Married At First Sight Chapter 2826 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2826-Although Erika went crazy with anger, she did not lose her mind. She pondered for a moment and then said, “It feels like we are being watched.”

“Who could it be?”

Amora thought for a while and tentatively said a person’s name: “Could it be the one who just came?”


Liberty did this?

What she wanted was chaos in the Farrell family.

Erika put the photos back in the envelope, thought about it, and then took them out. She then took a picture of them with her phone, sent the photo to Kathryn, and then left her a voice message: “Kathryn, I received an envelope containing these photos; were you the ones who took them?”

She also guessed that it might be Kathryn.

But still, asking Kathryn was equivalent to telling her about this matter. After all, the position of her head would be handed over to her in the future.

There was no hope for the men in their family, but their children had to live and rely on the care of Kathryn. In the future, if Kathryn does not have a daughter, they can choose from the nieces, and their daughters will have hope.

The daughter of Erika just entered junior high school in September this year. She was studying at the best private middle school in Jensburg. It was a closed school. Even if it was very close to home, she still needed to live at school. She had two days off every half month and usually studied at school.

His grades were very good, and the child looked somewhat similar to Kathryn. Kathryn liked that eldest niece quite a bit.

Kathryn quickly replied to Erika: “Sister-in-law, I didn’t take the photo. I don’t even know where Shiloh is now. She didn’t come to me, and I don’t have time to pay attention to her for the time being. Where is she?”

Something happened to the Farrell family, and it was very chaotic, and Kathryn was naturally very busy.

Erika chose to believe what Kathryn said.

Erika said, “When I married your eldest brother, mom bought it for us as a wedding house. Usually, we only went there to live for a while when the children were on vacation. Now your eldest brother has taken Shiloh in and let her live in it. “

If Kathryn didn’t take it, then Liberty did.

But Liberty had just arrived in Jensburg not long ago. Even if there were several big families behind her, those big families were all in Wiltspoon. No matter how long they stretched their hands, they couldn’t take care of so many things. Liberty was new to Jensburg, and it was not familiar yet.

Could it really be Liberty?

Could it be Mr. Kevin York?

Erika prefers Kevin. Kevin was fully capable of this. Moreover, Kevin had stayed in Jensburg for a long time and had a clear grasp of the Farrell family’s assets.

The York family was on Liberty’s side, and they wished something would happen to their Farrell family. Kevin had this motive.

Kathryn did not help Erika analyze it. She just sent a voice message and said to Erika, “Mom is still angry now. Mom said she doesn’t want to see Shiloh anymore and doesn’t want Shiloh to have anything to do with the Farrell family anymore. My eldest brother is still taking her in and arranging for her to live in your wedding room. Mom said that she would return to the company next week. When mom finds out, she will be angry.

Sister-in-law, please handle this matter quickly and don’t let her hold me back. After what happened, my mother’s temper is much worse than before. My brother is going to shoot me.”

Erika quickly replied to Kathryn: “I know, I won’t let your eldest brother continue to keep that b!tch. I will take your second sister-in-law and third sister-in-law over to deal with her now.”

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