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Married At First Sight Chapter 2824-Ms. Talbot had been in love with Hayden for a while.

But after Kevin publicly pursued Hayden, she gave up her heart after losing to Kevin in a verbal battle with other admirers.

She already had many love rivals, and with the addition of Kevin, she felt that she had no chance of winning, so she should give up as soon as possible and find another lover as soon as possible. Now that she has a new partner, her mother wanted to bring her here to find out the news.

Ms. Talbot admitted that she had been shocked, but it had nothing to do with her now.

Mrs. Talbot: “Gossip news; listen to what is there; we can ask clearly; and it will be more convincing when told to others.”

Ms. Talbot had a dark look on her face. “Mom, are you just asking for information so that you can spread gossip?”

Mrs. Talbot: “Stop talking; the butler is out.”

Mrs. Talbot whispered to Ms. Talbot.

Aren’t the many people who come here to inquire about the news just for gossip?

The butler came out quickly and conveyed Mrs. Queen’s message apologetically to Mrs. Talbot and her daughter.

Soon, the butler went back to the villa.

Mrs. Talbot: “I guess there are quite a lot of people here. The open-air parking lot for the Queen family is full of cars. Well, we can’t get in. Daughter, let’s go back. As the eldest young lady of the Queen family, no one has any hope. Now I feel better. Daughter, are you interested in Hugh? I think he is a real man.”

“Mom, I have someone I like.” Ms. Talbot said, turned around, and walked to her car. She was too lazy to gossip about other people’s affairs with her mother.

Hugh was just a playboy, and she didn’t want him.

Hugh: When did he become a playboy?

The Farrell family mansion.

In the yard, the three young ladies of the Farrell family were sitting on swing chairs, chatting. They were in a good mood.

After successfully driving Shiloh out of the Farrell family mansion and taking revenge on her, the mother-in-law should have the answer in her heart, but she didn’t do anything to them. The three young ladies thought they had overcome the crisis.

Maybe all three of them were involved, and the mother-in-law felt that the law did not punish everyone, so she spared them.

“The eldest young lady.”

A servant came over with an envelope.

Erika looked at the servant. When the servant came closer, she asked, “What’s the matter?”

The servant handed the envelope to Erika and said, “Eldest young lady, this is your letter.”

“My letter?”

Erika took the envelope suspiciously. The envelope was quite big. She didn’t know what was stuffed inside, and it was bulging. She squeezed it and felt that the envelope contained photos.

Erika asked, “Who sent it?”

“The security guard at the villa area sent it here, saying that someone sent it to the security room. Please ask the security guard to deliver this letter to the eldest mistress.”

Erik said ‘oh’ and signaled to the servants to leave.

Then she opened the envelope, and the envelope contained really photos.

When Erika took out the photos and looked at them, her expression changed. Anya and Amora also came over to take a look.

What they saw was Shiloh.

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