Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3675

Chapter 749 – Building a Town

It works?

Shi Feng revealed a look of joy when he saw the system notification.

If the Origin Space showed no reaction, it meant that the Ring City Royal Order couldn’t be repaired. However, so long as the Origin Space showed a reaction, it meant that it was possible to make changes to the royal order.

Subsequently, time passed by in silence as Shi Feng patiently watched the progress bar above the Origin Space fill up. At the three-minute mark, another system notification sounded in Shi Feng’s mind.

System: Origin Space has detected the Ring City Royal Order. Do you wish to repair it?

System: Repairing the Ring City Royal Order will cost 50,000,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal. Do you wish to proceed?
Fifty million?!

Shi Feng gasped when he saw the cost.

It should be known that modifying the Legendary-rank Abyss Workshop Certification only cost six million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal previously. Yet, the Legendary-rank Ring City Royal Order cost a whopping 50 million. This was already close to matching the cost of modifying a Divine Artifact.

Meanwhile, an expenditure of 50 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal definitely wasn’t something the current Zero Wing could afford. After deducting the Seven Luminaries Crystals spent on strengthening the Silverwing and covering the costs of the defensive siege, Zero Wing only had a little over seven million units remaining. Zero Wing would need a considerable amount of time to make up the difference.

Not to mention, the various powers in the current Eternal Realm were fervently nurturing Tier 6 players, and Zero Wing was no exception. This, in turn, would make it even more difficult for Zero Wing to save up 50 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal.

“Contact Frey and Garut for me, Soul.” After pondering for a moment, Shi Feng took a deep breath and issued a command to Hidden Soul. “Ask them if they can come up with a total of 50 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal. Tell them that Zero Wing intends to conduct a big transaction with them.”

“Fifty million?” Hidden Soul couldn’t help but look at Shi Feng in surprise and confusion. “What are you planning, Guild Leader?”

A sum of 50 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal was enough to let 500 Tier 5 experts challenge their Tier 6 promotion. Not even apex powers could come up with such a large sum on short notice.

Aside from Hidden Soul, Phoenix Rain and the others in the tent also couldn’t help but look at Shi Feng in astonishment. Even if they sold their home God’s Domain, they doubted they could come up with such a large sum of Seven Luminaries Crystals.

“Just contact them for me for now. I will tell you all about it later,” Shi Feng said, not bothering to explain himself.

There was no need to question whether it would be worth spending 50 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal to repair the Ring City Royal Order.

It was worth it!

It was absolutely worth it!

When operating the World Ark’s resurrection camps, players could only charge Eternal Coins for the services they offered. However, in the towns and cities built on Holy Ring City’s twelve fiefs, players could set the currency they charged for services such as Auction Houses, Shops, and Private Houses. In other words, players could change their collected currency into Seven Luminaries Crystals.

In his previous life, the four royal powers that occupied over 80% of the official fiefs made it mandatory to use Holy Power Crystals, a strategic resource for the Holy Race, when doing business at their Auction Houses. This, in turn, meant that Holy Race players wishing to purchase items from human players had to use Holy Power Crystals to pay the Auction Houses’ processing fees.

Because of this, the four royal powers made a huge fortune, raking in millions of units of Holy Power Crystals every day. Meanwhile, all the various powers could do was watch on enviously.

Now that Shi Feng had the opportunity to get his hands on a complete Ring City Royal Order, he’d be willing to pay even 500 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal if it meant he could secure it, let alone 50 million units.

After Shi Feng waited for about fifteen minutes, Hidden Soul returned to the tent with Frey and Garut in tow.

“We’re here, Guild Leader Black Flame. What is this business proposition that you have for us?” Garut asked as he looked at Shi Feng curiously. “Fifty million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal is no small amount. Even if Azure Fang and the Red Dragon Nation work together, we’d have to empty our pockets to come up with such a sum.”

“Could Zero Wing be planning to sell some of its shares over the resurrection camp?” Frey asked as she scrutinized Shi Feng.

Seven Luminaries Crystals were of utmost importance to the various powers in the current Eternal Realm. They would not trade them away unless absolutely necessary. After all, there was no power that did not want more Tier 6 players under their command. Only by having more Tier 6 players could they explore the Eternal Realm more effectively.

Although the Eternal Realm was relatively abundant in Seven Luminaries Crystals, their demand was still vastly greater. As a result, the various powers still had to import most of their Seven Luminaries Crystals from outside the Eternal Realm, incurring a steep cost in the process.

Unless Zero Wing could offer something that could tempt their respective Guilds, even if the two of them were willing to do Zero Wing a favor, the executives of their respective Guilds were unlikely to play ball.

Meanwhile, out of everything Frey could think of, the only thing of value Zero Wing could offer was its shares of the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp.

The battle against the Sun Dynasty’s Holy Guard had proven the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp’s defenses to be impregnable. Because of this, players were coming in droves to register at the resurrection camp, causing the camp’s income to increase several times. At this time, it wouldn’t even be an exaggeration to call the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp the most lucrative location in the human race’s territory. Most importantly, this wasn’t even the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp’s limit, as the number of players registering at the camp was still increasing steadily.

Hence, if Zero Wing were to offer up some of its shares over the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp, the executives of Azure Fang and the Red Dragon Nation definitely wouldn’t mind paying huge sums of Seven Luminaries Crystals for them.

“No.” Shi Feng shook his head.

“No?” Garut grew even more curious when he saw Shi Feng shaking his head. “Could it be those combat puppets, then?”

“It would be interesting if that’s the case,” Frey said, feeling a little excited.

If there was anything else Zero Wing had that was of value to Azure Fang and the Red Dragon Nation, it would have to be the Silverwing Flying Ship and God Slayer Combat Puppets. However, not even for a moment did Frey think that Zero Wing might sell the Silverwing Flying Ship. After all, even outside the Eternal Realm, the flying ship was a priceless treasure, let alone in the Eternal Realm.

This left only the God Slayer Combat Puppets. Although nowhere near as valuable as the Silverwing, the combat power they possessed could still be considered extraordinary in the current Eternal Realm.

If the Red Dragon Nation could get its hands on a batch of God Slayer Combat Puppets, its exploration of the World Ark could be improved greatly. It would no longer have to worry about lacking Tier 6 players.

“That’s not it, either,” Shi Feng said, chuckling.

“We give up, Guild Leader Black Flame. Just tell us what you’re trying to sell us,” Frey said, feeling a little confused. “If it’s not too much of a problem, we can probably convince our Guilds’ other executives to agree to this matter.”

Garut nodded in agreement with Frey’s words.

They regarded their partnership with Zero Wing highly. So long as Shi Feng wasn’t making them incur a major loss, they wouldn’t mind giving him 50 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal.

“A town!” Shi Feng declared with a smile. “Zero Wing intends to construct a town in the World Ark’s core area. Are you two willing to spend 25 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal each to permanently purchase one Large Shop and one Large Land there?”

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