Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1204 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1204

“Mm. They came to thank me. My granddad brought my uncles and cousins over too. The two families quarreled. Chelsea and Mrs. Brown chased my granddad and the others out with the broom. The tires of John’s car were punctured too. Chelsea did it.”

Zachary laughed upon hearing that. “The Brown family has finally done a satisfying thing.”

Serenity giggled.

“My granddad and the others probably came to tell me that my dad wasn’t their biological son. They want us to give up on inheriting the property. If we don’t, they’ll likely negotiate with us. Getting my parents‘ property back without fighting a lawsuit is the best–case scenario.”

If Old Mr. Hunt really wanted to negotiate, Serenity would be willing to do it too.

However, there was no way she would give up on her inheritance.

“Me and Granddad’s DNA test results will be out within these two days. I’ll see how they can continue making this up after I get the results.”

“It’ll be ready by tomorrow. I’ll go and get the results with you.”

Serenity smiled. “Okay.”

“Mrs. York.”


Serenity heard the bodyguards‘ respectful greeting, followed by her mother–in–law’s voice.

She turned toward the door in surprise and indeed saw Tania entering with a Hermès bag in hand.

Zachary asked through the call, “Honey, who called you? I thought the voice sounded like. my mom.”

Serenity and Tania had not spent much time together. Zachary did not expect his mother to look for Serenity at the bookstore.

“It’s your mom. Talk to you later, babe.”

Serenity chose to end her call with Zachary right away.

She hung up without giving him a chance to say goodbye and kept her phone. She stood up and walked around the cashier to greet her mother–in–law. She smiled and said, “Mom, what brings you here?”

“Am I not welcome?” Tania returned a question with a smile.

“No. I was just surprised. Please have a seat, Mom.”

Serenity invited Tania to take a seat, but Tania declined. She said, “Seren, can you step away for a moment? Come and have a meal and go shopping with me.”

Serenity said, “Mom, can you give me a moment? My nephew fell asleep in my store, and my sister isn’t here yet. I can only leave after my sister comes.”

“We can wait. Sonny’s safety is more important”

Tania did not comment on her daughter–in–law taking care of her sister’s son so often.

She adored Sonny too.

Zachary had already contacted the coach who used to teach him and his brothers martial arts. The coach was quite old, so he recommended his son go over to teach Sonny instead.

Tania sat down.

Jasmine stopped reading her novel. After going over to greet Tania, she went to pour a glass of water for her.

Tania was Serenity’s mother–in–law, but they had not interacted much. Serenity was not as relaxed with her mother–in–law as she was with Nana. She was not sure whether her mother -in–law was really here to invite her to go shopping or if she had other intentions.

“Seren, Ms. Sox, please sit.”

Tania saw them standing at the side, staring at her. She said, “Don’t have to be so cautious around me.”

Serenity and Jasmine exchanged glances. Serenity sat back behind the cashier. When she saw her mother–in–law’s well–maintained face, she recalled that her mother–in–law had never put her in a difficult spot or hurt her during their few interactions.

Although she was feeling flustered, she believed that it was not a bad thing. Maybe her mother–in–law simply wanted to find someone to go shopping with her.

“Mom, I’ll call Zachary first to tell him that I’m not going to the meeting with him.” Tania asked her, “Did Zack ask you to go to one with him?”


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