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Married At First Sight Chapter 2821-To be honest, Hayden rarely traveled because she was too busy.

She could take advantage of her honeymoon to go where she wanted to go, enjoy the scenery, and relax.

Kevin said, “I have bought you half a month of vacation. During this half-month, you should not interfere with anything in the company. Let Hugh do it. I will take you around. We haven’t had a good date yet. “

Normally, Hayden was a bit taboo about others saying she was gay, so she was passive. When she occasionally went out with him, she would wait until night, without bodyguards, and go out with him secretly, just like having an affair.

They never had an honest date.

They were already talking about getting married, but they hadn’t had a proper date yet, and they were still in shock.

After thinking about it, Hayden said, “My schedule this week is full of all important things. It is estimated that I will not be able to take vacation until next week. I asked the secretary to cancel all my schedules for next week and leave everything to Hugh, who will handle it. He is not useless; he is lazy, and he is used to hiding behind my back. I can’t let him laze around like this anymore.”

Hayden felt that the Queen Enterprise would be handed over to Hugh sooner or later.

Even if she stayed in Jensburg after marriage, she didn’t want to control her mother’s company anymore.

Hugh would not misunderstand Hayden. Who knows what Hayden’s future sister-in-law will think?

Let it go when it’s time to let it go.

Like her father, she would take a back seat and let Hugh take the lead.

“That’s right. If you don’t let him take the lead, he won’t know how capable he is. Hayden, do you need me to come to your door?” Kevin suddenly asked Hayden seriously. “My parents won’t have any objections. As long as you want us to come to your door, we can come to you at any time. We can develop wherever you want and give you the best life.”

Hayden said in a funny tone, “You should take what Hugh said to heart. My parents have a son. They don’t need a son-in-law to visit them. We can live wherever we want after marriage. No one will force us to live anywhere. Of course, I am a native of Jensburg. I am more accustomed to the customs of Jensburg. My work and friends are all in Jensburg. If possible, I think that after marriage, this will not change. I will fly to Wiltspoon every weekend. I will fulfill my responsibilities as a daughter-in-law.”

Kevin also had to fly back and forth for work. The York Corporation had hotels in major cities across the country. He would stay in Jensburg for so long because she was in Jensburg. He had stayed in Jensburg for more than half a year because of her.

Kevin said, “I won’t ask you to change your life and give up your job and friends. I can also work in Jensburg. My parents are still in good health and will not be a problem for another few decades. We don’t need to be around to fulfill our filial piety for the time being; besides, I have a younger brother.

Grandma is getting older. We are busy with work on weekdays, so we should go back and spend time with Grandma on weekends.”


Hayden had a special fondness for Grandma May.

The fact that the York family was so united and friendly was all due to Grandma May. The children and grandchildren she raised were excellent and generous, and all of them were good people. They could stand alone. Even if they didn’t take over the family business, they could still support it with their abilities. A piece of blue sky that belonged to them.

“We haven’t even gotten married yet, so we’re just thinking about life after marriage.” Hayden said. She suddenly felt funny.

Kevin chuckled. “You can imagine the future.

Hayden, you are busy. I won’t disturb you anymore. I will go back and do some work and earn more money to give you as a betrothal gift.”

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