The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6897

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6897-Observing the Tai Chi World from above, Youcef was astonished as his Zen perceived the creatures engaged in worship. Overtime, as the creatures from various realms devoutly paid homage, a shimmering array of colorful light emerged from their heads and gathered in the void.

Youcef’s eyes widened in disbelief, and he exclaimed, “Spiritual Providence…

How can this be?”

Shortly after, he witnessed the collective Spiritual Providence slowly ascending into the void, enveloping James within it as he sat serenely in a crossed-leg position, emanating an ethereal aura.

The Spiritual Providence around James suddenly diffused rapidly in all directions, filling the void of the entire Tai Chi World, including the Great Historial

Land and Tirta Exotic Space. They generated a transparent and potent energy barrier in the void.

The energy wall separated the Tai Chi World, Great Historial Land, and Tirta Exotic Space from Zymurgy.

Witnessing these events, Youcef said tremblingly, “Zymurgy and the Greater Realms are independent of each other from now onward. That means Zymurgy has relinquished its control over the Greater Realms.

As he gazed upon James, who remained seated in the radiant Spiritual Providence, several prominent words gradually materialized above his head.

‘The Supreme Benevolence and Virtuous Emperor of the Mortals”

Youcef’s eyes widened, and he said, “The natural outcome of the collective Spiritual Providence has made him an emperor?

“In essence, he will now reign supreme in the Greater Realms. How is this possible? How?

“Even when the Xyloria Tai Chi ruled, such potent Spiritual Providence has never been seen before. Moreover, he isn’t even the current Tai Chi. Yehria is still alive, so how did he…”

“Do you still want to challenge me, Youcef?” James’ voice came from the void, imbued with authority.

Youcef trembled at the utterance of these words, gazing up at James in the void as if beholding a deity in the flesh.

By possessing the Spiritual Providence from creatures across the Greater Realms, he was invincible within the Tai Chi World. On top of that, he had integrated the Three Treasures.

Supposedly, they fought in Zymurgy, Youcef was confident about being a match against James. However, in the Greater Realms, James was omnipotent.

Youcef slowly clenched his fists and said, “Of course. Even though you have the Spiritual Providence of these mortals, I still will fight you.”

James nodded solemnly, “Alright. Let the fight begin.”

Youcef furrowed his brow, swiftly bringing his palms together. Suddenly, his body ignited with a brilliant, dazzling divine light, surrounded by myriad vast universes spinning rapidly, significantly enhancing his combat strength.

Then, he extended his hand and unleashed a formidable divine light straight toward James.


A loud explosion ensued as the divine light collided with the spiritual Providence and erupted into a blinding burst of energy.

Emerging from the blast with incredible speed, Youcef darted toward James.

James, however, met his advance head-on, engaging in a fierce exchange of blows in the void. Their clash of fists and kicks echoed through space.

Simultaneously, within the Tai Chi World, Wama Divine Light streaked across the sky, intertwining with the Spiritual Providence in a powerful collision.

After countless rounds of combat, James and Youcef found themselves evenly matched, each unable to gain the upper hand.

Youcef displayed exceptional cultivation strength, formidable combat skills, and great experience in battle.

Meanwhile, James utilized the Spiritual Providence to compensate for the disparity in cultivation and harnessed the formidable strength of the Three Treasures to fight Youcef.


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