Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3667

Chapter 741 – Level 212, Tier 6 Personal Guard

As Daystar’s indifferent voice echoed across the battlefield, the seventeen vice commanders of the Holy Guard kicked off the Void Leviathan’s heads and shot straight toward the Silverwing. As for the rest of the Holy Guard, they grouped up in their respective teams and advanced on the resurrection camp down below.

“Not even bothering with the formalities, huh?” Seeing the advancing Holy Guard, Shi Feng commanded, “Let’s take action as well, then!”

Immediately, Phoenix Rain and the other Tier 6 experts from Shi Feng’s home God’s Domain moved to meet the Holy Guard’s vice commanders in battle. Relying on the Attribute advantage provided by the God Chaser Set, Phoenix Rain, Ji Luorong, Shadow Flower, and the others easily kept the Holy Guard’s vice commanders at bay.

At the same time, over a hundred metallic combat puppets emerged from the resurrection camp. These combat puppets measured over thirty meters tall, and each radiated an aura that could instill fear into even Tier 6 players. Meanwhile, as soon as these combat puppets appeared, they unleashed space-shattering destructive beams at the numerous attacks launched by the Holy Guard’s members.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

Suddenly, the area around the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp became brightly lit. Even players operating in the surrounding maps could see a dazzling glow rising from the Soul Lake.

Meanwhile, following the initial exchange, all of the magic and holy barriers erected on the battlefield shattered, leaving both sides defenseless. This forced the two sides to engage each other in a direct confrontation.

Logically, with the Holy Guard having over 10,000 Tier 6 experts on its side, the legion shouldn’t need much effort to deal with the resurrection camp’s defenders, even if Zero Wing, Azure Fang, and the Red Dragon Nation had a combined army of over 100,000. However, the addition of Zero Wing’s God Slayer Combat Puppets created a huge problem for the Holy Guard.

Each of the God Slayer Combat Puppets’ attacks was akin to a Tier 6 Large-scale Destruction Curse. Against attacks of such caliber, even Tier 6 God-ranked experts could not survive getting hit more than a few times. So, when the 114 God Slayer Combat Puppets on the battlefield attacked together, nothing could stand in their way.

After only one joint attack from the God Slayer Combat Puppets, the Holy Guard had already sustained several hundred casualties. Moreover, those killed did not leave any weapons or equipment behind, as everything within a 1,000-yard radius was thoroughly disintegrated.

In contrast, although the Holy Guard’s team leaders had retaliated against the God Slayer Combat Puppets, all of their attacks combined only managed to shave one point off the combat puppets’ durability. For the God Slayer Combat Puppets that had 2,000 durability points, such damage was completely negligible.

As for the exchange between the rest of the Holy Guard members and the resurrection camp’s defenders, although Zero Wing, Azure Fang, and the Red Dragon Nation suffered many more casualties due to the majority of their forces being composed of Tier 5 players, the casualty rate for both sides was roughly equal. When the various spectating powers saw this situation, they couldn’t help but be flabbergasted.

“Those combat puppets must be above the Dark-Gold rank!” Verdant Rainbow was greatly shocked as she looked at the God Slayer Combat Puppets displayed in the Magic Mirror before her. “It was surprising enough that Zero Wing’s hidden experts could hold their ground against the Holy Guard’s vice commanders. I didn’t think they would also have so many Advanced Dark-Gold Combat Puppets hidden! No wonder Black Flame can scoff at the Sun Dynasty’s threats!”

Previously, Verdant Rainbow firmly believed that Zero Wing, Azure Fang, and the Red Dragon Nation were severely disadvantaged in terms of army composition, primarily due to the staggering disparity in Tier 6 experts between the two sides. Even if Zero Wing’s mysterious experts could distract the Holy Guard’s vice commanders, the remaining Holy Guard members could easily eliminate the three guilds’ forces before regrouping with their vice commanders to overwhelm Zero Wing’s mysterious experts.

Although Tier 6 players possessed incredibly high physical parameters, they would still deplete their Stamina and Concentration rapidly in intense battles. It was especially so in battles against experts of a similar caliber. If both sides went all out, it wouldn’t even be strange if they used up their Stamina and Concentration completely after only several dozen exchanges. Meanwhile, once out of Stamina and Concentration, it wouldn’t matter if Zero Wing’s mysterious experts were Taboo-level existences. They would instantly become fish on a chopping block, even to ordinary Tier 6 players.

However, Zero Wing had instantly bridged this massive gap in strength with its God Slayer Combat Puppets, the addition of these combat puppets thoroughly prevented the general members of the Holy Guard from affecting the high-level battle above ground.

“While Zero Wing’s trump card is indeed surprising, you shouldn’t forget that Daystar is no ordinary expert, Your Highness,” the Seven Luminaries Alliance Elder standing beside Verdant Rainbow said, shaking his head. “Although the rumors say that Eternal’s four Taboo-level existences had died in the hands of 400 of the Holy Guard’s members, you and I both know that this is merely misinformation released by Eternal to cover up the actual situation.

“In reality, Daystar had single-handedly killed all four of those individuals while the rest of the Holy Guard merely watched from the side. Now that Daystar has even brought a Void Leviathan to the battlefield, I can only see Zero Wing’s chances of victory as slim.”

Zero Wing’s ability to mobilize over a hundred Advanced Dark-Gold Combat Puppets was indeed amazing. Even the Seven Luminaries Alliance could never imagine mobilizing so many. This was because of the difficulty of repairing war weapons of such caliber. Even if the Alliance could repair them, the materials needed to do the repairs were incredibly difficult to procure.

However, although powerful, Advanced Dark-Gold Combat Puppets were not almighty. While they might achieve incredible results when used against players, their effectiveness would plummet when used against monsters. In the case of a Ferocious Beast like the Void Leviathan, it probably wouldn’t need more than a few attacks to destroy the God Slayer Combat Puppets. With its high HP and Defense, it also wouldn’t fear the God Slayer Combat Puppets’ bombardment.

While the Seven Luminaries Alliance Elder was speaking, the previously idle Void Leviathan had seemingly received a command from Daystar as it suddenly opened its mouths to initiate a breath attack on the resurrection camp.

Each of the Void Leviathan’s eighteen heads gathered enough energy to exceed the standard of Tier 6 Gods. If all eighteen heads attacked together, even Ancient Gods of the same level should think twice before trying to receive it.

Is that woman crazy? Frey, who was battling against a team leader of the Holy Guard, grew somber when she saw the Void Leviathan preparing for a breath attack.

The Void Leviathan was massive, so even Tier 6 players would likely have difficulty escaping its breath attacks’ AOE in time. If the Void Leviathan scattered its eighteen breath attacks, it could absolutely cover the entire resurrection camp.

However, apart from the members of their three Guilds, several thousand Holy Guard members were also fighting in the resurrection camp’s vicinity. In other words, if the Void Leviathan were to release its breath attacks in this situation, thousands of Holy Guard members would get killed as well…

However, the Holy Guard members embroiled in battle behaved as if they did not notice the Void Leviathan’s actions. They kept fighting in a frenzy, and some even actively prevented the camp defenders from distancing themselves from the resurrection camp. They were fully intent on perishing together.

“It seems there’s no holding back in this situation.” When Shi Feng saw the Void Leviathan’s intentions, he sighed and said, “Bring him out, Blue!”

“Understood!” Upon hearing Shi Feng’s command, Blue Phoenix promptly took out a Summon Guard Scroll and activated it.


Suddenly, as if the sky was falling, a mighty aura descended upon the entirety of the Soul Lake. Then, a Dragon Knight clad in heavy armor gradually emerged from a magic array before Blue Phoenix, his presence causing the souls of everyone on the battlefield to shudder.

“A Level 212, Tier 6 Personal Guard?”

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