The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6896

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6896-James grasped the Wuia Wine and raised it toward Youcef, saying,” Cheers!” “Wait…” Youcef attempted to intervene, but James had already taken several large gulps in quick succession.

The next moment, James became cloaked in a Wama Divine Light. The crackling of lightning and the rumble of thunder immediately followed, dimming the surrounding sky.

Youcef rose in astonishment and said, “I warned you against recklessness, yet you chose not to listen. Must you rob me of another worthy opponent?

James, encircled by the vibrant divine light and the tumult of lightning, was unresponsive. The calamity swirling around him intensified and knocked Youcef away.

However, James stood resolute amidst the swirling chaos of lightning and myriad tribulations. He held the Wuia Wine in one hand while employing countless mysterious powers from the other to merge the fragmented Genesis Worlds.

After a moment, the divine light surrounding James gradually faded away, along with the lightning and thunder.

As the surroundings returned to calm, Youcef was astonished to discover that James had utilized the mysterious power to seamlessly reunify the fragmented Genesis Worlds.

Now before him unfolded a complete Tai Chi diagram composed of vibrant, colorful energy. The fragmented Tai Chi World had been restored.

Yet, the restored Tai Chi World differed from its previous appearance, which was stark black and white. Alongside the Yin and Yang Energies, it now harbored an array of mysterious gases in various hues.

James cast the Innate Xyloria Tai Chi Pearl into the air, and a surge of Innate energy flooded in, causing the pearl to emit a brilliant and dazzling light.

Youcef s eyes widened in disbelief.

The next moment, the radiant brilliance of the Innate Xyloria Tai Chi Pearl enveloped the entirety of Tai Chi World. Suddenly, life surged anew, and every being within the world was simultaneously bathed in the divine lights. All of them began to praise and worship reverently.

Youcef gazed in disbelief at the scene unfolding before him. “Is he insane? He just used such precious energy to merge the worlds of lowly beings?”

Having integrated the Tai Chi World, James wiped his hands and turned to face the bewildered Youcef.’Voucef, I owe you one. Without the Wuia Wine, I doubt I could have unified the Tai Chi World so quickly. I probably would’ve died of exhaustion.”

Youcef drew a sharp breath and said, “But is it truly worth it?”

James questioned, is that even a question?”

Youcef frowned and replied, “You know we’ll have a life-and-death confrontation soon. You could’ve utilized this Wuia Essence to enhance your cultivation, potentially reaching the Soma Daeclon Rank’s peak and improving your odds of victory.

“Yet instead, you choose to waste it on merging the fractured Tai Chi World for these mundane creatures. Are you insane?”

James offered a faint smile before settling himself down. He answered, ” Didn’t you want to discuss cultivation? Well, I just showed my cultivation way to you.”

Youcef asked tremblingly, “That was your cultivation way?”

James affirmed, “Yes. While you view all beings as lowly and insignificant, in my perception, I am them, and they are me. It’s called working together for a common cause and achieving salvation for all beings.

Youcef was stunned after hearing James’ words as if his soul had been struck hard.

He had always believed that he possessed the most benevolent attitude toward all living beings among Zymurgy, considering himself open-minded and possessing tolerance forthem. But now, compared to James, he felt so much inferior.

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