Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1210 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1210

“What does it say?”

Zachary had not seen the results yet. He watched her actions but could not see a smile on her face, so he assumed his father–in–law really was not the biological son of Old Mr. and Mrs. Hunt.

“The results say that my granddad and I are related by blood. My dad is their biological child.”

“They’re actually related by blood? With how badly they treat you, I always thought you weren’t biologically related.”

Serenity looked at her husband and seemed amused. “You sound like you were hoping my dad wasn’t their biological child.”

Zachary said sheepishly, “They’re so ruthless that I thought your dad wasn’t their own. How can they do this when he’s their actual son? It’s heartbreaking.”

“My sister and I had our hearts broken by them long ago. We’ll never reconcile in our lifetime.”

Serenity put the results away. She had not received a reply from her sister yet, so she guessed that Liberty should be sleeping.

The business at All You Can Eat was booming, and Liberty was turning a profit, but it was tiring. She had to get up early since she was running a breakfast diner, so she would catch up on her sleep with Sonny in the afternoon.

They would sleep until the evening and get up to eat a simple dinner, then Liberty had to start preparing and shopping for ingredients for the next day.

Some of the dishes had a long prep time, so Serenity would go over and help her sister when she had the time. If they prepared the food the previous night and kept it fresh in the refrigerator, it would save a lot of work the next day.

Zachary knew which budget hotel Old Mr. Hunt and the others were staying in. He accompanied Serenity and went there straight with his group of bodyguards.

John was not in the hotel, but Old Mr. Hunt and his two sons, as well as his eldest grandson, Mike, were there.

The four of them sat on the bed playing cards, When they heard a knock on the door, Mike. went to open the door while still holding onto his cards.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me, Serenity.”

The Hunt family were surprised to hear Serenity’s voice.

Mike opened the door and saw Serenity standing outside. Beside her was Zachary, and a group of bodyguards brought up the rear. The bodyguards were all tall and sturdy. Their eyes stared coldly at Mike, making him feel slightly intimidated.

He stammered and asked Serenity, “What do you want? W–Wait. W–Why are you here?”

“Are you playing cards?”

Serenity glanced inside. “I want to negotiate with you. It’s the same reason you all came here.”

At Serenity’s words, Old Mr. Hunt slammed his cards on the bed and jumped. He put on his shoes and shouted, “Negotiate? What’s there to negotiate? Serenity, your last name isn’t Hunt. Your dad isn’t my biological son. We adopted him and raised him into an adult, but he left without even repaying us. The house he left behind will be taken as his gratitude to us.”

Old Mr. Hunt put on his shoes and strode over to Serenity, wanting to scold her. However, when he saw Zachary standing beside her with a frosty expression, he did not dare point his finger at Serenity.

The most exceptional man in Wiltspoon was his grandson–in–law, but he did not enjoy the blessings that came with being Zachary’s grandfather–in–law. Instead, along with his sons. and grandsons, he suffered heavy losses because of Zachary.

“Your father isn’t my son, Serenity! You’re not my grandchild either. We’re not related by blood, yet you still have the nerve to fight for property with an old man like me. I’m telling you, I won’t negotiate. I won’t move out of the house even if I lose the lawsuit.”

After his grandsons told him about the law, he also learned that going to court would be bad for him.

That was why he tried to say that his son was not his biological child.

Serenity did not rush to refute him or take out the report. She asked calmly, “Did Noah pull out a few strands of your hair a few days ago?”

“I don’t know what was up with that brat. He said I had a lot of white hair and wanted to pluck some of them out. I gave him a tight slap.”

After Old Mr. Hunt complained about Noah, he suddenly realized something. “How did you know that?”


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