Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1207 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1207

Meanwhile, when Serenity saw the entertainment news article, she was silent for a long time before saying to her friend, “Now that my status is different, every little thing can make it to the entertainment section of the news.”

It was her first time making the news after becoming the missus of the York family.

Jasmine was used to seeing gossip like that and laughed. “Your husband is the biggest name in Wiltspoon’s business world. You barely interact with your mother–in–law, and you’ve recently attended various parties with your aunt, so it’s natural they started to misunderstand.

“A lady called your mother–in–law before to say that you were meddlesome, and she told your mother–in–law to discipline you. You heard about that, right? Those people just wanted to see your mother–in–law treating you badly because they were jealous you were able to marry into a top–class family like the Yorks.

“I heard from Josh that Grandma May and your mother–in–law have the most say in the York family. Their words are law in the manor.

“I have nothing to say about how well Grandma May treats you. I think she dotes on you. more than she does her own grandsons. Besides, she was the one who introduced Zachary to you, and she told Zachary to marry you as a way for him to repay her.

“She pulled you into the York family circle, so it’s natural for her to protect you. It’s useless for people to try and provoke your relationship. Grandma May is the most shrewd old lady I’ve ever met. She always arranges everything jokingly, but her plans always work out well in the end.”

Now that Jasmine was dating Josh, she was the first to know about all sorts of gossip. She knew more gossip about Serenity than the latter did about herself.

Serenity was not a gossiper.

Most of the gossip she knew that went around Wiltspoon, she heard from Jasmine.

Jasmine analyzed the situation and continued to say, “Since Grandma May is out of the question, others aim at your mother–in–law instead. They want to torture you through your mother–in–law so as to destroy Zachary and your happiness.

“Mothers–in–law and daughters–in–law not getting along is an age–old tale. Mothers–in-law in the past often bullied their daughters–in–law, and nowadays the latter usually don’t like. living together with their in–laws, so it’s easy for conflicts to happen.

“If you don’t live together, then there’s a distance, and that distance will help the mother–in- law and daughter–in–law live in peace. The man they both love won’t have to be caught in the middle.

“It just so happens that you and your husband don’t live with your in–laws, so you don’t meet his mother as often. Because of that, other people guessed that you were on bad terms with your mother–in–law, and they tried to use her to torture you. That’s why there are many rumors saying that you two have a bad relationship.

“When those rumors reached your mother–in–law’s ears, she couldn’t stand it so she took you with her to dispel the rumors. Your mother–in–law is very kind to you, Seren. You might not be her ideal daughter–in–law, but she still protects you. She can’t stand listening to rumors of you two not getting along.”

Serenity was very grateful to Tania after hearing that the latter was protecting her. Her mother–in–law never made things hard for her before. When she fought with Zachary, her mother–in–law’s heart ached for Zachary, but she did not cause trouble for Serenity or even badmouth her.

Serenity felt that it was rare to have a mother–in–law as good as Tania.

She said, “In the end, other people only had the opportunity to spread rumors because I don’t spend enough time with my mother–in–law. I should spend more time with her in the future. If we interact more often, there won’t be a chance for others to spread rumors about us.

“My in–laws get along so well that they’re basically attached at the hip. Even I was afraid of being the third wheel. When we shopped yesterday, my father–in–law called almost every twenty minutes to urge her to go home.

“My father-in–law also complained on the phone that she was throwing away her man for her daughter–in–law. He bemoaned how she went out without telling him or bringing him along, saying that he could’ve helped to carry our stuff for us. She had to spend quite some time to coax him before we could continue shopping.”

Jasmine listened with envy, and she laughed, “I hope Josh and I can be like your in–laws. after decades of marriage. They get along so well it’s like they’re still dating.”

Serenity also envied her parents–in–law’s relationship. She said, “Zachary dotes on me, but that’s the same for all the men in his family. His uncles also dote on their wives. They’re a good family, so the men were raised well.”

Therefore, even if she wanted to spend more time with her mother–in–law, she had to consider her father–in–law’s feelings.

Ring, ring, ring…


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