Married At First Sight Chapter 2816 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2816-Hugh looked at Hayden.

Hayden returned to her seat with her cup of coffee and sat down, tasting her coffee elegantly.

“Sister, Kevin is in your office, and you don’t say a word.” Hugh whispered.

Hayden said innocently, “You kept talking as soon as you came in and didn’t give me a chance to speak. When Kevin came out, I blinked at you, but you couldn’t understand it. You also said that something was stuck in my eye. Let me remind you: You don’t even know, so who can blame you?”

Hugh regretted that he talked so much and said a lot of nonsense to Hayden as soon as he came in.

Hayden said, “I suggest you go on a business trip for a while. He just took out his mobile phone and recorded what you said. He will play it for our parents without asking. When the time comes, don’t say I didn’t remind you that if our parents don’t catch you and force you to get married if you are so idle, your surname will no longer be Queen.”

Hugh: “I knew he was insidious, and he knew how to use our parents to pressure me. Sister, I’m away on business. I’m going to book a flight for a business trip right now. I’ll go to the farthest city and stay for ten and a half months before returning. I remembered that there are no big things in our branches that need to be handled by people from the headquarters. If I want to go on a business trip, I don’t know where to go or what to do.”

Hugh looked sad.

Hayden said, “Besides, even if you can flee, you can’t. Jensburg is your cradle, and this is your home. You’ll return sooner or later. I will most likely marry Kevin. He will be your brother-in-law from now on. Unless you end your relationship with me, you will have to deal with him.”

Hugh said, “Sister, stop scaring me; tell me quickly; what should I do?”

Hayden smiled and said, “I don’t know. You have angered him. Just go and please him and make him stop arguing with you.”

Hugh said, “Sister, my dear sister, can you bear to watch your only brother being avenged by Kevin?”

Hayden: “Don’t worry; for my sake, he won’t kill you. At most, he thinks you are too idle and talk too much, so he will find something for you to do, such as helping your parents arrange a blind date for you and monitoring you. We are sister and brother who are only ten minutes apart, and you are of marriageable age.”

Hugh: “…”

Why was he talking so much just now?

He said so many things that irritated Kevin.

That sinister villain actually recorded the audio on his cell phone.

Kevin quickly brought out another cup of coffee.

“Brother Kevin, I’m coming. I’m coming.”

As soon as Hugh saw the sinister villain coming out, he immediately jumped up and rushed to Kevin. He took the steaming cup of coffee from Kevin’s hand with a smile.

“Brother Kevin, thank you for your hard work.”

Hugh was like a pug now, wagging his head and tail at Kevin desperately.

Kevin said, “Hugh, don’t be like this. I will be flattered if you do this. Now it’s my turn to please you. I have to perform well and satisfy you, lest you induce your sister to find another excellent man. Also, let me tell you, I am happy to be your son-in-law, as long as your sister is willing to marry me.

I also have a house in Jensburg. We can live in Jensburg forever after getting married. You don’t have to worry about your parents not having time to see your sister in the next hundred years.”

Hugh smiled awkwardly, then slapped himself on the mouth and said to Kevin, “Brother Kevin, I am talking nonsense. I am talking nonsense. You don’t remember the faults of villains. Take what I say as my fault. Just let it go.”

Kevin said, “No, no, no. If you hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t have known that I was so bad. I couldn’t satisfy my only brother-in-law.”

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