Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3674

Chapter 748 – Battle of the Four Royals

The Ring City Royal Order wasn’t something that could be acquired easily. Even though the one currently in Shi Feng’s possession was only an incomplete fragment, its value still exceeded that of a Divine Weapon. Under the right circumstances, it could even be worth multiple Divine Weapons.

This was because the World Ark was one of the Eternal Realm’s few World Mode Regional Dungeons. Simply the fact that the monsters here could drop Extraordinary Secret Treasures and above already made it an invaluable location, let alone the fact that it also housed various resources and ore veins that couldn’t be found elsewhere.

Most importantly, the World Ark was home to Holy Ring City.

At first glance, Holy Ring City might not seem special. After all, although Neutral Cities weren’t everywhere in the Eternal Realm, there were still quite many.

However, Holy Ring City’s true value quickly presented itself once the various powers discovered the Eternal Realm’s coordinates in the Void Sea.

A city of absolute neutrality!

Of course, this doesn’t mean the other Neutral Cities of the Eternal Realm weren’t genuinely maintaining a neutral stance. Instead, the issue was that most of these Neutral Cities could no longer uphold their neutrality once various powers discovered the Eternal Realm’s coordinates, even if they intended to do so.

However, Holy Ring City was different. As mighty as the Holy Race’s royal powers were, not even they could do anything about it. In fact, not even the legendary Battle of the Four Royals had managed to bring down the city.

The Battle of the Four Royals!

It was a battle that shook the Greater God’s Domains of both the human race and the Holy Race. In Shi Feng’s previous life, there wasn’t a single player in either Greater God’s Domain who did not know about that battle. It was such a spectacle that it was even broadcast live in the real world for all humans to see.

Shortly after the Eternal Realm appeared, the players of both Greater God’s Domain already understood the value it held. Hence, both human and Holy Race players were adamant about controlling the entire Eternal Realm.

Meanwhile, the places where the most wealth was gathered across the entire Eternal Realm were none other than the Eternal Realm’s Neutral Cities.

Hence, once the Eternal Realm’s coordinates in the Void Sea were discovered, the powers of both Greater God’s Domain promptly started to capture the Eternal Realm’s Neutral Cities one after another.

When all but Holy Ring City remained unoccupied, four of the Holy Race’s ten royal powers decided to compete over the city, which led to a battle of epic proportions.

The battle at the time was of a scale that had never been seen in the history of the human race’s Greater God’s Domain. At the time, even apex powers like the Seven Luminaries Alliance could only watch from the sidelines, powerless to interfere.

However, contrary to everyone’s expectations, none of the four royal powers managed to capture Holy Ring City. Instead, the Battle of the Four Royals had concluded with the defeat of all four royal powers, the outcome shocking everyone…

Meanwhile, after the Battle of the Four Royals, whether it was the human powers or the Holy Race powers, everyone understood one thing—Holy Ring City’s neutrality could not be threatened.

This discovery instantly led to Holy Ring City’s value skyrocketing by over ten thousandfold. Naturally, the value of Holy Ring City’s twelve aristocratic positions also skyrocketed.

Presently, although the value of the twelve aristocratic positions was nowhere near as high as it was in Shi Feng’s previous life, they were still vastly more valuable than any resurrection camp. After all, the sole purpose of resurrection camps was to provide players with a place to resurrect inside the World Ark.

As these Guild Towns and Cities were affiliated with Holy Ring City, a Neutral City, the trades they could facilitate were not limited by race. For example, human players weren’t restricted to trading with other human players only. Instead, they could trade with players of other races.

In Shi Feng’s previous life, the four royal powers had gained control over 80% of Holy Ring City’s fiefs after failing to capture Holy Ring City. Because of this, they established an absolute authority over neutral trades and generated wealth far beyond the imaginations of the six other royal powers.

Only one-fifth? Shi Feng had mixed feelings as he looked at the tattered scroll in his possession.

Honestly, he had never thought about getting his hands on a Ring City Royal Order before today. To be given a glimmer of hope now was truly an uncomfortable experience.

It should be known that acquiring a complete Ring City Royal Order was mind-bogglingly difficult. It wasn’t a challenge that could be accomplished by just one individual or a powerful team.

The only reliable method to obtain Ring City Royal Orders he knew of could easily instill despair into any existing apex power. This was because this method required players to take over an entire foreign Realm. It was also why, on the Holy Race’s side, only royal powers had managed to acquire Holy Ring City’s official fiefs.

Currently, the Ring City Royal Order in his possession was only one of five fragments. To secure one of the twelve aristocratic positions, he would have to gather the remaining four fragments. However, every Ring City Royal Order and their fragments were unique. This meant that, even if players got their hands on multiple fragments, it was possible that they weren’t fragments of the same royal order.

Of course, the system would show some mercy to players who successfully obtained fragments of a Ring City Royal Order. So long as players managed to collect one-fifth of a royal order, they could complete the rest by paying Holy Ring City to start a foreign Realm crusade. They wouldn’t need to rely entirely on luck.

Although Shi Feng did not know from where in the World Ark’s core area the Holy Guard managed to obtain this fragment, the fact that it made up one-fifth of a complete royal order meant that he already had the opportunity to obtain a complete royal order.

However, Shi Feng was also aware that while the current Zero Wing already had the strength to suppress the Holy Race’s top combatants, it was a different story when it came to capturing an entire Realm from the Holy Race. If Zero Wing were to go on such a crusade, it would have to go up against a Realm that had existed for hundreds, if not thousands, or possibly even tens of thousands of years. Moreover, the Holy Race players operating in said Realm would not be under any suppression or restrictions. Against such opponents, Zero Wing’s current strength would be nothing but a joke.

This was also why he did not reveal the Ring City Royal Order to Hidden Soul and the others right away.

Wait… What if… Looking at the Ring City Royal Order, Shi Feng suddenly thought of a possibility. What if I used the Origin Myth?

The Origin Myth was the Origin Sanctuary’s most prized possession, capable of forcibly modifying even Divine Artifacts. With the Ring City Royal Order being only a Legendary item, there was no way the Origin Myth couldn’t modify it.

Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng promptly moved the fragmented Ring City Royal Order into the Origin Myth’s Origin Space. No matter what, he had to try and see if he could repair the Legendary-rank Ring City Royal Order.

However, after putting in the royal order, Shi Feng did not receive a response from the Origin Myth. It wasn’t until thirty seconds had passed that a system notification echoed in his mind.

System: Origin Space has detected the Legendary Ring City Royal Order.

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