Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1206 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1206

Serenity hung up the phone after saying a few words to Zachary.

Not two minutes later, she received a notification that money was transferred to her bank. account.

Zachary changed the phone number bound to the household bank card to hers. He was worried she would feel uncomfortable if he received a notification every time she spent. money.

He told her to let her use the money at will, but…

Zachary was very considerate with regard to that.

After the phone number linked to the account was changed to Serenity’s, she became much more comfortable when spending money.

Zachary transferred a sum of money to the account and told Serenity to spend as much as she wanted while shopping with her mother–in–law.

Liberty arrived a few minutes later.

Only when her nephew was handed over to her sister did Serenity accompany her mother–in -law to lunch.

Then, the mother–in–law and daughter–in–law spent time together until the evening.

Tania was the wife of the current head of the York family. The stores she frequented were shops that people without status could not visit.

Naturally, they met many other affluent ladies.

Tania took Serenity to those luxury stores on a shopping spree. They held arms intimately as they went in and out of the stores, and their bodyguards were in charge of carrying all the bags. They were very eye–catching as they strolled the streets.

Occasionally, Serenity would buy some snacks she liked to eat. Tania also indulgently bought the snacks and accompanied Serenity.

The mother–in–law and daughter–in–law smashed the rumors of their disharmony with. practical actions.

The next day, photos of them shopping together were published by the entertainment news. Audrey looked at the news and said to her husband, “Our daughter has a good eye. It’s a shame that Zachary and she weren’t meant to be.

“If Mrs. York didn’t care about her daughter–in–law, she wouldn’t personally take actions to refute the rumors. She may not be exceptionally pleased with Serenity as her daughter–in- law, but it’s true that she still protects Serenity.”

Audrey felt both admiration and regret.

She would die in peace if her daughter could marry into the York family. Unfortunately, Zachary did not like Elisa.

Darrell said, “Of course our daughter has a good eye, but don’t bring up the matter of her and Zachary again. Zachary is your nephew–in–law now. It’s not good for you to keep mentioning him as Elisa’s former love.”

“I only talk about it in front of you. I won’t bring it up when Zachary’s around.”

Audrey naturally knew that it was not good. She just could not help but sigh when she saw how Tania protected Serenity.

As an aunt, she was glad that the York family treated Serenity well.

Fortunately, a good man like Zachary was not stolen away by an outsider and fell into her niece’s lap instead.

“I wonder about Elisa’s marriage.”

Darrell comforted his wife. “Our daughter is a great girl. She’ll surely meet an excellent man who loves only her. Zachary is not the only good man in this world. No matter how exceptional Zachary is, Elisa and he won’t have a good ending if he doesn’t love her. It doesn’t matter even if Serenity didn’t exist. There’s no point in forcing people who weren’t meant to be.

“Let’s worry more about Anthony’s marriage. He’s older than Elisa.”

Audrey felt a headache at the mention of her second son. He was never at home, so she did not even have the chance to nag him.

Every time she called him, he always said he was busy and hung up without waiting for her to say anything. She was infuriated with him.

“I understand now why Old Mrs. York is so frantic looking for partners for her grandsons even at her age.”

Darrell was speechless.


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