Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3676

Chapter 750 – 2-Star Count

“Real estate for a town in the World Ark’s core area?”

“You’re not joking with us, are you, Guild Leader Black Flame?”

When Frey and Garut heard Shi Feng’s words, they looked at him with bloodshot eyes and bated breaths. Their voices also trembled as they spoke, neither daring to believe the validity of Shi Feng’s words.

The World Ark was the only high-level World Mode Regional Dungeon activated in the Eternal Realm. Because of this, even the competition in the World Ark’s inner area was already incredibly intense. As evidence, as soon as their three Guilds had proven themselves capable of defending the Soul Lake Resurrection Camp, numerous powers had come forth, offering to pay astronomical prices just to secure some resurrection slots. Meanwhile, this situation was already enough to make them wonder if they were in a dream.

As for occupying a Guild Town in the World Ark’s core area?

Even if they were only limited to occupying a shop and a plot of land in said town, it was not something they would dare to dream of accomplishing. In fact, not even the various apex powers would dare think of accomplishing such a thing in the current Eternal Realm!

It should be known that currently, even the human race’s various apex powers were having great difficulty surviving and exploring the World Ark’s core area. As for the human race’s other powers, the core area was a forbidden land that was absolutely off-limits for them.

However, if one could secure a place to rest in the World Ark’s core area, one would gain unimaginable advantages when exploring it.

At this time, Frey and Garut weren’t the only ones shocked by Shi Feng’s words. Hidden Soul and the other Zero Wing executives present in the tent were similarly dumbfounded. They might have reacted with even greater excitement if not for Frey and Garut’s presence.

After all, the advantages Zero Wing could gain from having a Guild Town in the World Ark were leagues above what it could gain from a resurrection camp.

Firstly, Zero Wing could construct a Guild Residence in the Guild Town. This, in turn, meant that Zero Wing’s members could teleport directly to the World Ark’s core area using Guild Transfer Scrolls. Secondly, guild members could get proper rest in the World Ark and trade various resources with each other in a relatively safe environment. With these two advantages alone, Zero Wing could easily triumph over the various powers in the World Ark.

“I’m not joking. If you two don’t believe me, we can establish a God’s Domain Contract for this transaction,” Shi Feng said, chuckling when he saw Frey and Garut’s excited response. “What do you think? Are you two willing to carry out this transaction?”

“I accept on the Red Dragon Nation’s behalf!” Frey answered without hesitation, behaving like she was afraid Shi Feng would go back on his word. Immediately afterward, she contacted the Red Dragon Nation’s other executives to start gathering Seven Luminaries Crystals.

“Azure Fang is also in!” Although Garut answered a second later than Frey, his speed in contacting Azure Fang’s other executives was not at all slower than Frey’s. “Give me half a day, and I’ll get you your 25 million units, Guild Leader Black Flame!”

Meanwhile, after Frey and Garut agreed to Shi Feng’s business proposal on behalf of their respective Guilds, they quickly signed a God’s Domain Contract over the transaction. The contract required Azure Fang and the Red Dragon Nation to provide 25 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal to Zero Wing each. In return, once Zero Wing finished constructing its Guild Town in the World Ark’s core area, they would each gain permanent ownership over a Large Shop and a Large Land in the Guild Town.

“Aren’t we acting a little too hastily, Guild Leader?” After seeing Frey and Garut leave the tent, Hidden Soul worriedly said to Shi Feng, “Although the two of them are unlikely to expose this matter, we can’t say the same for their Guilds’ executives.”

Phoenix Rain and Gentle Snow, Zero Wing’s other Vice Guild Leaders, nodded in agreement. They similarly felt that Shi Feng’s behavior this time was incredibly risky.

The World Ark was currently the primary target of contention for the Holy Race’s royal powers and the human race’s apex powers. Meanwhile, Zero Wing had only recently defeated the Sun Dynasty’s Holy Guard and stabilized its foothold in the World Ark’s inner area. If Zero Wing tried to occupy a large number of advantages in the core area right away, even the human race’s various powers wouldn’t tolerate it, let alone the Holy Race’s various powers. After all, the advantages a Guild Town could provide were simply massive. It simply wasn’t something that a resurrection camp could compete against.

The nail that sticks out gets hammered down!

This was a simple principle that occurred almost constantly in God’s Domain. If Zero Wing’s only opponent was the Sun Dynasty, it could still more or less survive. However, if Zero Wing had to go up against a bunch of apex powers and royal powers, the only outcome awaiting it would be death. Ultimately, Zero Wing could only surrender its Guild Town to the various apex and royal powers.

“Don’t worry. Nobody can take away Zero Wing’s possessions,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. He did not bother to explain his decision.

If Zero Wing’s Guild Town was constructed in any other location, he would have indeed had to worry about defending it. However, he would have no such concern if he constructed it on one of Holy Ring City’s twelve official fiefs.

In God’s Domain, the Main God System would usually grant newly constructed Guild Towns a one-month buffer period. If the town was attacked during this buffer period, the NPC power the town was affiliated with would step forward to protect it. In other words, if anyone were to attack a Guild Town constructed on one of the twelve official fiefs, they would have to prepare themselves to face the wrath of Holy Ring City.

It should be known that Holy Ring City was the sole Neutral City that retained its status of neutrality in the Eternal Realm during Shi Feng’s previous life. Not even the might of four royal powers could threaten it back then, let alone now.

Meanwhile, a month was enough for Zero Wing to amass a fortune through its town. Paired with its Medium World Fragment and the players from Shi Feng’s home God’s Domain, Zero Wing could mass-produce Level 210-plus, Tier 6 experts. At that time, it’d be the various powers who’d have to be afraid of Zero Wing, not the other way around.

Half a day later, Frey and Garut personally delivered 50 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal to Shi Feng, neither of them letting others interfere throughout the process. Evidently, they knew it would be in their best interest to let as few people as possible know about this transaction.

Meanwhile, after Shi Feng saw the two off, he returned to his Advanced Tent and used the Origin Myth to repair the Ring City Royal Order without hesitation.

As soon as Shi Feng injected the 50 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal into the Origin Space, the tattered scroll in the Origin Space started to recover at a visible rate.

In only a minute, a brand new scroll made of sheepskin appeared before Shi Feng.

[Fourth Ring City Royal Order] (Inferior Divine Artifact Rank Item)
One of the twelve title certificates conferred by the First City Lord of Holy Ring City. The owner of this certificate will be granted the title of a 2-star Count and the Shadowring Basin as their fief. As long as the holder of this certificate is in the World Ark, they can teleport to any location in the connected fief at any time. Additionally, the holder of this certificate has the privilege of constructing one Guild Town on their fief at no cost.

A 2-star Count?

Shi Feng was momentarily stunned when he saw the description of the Ring City Royal Order.

There were twelve Ring City Royal Orders, each granting a different starting rank. Among them, six granted players the Viscount rank, four granted the Count rank, and two granted the Duke rank.

These three major ranks could further split into multiple minor ranks. In the case of Counts, they could be split into three minor ranks, starting from the 1-star status and ending at the 3-star status. Of the four royal orders that granted a starting rank of Count, one started players as a 3-star Count, one started as a 2-star Count, and the remaining two started as a 1-star Count.

After gaining an aristocratic position, players could raise their ranks by completing Holy Ring City’s quests. Meanwhile, the higher a player’s rank, the greater the authority they could wield in Holy Ring City. The differences would start to become especially apparent starting from the Count rank.

For example, although a 2-star Count was only one minor rank above 1-star Counts, they gained the privilege of constructing an Advanced Town directly on their fief. They wouldn’t need to start from a Basic Town like 1-star Counts. Meanwhile, an Advanced Town was not only four times larger than a Basic Town, but it also had the privilege of trading with one Neutral City!

In his previous life, several apex powers had to work together just to acquire a 2-star Viscount rank. Then, they had to go through even more effort to develop it into a 2-star Count so that they could upgrade their Basic Town into an Advanced Town. Yet, in this life, he got to start as a 2-star Count directly.

System: Do you wish to construct an Advanced Town on your fief immediately?

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