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Married At First Sight Chapter 2823-“It doesn’t have any effect on us. Thank goodness Hayden is a girl. Now we can feel better and be brave enough to meet people. We’ve already said that she and Mr. York are gay. You and your wife don’t care about it. Let’s go out together; people always ask me things.

When the boy in the family likes someone, they still have to check him out and ask if he is gay.”

Donald’s cousin said. He wasn’t here to question anything, just to make sure.

If Hayden is a girl, then so be it. As long as Hayden was straight, the cousin claimed that it was solely a family issue and had nothing to do with outsiders.

Donald didn’t expect that Hayden and Kevin were rumored to be gay before, which would affect other people in the clan. His cousin never came to tell him. Maybe it was because the couple’s attitude had already spread. They said they should respect their children’s decisions.

People in the clan also knew that the couple didn’t care much about their children, and they really respected their children’s decisions and choices.

Even if Hayden is really gay, they will still choose to respect their child’s choice.

Maybe that’s it; the cousin didn’t come to him and tell him about it.

“Since Hayden is not gay, it is justifiable for her to be with Mr. York. Let’s see who dares to say that my grandnephew is gay in front of me in the future.”

Donald’s cousin also echoed Donald’s words.

“In the past, I’m sorry to everyone for causing trouble to the young men in our family.” Donald said it apologetically.

“The young men in our family don’t have to worry about getting a wife. If they have doubts, just change them. It’s a blind date. If you fail to meet one, it’s okay to change to another one. As long as the children in our family are normal.”

“When Hayden gets married in the future, the wedding must be grand, so that everyone knows that Hayden in our family is normal.”

“That’s right, that’s right.” Everyone agreed in unison.

Mrs. Queen smiled and said, “Kevin is very anxious to get married, but our Hayden is still a little hesitant. I guess she has thought it through now. She will not attend the banquet wearing women’s clothes until she has thought it through. I think it should be possible early next year to have a wedding.”

In fact, Hayden’s parents were also anxious, but Hayden was not anxious, so it was useless for them to be anxious.

They also had countless phone calls with Kevin’s parents and met several times in private to discuss the wedding. These matters were not known to the two young people.

In short, the elders of both families have made preparations. It could be said that everything was ready, and all they needed was the east wind.

The butler walked in at this time.

He walked to Mrs. Queen and said softly, “Madam, Mrs. Talbot and Ms. Talbot are here.”

Mrs. Talbot and Mrs. Queen knew each other well. Mrs. Talbot’s daughter once also admired Hayden. She mentioned the marriage between the two families to Mrs. Queen several times. Mrs. Queen knew that her daughter was her daughter and did not agree with Mrs. Talbot. She only told Mrs. Talbot that she couldn’t control her son’s life events.

Now Mrs. Talbot came here, probably to verify whether Hayden was a boy or a girl.

After Mrs. Queen was silent, she ordered the butler: “Go out and tell Mrs. Talbot that I am entertaining guests now and it is not convenient for her to receive her. Please ask her to go back first. There is no need to ask what she wants to ask. Hayden will not joke.”

If the people sitting in the hall now were not relatives of the Queen family, she would not bother to receive them.

It was her daughter’s freedom to dress up as a man for convenience, and there was no need to explain it to the world. Now her daughter has told everyone that she is a girl.

These people still refused to give up and insisted on coming to her and her husband to ask for a clear explanation.

Mrs. Queen was also extremely helpless.

After the butler responded, he quickly went out to reply to Mrs. Talbot.

Mrs. Talbot and Ms. Talbot were waiting at the door of the villa. Ms. Talbot said to her mother, “Mom, I gave up on Mr. Queen a long time ago. Why did you bring me here to ask? It feels like it gives people the wrong impression that I haven’t given up yet.”

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