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Married At First Sight Chapter 2822-Kevin was in a good mood.

Next week, he could take Hayden on vacation for half a month to cultivate their relationship and make dates.

They were dating; they would no longer be criticized.

At the same time, the Queen family’s old house.

The gorgeous hall was filled with relatives of the Queen family.

Donald and Mrs. Queen also sat together and asked the servants to bring everyone water and prepare fruits and snacks.

They could turn off their phones and reject outside interference, but they couldn’t shut out their relatives.

Some of them were members of the Queen family, that is, Donald’s cousins, who were one or two generations apart and had a relatively distant relationship, but they had not yet released the fifth server.

“Hayden, is she really a woman?” Donald’s cousin didn’t want to believe that Hayden was a girl. He asked, “Back then, didn’t you two say that you had twins?”

Back then, Mrs. Queen was pregnant with twins. The Queen family was very happy because twins were rarely born. Mrs. Queen’s natal mother had given birth to twins, and Mrs. Queen inherited her mother’s gene for giving birth to twins.

After Mrs. Queen gave birth, everyone heard that she was giving birth to twins.

Donald said, “We never said that the children were twins. I don’t know who spread the word that my wife gave birth to twins. They are obviously twins of a girl and a boy.”

“My daughter’s household registration is always written as a baby girl. But Hayden likes to dress up like her brother, so we followed her, thinking that the child would like it, and then… that’s it; she thought it was more convenient to wear men’s clothes, so there’s nothing we can do against her.

Ever since she became sensible, she didn’t like people to call her little sister. She said that her younger brother was a young master, and she wanted to be a young master too. She asked the workers in the family to call her the eldest young master. Over time, everyone got used to calling her the eldest young master. Later at home, the workers changed it again, but those workers didn’t know that Hayden was a girl. When they saw Hayden’s dress, they thought she was a boy, so they kept calling her Young Master.”

It is not that Donald and Mrs. Queen had not corrected their daughter, but her daughter insisted on pretending to be a man, and they were not allowed to say that she was a daughter. The couple thought that their daughter was beautiful, and pretending to be a man could indeed save a lot of unnecessary things. The trouble would no longer be corrected. Then their daughter pretended to be a man, and she had been pretending to be a man for more than 20 years. It wasn’t until their daughter fell in love with Kevin that she had the idea of regaining her identity as a woman.

Everyone was speechless.

They had never seen such parents.

They supported their daughter in whatever she wanted to do, and she had lied to them for more than 20 years.

Carefully recalling every bit of the past, it seemed that Mr. and Mrs. Queen never said that they had twins. It was everyone who said it. They just didn’t admit or deny it.

“Does it matter whether Hayden is a boy or a girl? It doesn’t have any impact on all of you, right? The Queen Enterprise belongs to me, and Hayden is also my daughter. My daughter is more promising than my son. If the Queen Enterprise is handed over to Hayden, I don’t have to worry either.

Those who work in our Queen Enterprise will continue to work for us and will not be short of their salary. Whether Hayden is a boy or a girl really doesn’t matter.”

Donald didn’t think the couple or the daughter needed to explain in a big way why they were dressing up as men.

For the sake of being related, Donald said so much. He also felt that whether Hayden was a boy or a girl, it had nothing to do with his relatives. He didn’t eat their rice or spend their money, so he just liked to raise his daughter as a son. What’s the matter?

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