Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3673

Chapter 747 – Ring City Royal Order

Following Gentle Snow’s excited statement, Hidden Soul and the others couldn’t help but chuckle.

“These powers are the very definition of opportunists. Before we fought the Sun Dynasty, none of them were willing to enter a long-term partnership with us. Yet, now that we have repelled the Sun Dynasty, all of them are suddenly interested in doing so.”

Fire Dance and Rampant Blade curled their lips in disdain when they heard about the various powers’ behavior.

“It’s normal,” Shi Feng said, unsurprised by the behavior of the various powers. Chuckling, he said, “Not even the Seven Luminaries Alliance will want to provoke the Sun Dynasty if it can avoid doing so. Meanwhile, Zero Wing is only an upstart Guild in the Eternal Realm. How could the various powers possibly dare bet on us?”

“Indeed.” Hidden Soul nodded in agreement. Then, she added, “Even so, we can’t let them benefit off us so easily. Setting aside the resurrection slots we need to reserve for our three Guilds, we should strictly limit how many slots we share with others. Otherwise, the wait time is going to become a problem.”

“How many slots do you think we should offer them, Guild Leader?” Gentle Snow asked as she looked at Shi Feng.

Although the World Ark’s resurrection camps didn’t have a theoretical limit on how many players they could register, they could only resurrect a limited number of players each time. If the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp only had a user base of about 100,000, it would have no problem handling the potential traffic. However, it would be a different story if the user base reached a million or more.

If too many players sought to be resurrected simultaneously, they’d have to wait a long time for their turn. If the wait time ended up being as long as it would take players to travel from the nearest NPC City to the World Ark, there’d be no point in registering at the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp.

“Based on the distance between our resurrection camp and the nearest NPC City, we should hit our maximum capacity at 500,000 players. We will need to reserve 60,000 for our three Guilds and 200,000 for other players out of these slots. So, let the various powers compete for 140,000 slots for now and set the price at 30 Eternal Silver per slot. ” Shi Feng said after some thought. “As for the remaining slots, we’ll gradually distribute them as more Tier 6 players appear.”

The World Ark’s inner area was different from the outer area. Although Tier 5 players could explore the inner area, their chances of encountering Holy Race players were significantly greater. Meanwhile, with the Holy Race having far more Tier 6 players than the human race, the chances of Tier 5 human players dying in the inner area would be incredibly high. So, even if the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp registered only 400,000 players, registered players might need to wait half a day just to get resurrected.

“I’ll make the necessary arrangements,” Gentle Snow said, nodding.

After Gentle Snow left the tent, Shi Feng turned his attention toward the list Gentle Snow had handed to him. It was a list showing the items they acquired from the Holy Guard.

Prior to the battle, Zero Wing, Azure Fang, and the Red Dragon Nation had already agreed that any loot acquired during the defensive siege would go to whichever Guild was responsible for obtaining it in the first place. Meanwhile, with Zero Wing’s members being responsible for over 90% of the Holy Guard members killed, it meant that over 90% of the loot obtained went to Zero Wing. So, Zero Wing’s harvest was very fruitful.

The Holy Guard was one of the Sun Dynasty’s five conquest legions, so it went without saying that the equipment standard of its members was excellent. Even the most inferior equipment they dropped was at the Fragmented Legendary rank.

The only problem was that most of the weapons and equipment dropped by the Holy Guard members could only be equipped by Holy Race players. In the hands of human players, they were utterly useless.

Even so, the amount of usable loot Zero Wing acquired still astonished Shi Feng.

There are actually 2,487 universal Fragmented Legendary items. No wonder she said we made a fortune… Shi Feng couldn’t help but gasp a little as he looked at the list in his hand.

Zero Wing had expended a lot of Seven Luminaries Crystals for mobilizing the God Slayer Combat Puppets in the defensive siege. More specifically, out of the 570,000 units prepared, less than 200,000 units remained.

Fortunately, Zero Wing had won the battle, which eliminated the need to compensate guild members for losses related to weapons and equipment. Instead, Zero Wing would only need to compensate guild members for the loss of levels and contributions made during the battle.

After calculating the Guild Contribution Points required for these compensations, 2,000 Fragmented Legendary items should be more than enough for Zero Wing to break even. Essentially, Zero Wing had made a profit of 487 Fragmented Legendary items in this battle. This was nearly enough to fully equip a 50-man team with Fragmented Legendary items.

Under normal circumstances, the current Zero Wing would need at least a month to acquire nearly 500 Fragmented Legendary items. Moreover, this was only because of the Eternal Realm’s favorable circumstances. Outside of the Eternal Realm, Zero Wing would probably need several months to acquire so many Fragmented Legendary items.

It would be great if I could turn the Holy Race’s exclusive weapons and equipment into usable resources right away. When Shi Feng looked at the 10,000-plus Fragmented Legendary items usable by only Holy Race players on the list, he couldn’t help but sigh in dejection.

Weapons and equipment exclusive to the Holy Race were utterly useless to human players. Normally, if players wished to convert these items into usable resources, they could only do so by auctioning them off at a Neutral City’s Auction House. Although they would incur a hefty processing fee, they could sell these unusable items to Holy Race players for Eternal Coins.

However, none of the Eternal Realm’s Neutral Cities had been activated thus far, so such transactions were not yet possible. While Shi Feng could also convert these exclusive items using the Origin Myth, it wasn’t worth doing so. After all, Seven Luminaries Crystals were incredibly precious and strategic resources. They were even more valuable than Fragmented Legendary items in a certain sense.

Huh? This is…a Ring City Royal Order?

Shi Feng’s eyes suddenly widened when he noticed a particular item on the list.

“What’s wrong, Guild Leader?” Hidden Soul asked out of curiosity when she noticed the sudden change in Shi Feng’s expression.

Aside from Hidden Soul, everyone else in the tent also noticed Shi Feng’s surprised reaction, and they couldn’t help but turn to look at him.

Although most of the players in the tent had yet to reach the fifth-floor standard, they were still fourth-floor experts. Hence, no changes occurring within their perception range could escape their notice.

“It’s nothing bad. Our Guild has simply struck gold,” Shi Feng said, chuckling when he saw Hidden Soul and the others looking at him.

Hearing Shi Feng’s response, Hidden Soul and the others couldn’t help but roll their eyes at him for stating the obvious.

“You guys…” Shi Feng couldn’t help but feel exasperated by the looks of disdain Hidden Soul and the others were giving him. However, he refrained from explaining himself and retrieved a tattered scroll from the Epic Spatial Bag that Gentle Snow had passed him along with the list just now.

The Ring City Royal Orders!

Also known as the Ring City’s Twelve Aristocrats!

Holy Ring City had twelve aristocratic positions, specifically six viscounts, four counts, and two dukes. They were established by the First City Lord, and they coincided with the twelve official fiefs that covered the World Ark’s core area around Holy Ring City.

Indeed! The only way for players to acquire a Guild City in the World Ark, the first high-level World Mode Regional Dungeon in the Eternal Realm, was by becoming one of Holy Ring City’s Twelve Aristocrats and acquiring an official fief. So long as a power could succeed in doing so, they would gain access to unimaginable wealth.

Meanwhile, the tattered scroll in Shi Feng’s hand was none other than the Ring City Royal Order necessary to become one of the Twelve Aristocrats.

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