Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3666

Chapter 740 – God-ranked Battle

“So, this is the Sun Dynasty’s Holy Guard?”

Inside the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp, Frey and Garut were greatly shocked as they looked at the eighteen-headed serpent hovering outside the camp.

As Vice Guild Leaders of pseudo-apex powers, Frey and Garut were no strangers to battles of epic proportions. They had even personally witnessed Realm Wars, battles that involved billions of experts fighting in the Void Sea, before.

However, compared to the scene before them, even Realm Wars would pale…

“A Void Leviathan?!”

Standing in the control room of a 1,000-meter-long flying ship, Verdant Rainbow instinctively uttered a name as she looked on in astonishment at the eighteen-headed serpent displayed in the Magic Mirror.

“Is this the strength of the Sun Dynasty?” The Seven Luminaries Alliance Elder standing beside Verdant Rainbow was similarly surprised.

A Void Leviathan!

A Level 193 Void Leviathan!

For most players in the Greater God’s Domain, this was likely a name they had never heard of. However, for the various apex powers’ executives and experts who had ventured to the fringes of the Void Sea, this name would be very familiar.

Although it was generally thought that the Void Sea was endless and without borders, that was only because the various powers had yet to find an end after exploring it for many years. However, one particular area of the Void Sea could be considered the Void Sea’s border. Or, more accurately, it was a place players could not approach.

As for why players couldn’t approach this so-called border, it was due to the dangers that existed there. Even Taboo-level experts equipped with Divine Weapons would fall if they dared to tread into that place.

However, for those who did tread into this borderland, the first gatekeepers they would encounter were the Void Leviathans.

Void Leviathans were a type of Ferocious Beast, and their Life Rating was so high that they could match Sacred Dragons. At the same level, even Ancient Gods would dread facing a Void Leviathan.

Void Leviathans were extremely violent, and they existed for the sake of devouring all life. Furthermore, Void Leviathans typically moved in groups of dozens or more than a hundred. It was virtually impossible to find any on their own and tame them. At the very least, no human power had ever managed to tame a Void Leviathan, let alone bring one into the Eternal Realm.

So, it was truly astonishing to see the Sun Dynasty’s Holy Guard using a Void Leviathan as a Flying Mount. It also showed how fearsome of a foundation the Sun Dynasty possessed.

While the spectating human powers were looking at the Void Leviathan in shock, the Red Dragon Nation and Azure Fang members in the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp revealed ashen faces. Even Tier 6 players like Frey and Garut were no exception.

“Frey, do you think we still have time to run away?” Garut asked with a wry smile.

If the seventeen other individuals were described as harbingers of death, the three-eyed beauty was death itself.

“It seems we have severely underestimated the Holy Guard, whether it is us or the Seven Luminaries Alliance…” As Frey looked at the three-eyed beauty, she understood that their defeat was assured.

Setting aside the three-eyed beauty, simply the Holy Guard’s Void Leviathan and seventeen Taboo-level experts were more than enough to flatten the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp. Although Frey had already learned from Unrestrained Lionheart that Zero Wing possessed more than ten Taboo-level experts, she still didn’t think they could win against the Holy Guard.

It should be known that the Void Leviathan wasn’t your average Ferocious Beast. Each of its eighteen heads was akin to an independent monster. It was just that these eighteen monsters shared the same body. In other words, facing a Tier 6 Void Leviathan was akin to facing eighteen Tier 6 Dragons simultaneously. With such a force, one could easily destroy an entire kingdom, let alone a resurrection camp.

Not to mention, the Holy Guard had over 10,000 Tier 6 experts. The team leaders of the Holy Guard were also only slightly weaker than Tier 6 Gods of the same level. With such strength, not even pseudo-apex powers could afford to provoke the Holy Guard.

While everyone in the resurrection camp was in despair, a streak of silver light suddenly appeared on the horizon and shot in the camp’s direction. The speed of the approaching object was so fast that, by the time the many Tier 5 experts realized what was going on, a flying ship had already appeared above the resurrection camp.

“Thank goodness they made it back in time.” When Frey saw the flying ship hovering above the camp, she couldn’t help but feel a little relieved.

The flying ship was none other than Zero Wing’s Silverwing. Moreover, standing aboard the Silverwing were the assault teams that had gone to ambush the Sun Dynasty’s three subordinate Guilds.

Although the timely return of these assault teams still wouldn’t be enough to equalize the strength of the resurrection camp’s defenders with the Holy Guard, they still added some hope to the camp.

“Are we really going to fight them to the death here, Guild Leader?” Gentle Snow asked, her voice wavering as she looked at the gigantic Void Leviathan.

Before returning, Gentle Snow believed that Zero Wing should have no trouble defending the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp from the Sun Dynasty. However, after seeing the Holy Guard for herself, she couldn’t help but be frightened. Compared to the Holy Guard, the forces the Sun Dynasty had previously sent to attack the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s resurrection camps were nothing but a joke.

Details aside, it should be known that Zero Wing currently only had 16 Taboo-level existences and 84 God-ranked experts. In comparison, the Holy Guard possessed over 10,000 Tier 6 experts, of which nearly 1,000 were God-ranked experts, and 18 were Taboo-level existences…

At first glance, even if Zero Wing could potentially emerge victorious, its chances of victory would be incredibly slim.

In this situation, the wiser move for Zero Wing to make would be to withdraw from the World Ark. After all, with Zero Wing’s current strength, even without the World Ark, it could easily thrive somewhere else in the Eternal Realm. It was unnecessary to butt heads with the Sun Dynasty.

“I’m afraid it’s too late to withdraw now,” Shi Feng said. When he looked at the Holy Guard riding on the Void Leviathan, he couldn’t help but sigh in amazement. As expected of a royal power. I didn’t think it would be possible for anyone to have such strength so soon.

Originally, Shi Feng thought that it shouldn’t be possible for any power to mobilize many God-ranked experts during the Eternal Realm’s early exploration stage. Even if the Sun Dynasty was a royal power from the Holy Race, he felt that the most the Sun Dynasty would have at this point in time was a hundred God-ranked experts. Hence, he felt that with the strength of his home God’s Domain’s experts, Zero Wing could easily take over the Eternal Realm.

However, he never thought that the Sun Dynasty would already have such a frightening foundation in the early stages of the Eternal Realm.

While Shi Feng was observing the Holy Guard, the three-eyed beauty standing on the Void Leviathan shifted her gaze onto him. At the same time, her three eyes turned dark purple, and faint arcs of lightning could be seen flashing in them. Wherever her eyes gazed upon, space and time froze, and even Tier 6 experts found themselves immobilized.

“Are you Black Flame? The one who took the Sunlight Blade,” Daystar asked like a superior questioning her subordinate as she gazed down at Shi Feng. Her voice rang across the sky, and it felt like the world itself was questioning Shi Feng.

“That is me,” Shi Feng answered as he met Daystar’s gaze.

Daystar, the commander of the Sun Dynasty’s Holy Guard. She was known in Shi Feng’s previous life as the Arbiter of Death. Had she not abruptly returned to the Holy Race’s Greater God’s Domain during the war between the two races, many believed the outcome would have been far less favorable to the human race.

“Good. You may die now.”

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