Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3671

Chapter 745 – All Sides Shocked

“They’re retreating?”

“The Holy Guard is retreating?”

“We won! We won! We defended the resurrection camp!”

When the remaining players in the resurrection camp saw the Holy Guard members suddenly turning into streaks of light and vanishing, they cheered in excitement.

Although they already understood that victory would likely fall to them once Zero Wing’s Level 200-plus players revealed their strength, they also knew it would be a pyrrhic victory. After all, the fact remained that the Holy Guard had over 10,000 Tier 6 players, while their three Guilds barely had over a hundred.

As evidence, even though their three Guilds started the battle with over 150,000 players, they ended the battle with fewer than 30,000 players. If not for the 114 God Slayer Combat Puppets drawing most of the Holy Guard’s attention, it wouldn’t even be surprising if all of their Tier 5 players died in battle.

“Thank goodness we managed to hold on.”

When Frey saw the Holy Guard vanishing, she scanned the remaining players in the resurrection camp and breathed a sigh of relief.

While Tier 5 players could no longer be considered main combatants in the current Eternal Realm, they still served as a necessary foundation for the various powers to increase their Tier 6 combatants. In this battle, where their opponents consisted entirely of Tier 6 Holy Race experts, Tier 5 players who were killed would likely lose two or three levels and enter a weakened state for several days at the very least. In more severe cases, they might even lose the ability to log into the game for one or two weeks.

As for the Tier 5 players killed by the Holy Guard’s God-ranked experts, they’d be fortunate if they only lost access to God’s Domain for a couple of weeks. If they were unlucky, they might even lose access to God’s Domain permanently.

With the casualty rate of the defenders being at over 80%, the loss was undoubtedly tragic. In the Red Dragon Nation’s case, it could no longer afford to participate in any large-scale battles for a short period. Its development across the Eternal Realm would also be severely affected.

Fortunately, they ultimately managed to defend the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp!

The World Ark was the first high-level World Mode Regional Dungeon in the Eternal Realm. It was even home to Holy Ring City, a neutral city and a place for players to reincarnate as a mythical race. It was destined to become one of the Eternal Realm’s central development zones, and there would be a steady streak of players coming to develop in it in the future.

If the Red Dragon Nation could rely on the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp’s astonishing income, it would not need to worry about its future development in the Eternal Realm.

Above the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp…

“Should we give chase, Guild Leader?” Hidden Soul asked through the team chat. “They didn’t teleport far away. My Tracking Skill shows they are only 50,000 yards from us. With the Silverwing’s speed, we can catch up to them in less than a minute.”

As an Assassin and a veteran of the battlefield, Hidden Soul had made it a habit to leave a tracking mark on her opponents. That way, she could always chase after her opponents should they escape.

Currently, most of Zero Wing’s Tier 6 main force members remain alive. Even without Azure Fang and the Red Dragon Nation’s help, they could easily eliminate the Holy Guard’s remaining forces.

“Nevermind. As the saying goes, do not press a desperate foe too hard,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head as he looked in the direction where the Holy Guard had retreated. “Our goal is to defend the resurrection camp. If we give chase, it might lead to the spectating powers trying to take advantage of the situation.”

The Holy Guard’s fame was widespread in his previous life. Although Phoenix Rain’s group was strong, he wouldn’t dismiss the possibility of the Holy Guard having more hidden trump cards.

It should be known that Daystar, in Shi Feng’s previous life, had single-handedly eradicated all life in a Realm. Even when experts equipped with Divine Artifacts attempted to confront her, none returned alive. It was also this frightening capability that earned her the title of Arbiter of Death.

Personally, Shi Feng did not wish for Zero Wing’s members to test Daystar’s capabilities. He didn’t dare gamble on whether Daystar currently possessed the frightening capability she exhibited in his previous life. This was also why he remained on standby on the Silverwing throughout the fight.

Had Daystar displayed that capability, he would have promptly used the Silverwing to retreat with Zero Wing’s main force members.

Meanwhile, Hidden Soul and the others did not voice any opposition to Shi Feng’s decision. Immediately, they began instructing the surviving players to tidy up the battlefield.

At the same time as the three Guilds were starting to clean up the battlefield, a commotion erupted among the various spectating powers.

“Are you kidding me?! The Holy Guard actually retreated?!”

“Incredible! Zero Wing actually defeated the Sun Dynasty that even the Seven Luminaries Alliance fears! After this battle, the Eternal Realm’s power structure will most likely see a huge change.”

The executives of the various spectating powers were filled with disbelief when they saw the Holy Guard retreating in defeat. For a moment, they even suspected someone had cast an illusion on their Magic Mirrors.

It should be known that Zero Wing was merely an upstart Guild that had appeared with the Eternal Realm. Yet, not only did it manage to take out an Advanced Dark-Gold Flying Ship and over a hundred Advanced Dark-Gold Combat Puppets, but it also had fourteen Level 200-plus, Tier 6 experts.

Not even the various apex powers could take out such strength in the current Eternal Realm. It was especially so for the Level 200-plus, Tier 6 experts.

So long as the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp had these fourteen experts defending it, nobody in the current Eternal Realm could threaten Zero Wing’s ownership over the resurrection camp.

“What should we do, Elder Sword?” Titan asked worriedly as he turned to Nineteenth Sword. “Once news of this battle gets out, we’ll most likely have great difficulty surviving in the World Ark…”

Previously, the various powers had distanced themselves from the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp due to concerns about Zero Wing’s ability to defend it and potential retaliation from the Sun Dynasty. However, after Zero Wing’s victory against the Holy Guard, one of the Sun Dynasty’s five conquest legions, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp a fortress of seemingly impenetrable defenses. In fact, it might even surpass the safety of the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s resurrection camps.

Because of this, it could be foreseen that many powers would try to curry favor with Zero Wing. At that time, the Skylight Association’s suffering would be the best greeting gift…

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