Married at First Sight Chapter 2180 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2180 by desirenovelLiberty said to her sister: “I didn’t know you two were back until I saw the Moments you posted. Yesterday Zachary called me, and I didn’t digest the meaning of his words until he hung up the phone. He didn’t say you’re back.

My aunt and I originally wanted to go to your house. We thought you were still in FC Manor, so we thought we would go to the Wildridge Manor to see you when you came back.

Yesterday we also had something to do. We only sent a message to ask you, even if I sent you a message, you didn’t tell me that you were back.”

Kathryn came yesterday.

After Kathryn left, Mrs. Stone took the blood left by Kathryn to the hospital for a DNA blood relationship test.

Serenity said embarrassingly: “We were too happy to be a little silly, and we didn’t make it clear.”

“You talk with grandma, and I will go into the kitchen to help my brother-in-law cook breakfast together. What do you want to eat? I will cook for you. Now your sister’s cooking skills are much better than before.”

Liberty was taking the catering route, no matter how busy she was, she couldn’t leave her cooking skills behind.

In the past, she could only cook some home-cooked dishes, but now she was learning to cook other dishes. Since the new restaurant had not yet opened, she practiced by herself first.

The person who helped her try the dishes was Duncan.

Duncan jokingly said that when she became a master chef, he would gain two laps of weight.

Duncan also suggested that she sign up to learn cooking and not limit herself to cooking the same cuisine; it was best to learn all major cuisines in the country.

Liberty also had the same idea, and decided to sign up to learn cooking in the next two days.

“Sister, just let Zachary prepare. We are both on vacation, and he cooks.” Serenity said.

Liberty said to her: “That means Zachary dotes on you. Zachary is usually so busy that he rarely rests, and you let him cook. You need to love Zachary a little more. He is very tired and it’s not easy. “


Serenity knew that her sister always loved Zachary, her brother-in-law, and always made her play better against Zachary.

She also knew that her sister did this for her own good.

The older sister was from her natal family, and her natal family treated Zachary well. She just hoped Zachary treated her well.

Zachary never let his sister down, he always doted on her. He couldn’t be better.

Sometimes, Serenity joked that Zachary spoiled her lawlessly, and that without him, she would definitely look down on other men.

Every time Zachary pressed her into his arms, kissed her until she raised her hands and surrendered, and then warned her not to think about other men, he was going to spoil her. Other men couldn’t stand her, and she couldn’t live without him for the rest of her life.

Grandma May smiled and said: “Liberty, don’t talk about Seren; Zack is enjoying it. Seren, you don’t need to listen to your sister; it’s the same when Zack cooks and you clean up the dishes. I know that Seren and Zack have always had a clear division of labor.”

She had paid for this young couple, and they would repay her. It would not be the case that only one party pays and the other party only cares about enjoying

Marriage is supposed to be run by both husband and wife.

“Grandma, just spoil her.”

Grandma May said domineeringly: “I personally picked my daughter-in-law, I don’t spoil her, but Seren is the one I spoil.”

Liberty smiled and shook her head as she entered the kitchen, a voice came from the kitchen: “Seren was spoiled by grandma.”

“Anyway, my oldest grandson doesn’t dislike Seren, haha.”

Grandma May laughed.


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