Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3677

Chapter 751 – Mythical Era City

Now that Zero Wing had already formalized its new partnership with Azure Fang and the Red Dragon Nation, it wouldn’t be long before the various powers learned of Zero Wing’s intent to construct a city in the World Ark’s core area. If a problem were to crop up at this juncture, it would be terrible news for Zero Wing.

“Don’t worry; it’s something good,” Shi Feng said after choosing to proceed with the Advanced Town’s construction. Then, he commanded, “Bring over all the earnings we made from the resurrection camp. Actually, no, bring me as much money as you can get your hands on. I have a great use for it!”

When the several apex powers successfully upgraded their Basic Town into an Advanced Town, it instantly became the target of envy for the various human powers. Even Shi Feng couldn’t help but covet it.

Originally, Shi Feng thought he’d be fortunate to start as a 2-star or 3-star Viscount. If that were the case, it’d be a long while before Zero Wing could have an Advanced Town in the World Ark. After all, raising one’s aristocratic rank in Holy Ring City was no easy task. However, now that Zero Wing could construct an Advanced Town directly, he’d have to change up his plans a little.

It should be known that, upon reaching the Advanced rank, Guild Towns operating under Holy Ring City would remain exceptional entities even until the Eternal Realm’s middle stages. This was due to their gaining access to an Advanced Feature, namely the ability to establish a teleportation trade route with one other Neutral City outside of Holy Ring City in the Eternal Realm.


Every Advanced Town operating under Holy Ring City could let players teleport to one pre-designated Neutral City located in the Eternal Realm, saving them a lot of time and the need to carry the risks of traveling across great distances. Human players could even trade with Holy Race players, depending on the Neutral City’s location.

Of course, this feature wasn’t without its flaws. In addition to being a one-way teleportation, the teleportation itself costs a hefty sum.

In Shi Feng’s previous life, the Advanced Town operated by the several apex powers charged each player 100 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal to teleport to the Neutral City it was connected with. Even outside the Eternal Realm, this costly fee could make many Tier 6 experts wince in pain, let alone in the Eternal Realm during its early and middle stages.

Even so, many independent players and experts from the various powers were willing to pay this costly teleportation fee in his previous life. This was because there were very few Neutral Cities that players could actually enter during the Eternal Realm’s early and middle stages. Aside from being far from civilization, they also had stringent entry conditions. They weren’t places where players could enter whenever they wanted. In comparison, the price of 100 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal could be considered dirt cheap.

With the current Eternal Realm still in its early stages, there should be very few players capable of entering Neutral Cities. Meanwhile, with the value of Neutral Cities, having the ability to teleport to one was akin to gaining access to a gold mine. So long as Zero Wing had enough money, it could purchase all kinds of real estate in bulk.

Although almost all of these Neutral Cities would become unsafe once the Eternal Realm entered its later stages, by the time that period arrived, Zero Wing would have made far more money than it had invested. Not to mention, every Neutral City had its own unique resources.

“There is 234,431 Eternal Gold inside, Guild Leader,” Hidden Soul reported as she handed a spatial bag containing Eternal Gold Coins to Shi Feng. “Aside from the 42,135 Eternal Gold the camp made today, 55,412 Eternal Gold came from the camp’s operations before today, and 136,704 Eternal Gold came from our recent operations in the Crystal City.

“If you still need more, Snow should be able to secure another thirty or forty thousand Eternal Gold by today if she sells some of the warehouse’s Common and Combat Secret Treasures.”

“Leave the secret treasures in the warehouse; save them for the new members we recruit. This much money should be enough for now,” Shi Feng said as he put the Eternal Coins away. Then, after managing his affairs in the resurrection camp, he promptly used the Ring City Royal Order to teleport to the Shadowring Basin.

World Ark, Core Area, Shadowring Basin:

On a vast plain shrouded in darkness stood a town enveloped in a magic barrier. While walking slowly toward the Teleportation Hall situated in the center of the town, Shi Feng quietly admired the buildings inside the isolated town.

System: Construction of Shadowring Town is completed. The town will be open to NPCs in one natural day. The town will be fully opened to players in two natural days.

System: As Shadowring Town is newly constructed, it will receive Holy Ring City’s protection for thirty natural days. You are advised to refine the town’s defenses during this period.

System: As an Advanced Town, Shadowring Town may open a one-way teleportation channel to one Neutral City in the Eternal Realm. Do you wish to enable this feature?

“Activate it!” Shi Feng decided without hesitation.

System: Please select one Neutral City in the Eternal Realm. You cannot change your choice once you have decided. In addition, depending on the distance of the selected Neutral City, the Eternal Coins required to construct the teleportation channel and the Seven Luminaries Crystals consumed for the teleportation will differ.

Those vampires! Their teleportation cost was only five units, yet they charged one hundred units per player! When Shi Feng saw the teleportation cost for the Neutral City, which the several apex powers had connected their Advanced Town with in his previous life, he couldn’t help but curse at them.

While Shi Feng was pondering which Neutral City he should connect Shadowring Town with, a striking name suddenly entered his sight.

Luminous Sky City!

It was regarded as one of the Eternal Realm’s Five Great Neutral Cities in Shi Feng’s previous life. It was also an ancient city that had existed since the Mythical Era. Although it ultimately fell under the control of a royal power, with the exception of Holy Ring City, it was the latest Neutral City to be conquered. In addition, it was one of the few Neutral Cities situated in the middle of the Forbidden Zone.

[Luminous Sky City]
Teleportation Channel Construction Cost: 60,000 Eternal Gold Coins
Teleportation Cost: 60 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal per person

It’s not too expensive.

After pondering for a moment, Shi Feng gritted his teeth and chose to connect Shadowring Town with Luminous Sky City.

For a human power like Zero Wing, it would normally be best to have teleportation access to a Neutral City on the Western Continent. That way, Zero Wing could have an easier time developing on the Western Continent. More players would also be willing to head to the Forbidden Zone’s Western Continent.

However, considering he had a City Building Order for the Western Continent, Shi Feng felt it unnecessary to connect Shadowring Town with a Neutral City there. Rather than that, it would be more beneficial to have teleportation access to Luminous Sky City, which would eventually become a gathering place for players of the human race and the Holy Race and one of the ten most populated cities in the Eternal Realm. Such an advantage would significantly help Zero Wing, especially during the Eternal Realm’s early stages.

In his previous life, once the coordinates of the Eternal Realm were discovered, various pseudo-apex and apex powers had chosen to consolidate their strength and focus their development on the Eternal Continent. Consequently, other players who had entered the Eternal Realm during that time chose to scatter across the rest of the realm. This, in turn, led to the rise of many human powers outside the Eternal Continent. Some of these human powers even managed to grow to a point where they could exchange blows with the royal powers of the Holy Race.

Back then, Zero Wing had missed the right timing to extend its development into the Eternal Realm, so Shi Feng naturally couldn’t let this mistake happen again.

System: Construction of the teleportation channel is completed.

Going by the timing of the Eternal Realm’s appearance, neither race should have many players operating in Luminous Sky City right now. I can use this opportunity to secure some of the city’s prime real estate. Upon seeing the completion of the construction of the teleportation channel, Shi Feng registered Shadowring Town’s coordinates into the Abyss Workshop Certification before stepping into the teleportation array and disappearing from the town.

TL Notes:
[1]Forbidden Zone:
This is a general term that covers all locations outside the Eternal Continent, e.g., the Western Continent, the Southern Continent, and everything in between.

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