighty-one reincarnations she forced you through.

Observing Thea’s silence, Lesia drew in a deep breath.

“Master presented you with the chance, yet you remain indecisive. Hence, rather than leaving her as a potential threat within the Great Historial Land, we might as well use her to serve a greater purpose.”

Thea asked coldly, “What greater purpose?”

Lesia looked at her and explained, “To lift Morgott’s seal and add another peerless powerhouse to our side.”

Thea was surprised after the revelation. James had purposely allowed Yehria’s escape to help lift Morgott’s seal and help him return to his prime.

However, she was worried about being unable to subdue Morgott after he regained his strength. Although James had integrated the Three Treasures and gained reign over the Greater Realms, he was still not invincible yet.

Should Morgott fall for Yehria’s temptations and become a pawn to her, not only would he fail to help James’ faction grow stronger, he would become a formidable opponent.

Thea fixed her gaze on Lesia and asked, “Have you conveniently forgotten what Wesley had said?”

Lesia shook his head solemnly and responded, ‘Wesley voiced concern that Yehria might manipulate Morgott to harness the Zymurgy’s strength against US.

But now, Zymurgy has already become our enemy.

“The enemy of our enemy is an ally. If Morgott regains his strength, it could greatly benefit us.” Thea’s tone sharpened as she retorted, “And what about Yehria? Have you not factored in this variable? Once she slips from our grasp and ascends to the Forry-Ninth Heaven, when will we have another chance to eliminate her?”

Lesia implored earnestly, “Please remember, Ms. Thea. Even if she eludes our control, she remains under Morgott’s influence. That would mean she is still within our sphere of influence.

“Moreover, Yehria is shrouded in mysteries. I find master’s strategy of feigning disinterest as a way to move forward is ingenious.”

Thea took a deep breath, then turned her gaze towards James.

James slowly opened his eyes and regulated his breathing.

Upon seeing Thea’s intense stare, he chuckled, “Honey, what’s got you riled up?” “Don’t play dumb. You know exactly what’s going on,” Thea snapped, her frustration evident.

James said smilingly, “But Lesia already filled you in on the details. Given your intelligence, surely you understand.”

Thea snorted, ‘You should’ve discussed it with me first.”

James nodded in agreement. ‘You’re absolutely right, my dear. We should have discussed it first, but the situation is incredibly urgent—”

His words were abruptly cut off by mocking laughter echoing from the void. “I never imagined a transcendent and powerful being that has integrated the Three Treasures would behave in such a ridiculous and disappointing manner.”

Thea and Lesia shared a shocked glance upon hearing the voice.

James furrowed his brow, swiftly casting an Innate Energy around Thea and Lesia to whisk them away to safety.

The mysterious person chuckled, “No need to be on edge. I’m here for you, not them. I’m a gentleman that doesn’t target women.”

James retorted with a sneer, “So honorable. To elude my surveillance and materialize so suddenly. Your cultivation must be quite impressive.”

The mysterious person replied, “Perhaps a tad stronger than yours.

However, true strength can only be determined through battle, wouldn’t you agree?”

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