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Married At First Sight Chapter 2825-Shiloh was well dressed and strolling leisurely in a small courtyard. She was swinging on the swing frame in the courtyard as well.

Anya and Amora both felt that this small courtyard looked familiar.

Erika’s face was dark. The small courtyard Shiloh was in was extremely familiar to her. It was the wedding room that her mother-in-law prepared for her and her husband when she married Marco. The property certificate said the couple’s names.

After getting married, the couple lived in the Farrell family mansion and occasionally stayed in the small villa for a period of time, mainly for vacations.

Without asking, Shiloh would show up in her wedding room, and she was aware that Marco had arranged it.

“Sister-in-law, who sent these photos?”

Anya looked at Erika with sympathy.

She was thinking that if that person in her family dared to take Shiloh in, she would have to tear him apart.

Thinking of the fact that Marco and his two brothers had always loved Shiloh, this time it was Marco who took Shiloh in, and next time it might be the turn of her family or the third family.

Anya couldn’t sit still.

When she first got married, she felt unhappy when she saw her husband doting on her sister-in-law so much. She felt that it was not good that her sister-in-law was still so clingy to her brothers now that she had grown up and had no sense of boundaries. However, she knew that a woman was in charge of her husband’s family, so her sister-in-law would. As the future heads of the family, they, the sisters-in-law, have to please their sister-in-law.

She couldn’t say anything.

Later, she learned that Shiloh was not their sister-in-law, but seeing that her parents-in-law still loved Shiloh as much as before, they were very cold towards Kathryn, their biological daughter. Her mother-in-law often scolded Kathryn, so she thought that she should follow the army.

Kathryn was a girl who grew up in the countryside. She had never seen the big world. It was still unknown whether she would be able to reach a high position in the future.

After watching it for two years, Anya finally understood it.

The next head of the family must be Kathryn. No matter where Kathryn grew up or how talented she was, she was the biological daughter of the Farrell family. This was an indisputable fact. The position of head of the Farrell family couldn’t be handed over to Shiloh.

Now something happened between Shiloh and Holden, which angered Matriarch Farrell and drove them out of the Feng family. It was their fault. Anya didn’t like to see her husband protecting Shiloh anymore.

Thinking of this, Anya immediately suggested to Erika, “Sister-in-law, let’s go; let’s go with you and drive that b!tch out. That’s the wedding house that mom bought for you. How can you let that b!tch live in it?

Mom also said that Shiloh is no longer the second young lady in our Farrell family. Her surname is not Farrell, and she is no longer a member of the Farrell family. All the things mom gave her, except for those few clothes, have been taken back. Big brother still dares to take in Shiloh; just like hiding a beauty in a golden house, what will mom think if she finds out?

Besides, if Shiloh is not our biological sister-in-law and has no blood relationship with our man, that b!tch is even her own adoptive father… Now that she has nothing, who knows if she will take advantage of her three brothers?”

Shiloh was still very good-looking and had a good figure.

The main reason was that the three young masters of the Farrell family all had a history of cheating. With the support of their sister-in-law, they finally won the victory and saved the face of the main wife, but they had to guard against that b!tch Shiloh.

Without her sister-in-law’s suggestion, Erika wouldn’t let Marco continue to take Shiloh in.

“Who would send these photos to my sister-in-law?” Amora guessed.

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