Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3669

Chapter 743 – Trump Card?

Why isn’t the Void Leviathan recovering?

What did that Personal Guard do?

Don’t tell me that’s a Legendary Personal Guard?

A series of questions popped into Nineteenth Sword’s mind as he spectated the battlefield from his tent.

Others might not know how powerful Void Leviathans were, but not Nineteenth Sword. As someone who frequently operated around the boundaries of the Void Sea, Nineteenth Sword was no stranger to Void Leviathans. He had even personally traded blows with them before.

As the first gatekeeper of the Void Sea’s borderland, Void Leviathans not only possessed strength that could strike fear into Ancient Gods of the same level, but they also possessed a frightening recovery ability that could let them outlast Ancient Gods of the same level.

Under normal circumstances, even a Level 210, Tier 6 God could not heavily injure a Level 193 Void Leviathan in one hit. On the contrary, the Level 210, Tier 6 God was more likely to run out of steam before they could kill the Level 193 Void Leviathan.

Hence, Nineteenth Sword couldn’t help but be dumbfounded when he saw a measly Level 212 Personal Guard heavily injuring a Level 193 Void Leviathan.

“Guild Leader?”

“How many more secrets are you still keeping from us?”

On the battlefield, Fervent Samsara and Heavy Abyss couldn’t help but turn to look at Shi Feng when they saw Los Merin’s performance.

The two of them were among the first batch of fifth-floor experts to join Zero Wing in the Crystal City of Secrets, so they could be considered veteran internal members already. They had also watched Zero Wing grow from nothing to its current state in the Crystal City, so they could confidently say that they understood Zero Wing very well.

However, after arriving at the World Ark and witnessing the series of events that had taken place up until this point, they suddenly felt incredibly foreign toward their own Guild.

First, it was the batch of mysterious Tier 6 experts. Next, there were the frightening Silverwing Flying Ship and Advanced Dark-Gold Combat Puppets. Now, it was a Level 212, Tier 6 Personal Guard who could heavily injure an existence rivaling Level 193 Ancient Gods.

No matter how they thought about it, these were not things that the Guild they had watched develop should possess.

“Advanced Epic? No, that’s not right… He’s a Legendary Guard!”

Daystar’s three purple eyes turned a little gloomy as she looked at Los Merin.

A Legendary Personal Guard!

Based on her knowledge, only a Personal Guard who was at the Legendary rank could possibly accomplish such a feat.

However, among the Holy Race, Personal Guards with such exceptional Growth Potential were incredibly scarce and considered invaluable assets. Powers that possessed Legendary Personal Guards typically avoided deploying them unless in dire straits, out of apprehension of losing them in combat. The Sun Dynasty was no exception, hence the absence of its Legendary Personal Guards in the Eternal Realm. Of course, the primary reason for their absence was that Personal Guards of Level 200 and above were prohibited from entering the Eternal Realm.

Yet, now, a small human Guild with neither fame nor history was actually willing to put a Legendary Guard to battle in the Eternal Realm. Not only that, but this Legendary Guard was even Level 212…

“You’ve guessed correctly. He is indeed a Legendary Guard,” Shi Feng said, chuckling when he saw Daystar furrowing her brows. “What do you think? Is the trump card I prepared effective against the Holy Guard?”

Daystar, the Arbiter of Death. She was a well-known Holy Child of the Sun Dynasty. Out of the Sun Dynasty’s fourteen Holy Children, she was also the likeliest to become the next Guild Leader. Even in his previous life, Shi Feng would have to steer clear of her.

Honestly, Shi Feng was quite surprised to encounter Daystar so soon. Without the harvest from the God Slayer’s treasury, defending the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp would have been impossible, and Zero Wing’s foundations might have even been endangered.

Fortunately, the Arbiter of Death’s timing was poor, or Shi Feng would have suffered a huge loss.

“So what if you have a Legendary Guard?” Daystar glanced at Shi Feng, paying no heed to his provocation. “The Holy Guard’s might is beyond your comprehension!”

As Daystar spoke, many Holy Guard members on the battlefield suddenly formed six-person parties and merged their Holy Auras with their respective party leaders. Shortly thereafter, these Holy Guard members died one by one, while the party leaders who received their Holy Auras experienced a meteoric rise in strength, quickly rivaling Taboo-level existences.

“Death Reborn?” Shi Feng remained unfazed, looking like he had long anticipated this development.

Combination Holy Art, Death Reborn!

Death Reborn was a Combination Holy Art that sacrificed five players with Holy Auras of roughly equal standards to massively strengthen a player’s Holy Aura and Attributes. It was one of the Sun Dynasty’s well-known trump cards in Shi Feng’s previous life. It was also why the Holy Guard could become one of the Sun Dynasty’s five conquest legions in the Eternal Realm.

“You know quite a lot.” Daystar looked at Shi Feng in surprise.

Death Reborn was one of the Sun Dynasty’s secrets that was known by few, even among the Holy Race’s various powers. In a situation where the human race and Holy Race were not on familiar terms, it should logically be impossible for a human player to learn of Death Reborn.

“I only know a little,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. Then, he snapped his fingers and continued, “Since the other side is getting serious, it’s time for you all to stop hiding and fight them seriously as well.”

“Fight seriously?”

Everyone couldn’t help but look at Shi Feng in shock, failing to comprehend what Shi Feng was saying.

Were Zero Wing’s members still not fighting seriously?

“Hahaha! I’ve been waiting for these words!” Sinful Flame, who had been fighting against two of the Holy Guard’s vice commanders, revealed an ecstatic look when he heard Shi Feng’s words. “You two have been having a lot of fun using all your techniques on me, haven’t you? Well, it’s this old man’s turn now!”

As soon as Sinful Flame finished speaking, his aura started to skyrocket in intensity, as if he had transformed from a slumbering beast into an awakened dragon. His Black Cloak was shredded into countless pieces under the pressure of his frightening aura and mana, revealing his personal information to all.

Sinful Flame, Level 218!

“Hah… I wanted to spar with them a little longer…” Melancholy, the former Guild Leader of Thirteen Thrones, said and sighed. Similar to Sinful Flame, he stopped suppressing his aura and mana, causing his low-quality Black Cloak to become shredded.

Melancholy, Level 217!

“How dare you old fellows complain? At least you got to fight one-on-two all this time,” Ji Luorong said as she sent a dissatisfied glance at Sinful Flame and Melancholy. As she said so, she, too, stopped hiding her strength.

Ji Luorong, Level 212!

Upon receiving Shi Feng’s command, Phoenix Rain and the thirteen other Tier 6 players from Shi Feng’s home God’s Domain stopped hiding their aura and mana, revealing their true levels. All of them were above Level 200. Moreover, aside from Crimson Mist, everyone else was at Level 210 or above. The auras and mana they radiated were also stronger than Tier 6 Gods of the same level.

“Thirteen Level 210-plus God-ranked experts?”

“Heavens! Is Zero Wing playing a joke on us?”

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