Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3678

Chapter 752 – Small Silver Battle Array
Off the coast of the Eternal Continent, Luminous Sky City:

As Shi Feng walked out of the Teleportation Hall, which was a thousand meters tall, a large section of the city’s landscape came into view. Luminous Sky City was built atop the ocean, resembling a giant moving island. Despite being a Neutral City, its player and NPC populations were superior to even the Crystal City of Secrets.

How are there so many players here already?

Shi Feng couldn’t help but be taken aback when he saw over 10,000 players resting and walking about on the street in front of the Teleportation Hall.

The areas surrounding Luminous Sky City were filled with sea monsters at Level 180 or above. Some of these monsters could rival land-based Tier 6 Divine monsters, and some were even Level 180-plus, Tier 6 Archaic Species. Moving farther away from the city, some surrounding maps even housed Level 190-plus monsters. For the current Eternal Realm’s players, who only averaged at Level 170, even venturing into this region was a challenge, let alone surviving in it.

Meanwhile, upon closer inspection, Shi Feng discovered that the players loitering outside the Teleportation Hall averaged at Level 185, with the highest-level player he saw being at Level 190. Over 5% of these players had also reached Tier 6 already. In addition, most of these players did not have a Guild Emblem equipped, indicating they were independent players.

However, despite their high levels, Shi Feng discovered that the equipment standard of these independent players was much inferior compared to the Eternal Continent’s Guild players. Yet, despite the various powers of the human race and the Holy Race having yet to set foot into Luminous Sky City, so many independent players had arrived already. This situation truly surprised and confused Shi Feng.

As Shi Feng walked down the street, the players loitering on the streetside did not pay him any particular attention. They simply took his arrival as normal and continued doing what they had been doing.

“Twenty-man grinding team for Star-Devouring Whale Tribes! We’re missing two Tier 6 healers! Must be at Level 185 and equipped with a Level 200 Dark-Gold Equipment Set at the very least!”

“Recruiting for an independent trade escort quest! We’re still missing three Level 180-plus experts! We’ll take anyone fully equipped with Level 200 Dark-Gold Equipment! Tier 6 players get priority!”

Quite a few players were recruiting for team members outside the Teleportation Hall. Moreover, none of these players seem to care about the race of the players they recruited. Human players were open to recruiting Holy Race players, while Holy Race players were open to recruiting human players. Most importantly, everyone around them thought nothing of this situation. They behaved like this was a completely normal thing.

If the Eternal Continent’s players or the Western Continent’s players were to come here, they would definitely be given a fright.

This wasn’t just because these players didn’t mind teaming up with an enemy race. It was also because of the low equipment requirements they stated. It didn’t look like these players were preparing to fight against powerful high-level monsters at all. Instead, it looked like they were prepared to head to a low-level map to stomp on weaklings.

Yet, to Shi Feng’s utter confusion, he saw these teams heading for Luminous Sky City’s entrance as soon as they recruited enough members for their teams.

Did I come to the wrong place? Shi Feng couldn’t help but knit his brows as he watched the teams exiting the city.

If he hadn’t had prior knowledge regarding Luminous Sky City’s situation, he would have simply regarded this bizarre situation as normal. However, the problem was that his understanding of Luminous Sky City was no less than his knowledge of the Crystal City of Secrets. After all, Luminous Sky City was one of the Eternal Realm’s Five Great Neutral Cities in his previous life. It was difficult for any player to not know anything about it.

Meanwhile, it should be known that Star-Devouring Whales were bona fide Archaic Species. Their bloodline might be inferior to dragons, but Tier 5 Star-Devouring Whales would have no trouble contending with the average Tier 6 monster. They also usually moved in groups of dozens or over a hundred. In addition, if a Star-Devouring Whale reached Tier 6, it would even become a Regional Boss.

If the 20-man teams he saw could challenge the Star-Devouring Whales in groups of equal size, they should have no trouble achieving victory. However, if they were to challenge an average-sized tribe of Star-Devouring Whales, there was a very high likelihood they would suffer a teamwipe. Not to mention, if their battle lasted too long, the commotion they caused could very well attract other sea monsters wandering nearby.

If these 20-man teams were composed of players equipped with top-tier equipment, Shi Feng wouldn’t be so surprised by their boldness. However, the equipment standard of these players could only be considered average. If they were to rely on such ordinary equipment to grind Star-Devouring Whales, their efficiency would be terrible, and they’d be much better off grinding weaker monsters.

After walking down several streets, Shi Feng also noticed that the players inhabiting Luminous Sky City had astonishingly high combat standards.

Even in the Crystal City of Secrets, fifth-floor experts only made up a tiny fraction of the city’s player population. Take Zero Wing, for example. Despite having over 100,000 members operating in the Crystal City, less than 300 of these members were fifth-floor experts. As for pseudo-fifth-floor experts, they numbered even fewer than actual fifth-floor experts.

Yet, whether it was the human players or Holy Race players inhabiting Luminous Sky City, roughly 1% of them were pseudo-fifth-floor experts. This was a considerably high percentage, and it could already match the ratio of the various pseudo-apex powers’ elite legions.

Upon arriving at Luminous Sky City’s main street, Shi Feng decided to inquire some players about the city’s current situation. However, before he could begin his inquiries, he discovered numerous players had set up stalls along the street. It would not be an exaggeration to say that player stalls lined the sides of the main street from beginning to end. Moreover, these stalls offered items of considerable quality, with Legendary materials forming the majority of the goods on display. Even battle arrays, which were seldom sold on the market, were being offered by these street vendors.

Most surprisingly, Shi Feng found that some adventurer teams were actually selling Small Battle Array Scrolls.

Small Advanced Bronze Battle Array Scrolls!

Small Silver Battle Array Scrolls!

These Small Battle Array Scrolls were one-time consumables, and they could be activated by twenty players when twenty of them were gathered. Meanwhile, when activated, they would strengthen players’ Basic Attributes and allow them to share their five senses, and these effects could last for twelve hours.

If a team of Tier 5 players were to use a complete Small Silver Battle Array, each team member would be strong enough to fight against Tier 6 players in a one-on-one battle. In a group fight, the Tier 5 players would even have an edge in perception due to their shared senses.

So that’s why so many players dare to leave the city.

Realization dawned upon Shi Feng as he beheld these Small Battle Array Scrolls. With the aid of a Small Silver Battle Array, even Tier 5 players with less-than-optimal equipment could bridge the gap in Basic Attributes and tiers between themselves and the formidable sea monsters wandering outside Luminous Sky City.

Intrigued by this situation, Shi Feng decided to approach one of the stalls selling Small Silver Battle Arrays.

At this time, hundreds of players were browsing around the stall, each at Level 185 or above. Quite a few of them were also Tier 6 experts.

Normally, a Small Silver Battle Array Scroll could fetch six to eight Eternal Gold on the Eternal Continent, with demand consistently exceeding supply. However, the stall Shi Feng visited sold these scrolls at a bargain, each costing only one Eternal Gold.

Meanwhile, the stall in question was operated by three players, all being young women with remarkable appearances. Moreover, Shi Feng couldn’t help but be shocked when he got a better look at two of these beauties.

This was because the two women in question were Aqua Rose and the Scarlet Merchant Alliance’s Seven Melody. Unlike the last time they met, Aqua Rose and Seven Melody had already advanced to Tier 6. They had also reached Level 187, which could be considered super-first-rate on the Eternal Continent.

As for the third woman, she was a Swordsman carrying four longswords on her back, and her level was even higher than Aqua Rose and Seven Melody, being at Level 189. This could be considered first-rate, even in Luminous Sky City.

Why is she here? Shi Feng couldn’t help but be surprised once again when he recognized the female Swordsman.

Myriad Swords, Frost Raven!

She was the commander of the Sky Dragon Knight Order and the only player to own four Divine Swords in the Greater God’s Domain. In Shi Feng’s previous life, she was also one of the only two Ten Great Sword Gods to enter the Divine Glory List’s top ten during the war between the two races.

While Shi Feng was wondering why Frost Raven was developing in Luminous Sky City, a group of players suddenly approached the trio’s stall and surrounded it.

“Demon’s Gate is doing business here! Irrelevant bystanders, get lost!”

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