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Married At First Sight Chapter 2818-Kevin added, “But your sister is also a human being and will get tired. Look, you have been playing for so many years. Isn’t it time for you to take on a heavy burden?”

Hugh: “Brother Kevin, do you want my sister to step down?”

Kevin said, “I’m not asking your sister to step down. I just want your sister to take a vacation and rest. Although your sister and I are lovers, we rarely date each other, let alone go on vacation together. We don’t have much love process. We will get married in the future; in retrospect, the sweetness is a few ten points less, wouldn’t you say?”

Hugh understood.

Kevin wanted him to take care of the company and then let his sister take a good rest.

Well, it’s still okay.

He was not an incompetent person.

In Kevin’s words, he was used to hiding behind his sister’s back and was happy and carefree.

Hugh asked, “Brother Kevin, how long do you want?”

“It should be ten days and a half, preferably one or two months. I’m afraid your sister won’t agree if it’s too long. She’s used to being busy. She won’t be used to being away from work for a long time.”

Kevin wanted Hayden to rest, but he couldn’t rest for too long, fearing that Hayden would be bored.

After all, Hayden was used to being busy.

Hugh said, “Then, just half a month. Let my sister rest for half a month. During this half-month, she doesn’t need to take care of the company’s affairs. I will take care of it. I will hold on even if the sky falls, so I won’t disturb you two on your vacation.”

With the leverage in Kevin’s hands, Hugh had no ability to resist.

Kevin thought for a while and said, “Okay, then half a month.”

Hugh smiled again. “Well, Brother Kevin, can you delete the recording?”

Kevin: “Will you continue to speak ill of me everywhere in the future?”

Hugh smiled: “Brother Kevin, I told you, I am just jealous of you. In fact, I know very well in my heart that no one else is suitable for my sister except you, and my sister only loves you. I am praising you in front of others. If you don’t believe me, you can ask around. I really haven’t said anything bad about you outside.”

Kevin: “Do you want to introduce the young talents in Jensburg to your sister?”

Hugh: “No introduction, no introduction. How can they compare with you? Brother Kevin, you are the best man in the world. Really, the best.”

Kevin even laughed. If he didn’t cure Hugh, he really thought that Kevin was a paper tiger.

How dare he pick on his relationship with Hayden?

Kevin said, “When your sister and I come back from vacation, I will delete this recording; otherwise, I’m afraid you will regret it.”

He was not that stupid.

Hugh: “Brother Kevin, I am very trustworthy and promise not to go back on my word. You must not send that recording to my parents. If they hear it, they can skin me.”

Kevin: “I know you are trustworthy, but it is better to keep the evidence. Don’t worry, I will not send the recording to Uncle and Auntie Queen during this period. However, Hugh, you are really a boss. If there is a girl you like, let’s make a decision.

I’m not worried that you won’t be able to marry a wife. It saddens me to think of my fiancee, and I do not wish for her to be preoccupied with your life’s circumstances.”

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