The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6901

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6901-James replied, “Apart from abolishing the prerequisite that one has to sever their emotions and desires to enter the Xaelm Rank, we keep everything else the same. Yuraeceon Xaelm and Daelm Ranks will continue in the Wanith Tai Chi World.

“Anyone who reaches the Yuraeceon Daelm Rank’s Ninth Tribulation’s Consummation will be allowed into the Wohrdaemon Tower’s first to fifth levels.

They can forge golden bodies there, and then, after successfully going through their Karma Tribulations, they’ll enter the Xaeclon Rank and be permitted to ascend above the fifth level, where they can cultivate Marciais and Historial Path.

“Individuals who master both powers can proceed to the Forladtt Land to merge

them to create an Ultimate Golden Body. After that, they will go through the baptism of the Great Historial Land to merge their powers with the Chaos Essence and Hongrome Essence to be appraised, as well as determine their Daeclon Rank.”

“For those exceptionally gifted or practicing unique powers, an alternative path lies in the three towers. Here, they can assess and fuse their energies to become peerless powerhouses.

After listening to James’ explanation, Lesia nodded. “This seems like a clear path for beings to embark on, starting from scratch and progressing toward the Soma Daeclon Rank. It all comes down to their fate, luck, and diligence.”

James looked at Lesia and said, “Karma is the best measurement for everything! There’s no such thing as fate, much less control or regulations. It’s the survival of the fittest. It’s up to them to succeed.”

Lesia responded, “It may sound harsh, but the natural order. External forces won’t be able to affect the outcome.

“You’ve matured significantly after integrating the Three treasures, Master!

You’re starting to resemble the Wuia.”

James snorted in annoyance, “Honestly, I hold little respect for the so- called Wuia.”

Lesia chuckled, “Not only do you lack respect, but you also seem to harbor a hint of disdain. Am I correct?”

James shook his head and said, “No. I won’t fault him for the mistake caused by his desire. After all, I’m just a human, and he is our creator. However, I don’t think he is as sacred as some believe.”

Lesia smiled and nodded. Then, she gestured at Thea sitting nearby.

James turned his head and gasped instantly upon seeing her. “Is my wife also enlightened?”

Lesia said, smiling “She is a cultivator, after all. As the Hokuwn’s ruler, she is of equal status as you, the ruler of the Great Historial Land and Greater Realms.”

James looked at James silently.

Throughout their journey, Thea had endured a lot. With her resentment, her experiences would have gone to waste if she had not chosen to walk a corrupted path.

Regardless, not all demons are evil, nor are all those who walk a righteous path necessarily good. James’ only hope was that Thea continued to uphold virtue despite choosing a corrupted path.

Lesia said, ‘You can merge worlds and establish order in the Tai Chi Worlds to benefit all the living beings. But I fear you may be unable to fuse your wife’s two halves to restore the Yin governor.”

Upon hearing Lesia’s remark, James felt a twinge in his cheeks. With just one word, this girl had pinpointed his greatest worry.

Assisting others was often simpler than addressing one’s own problems, especially involving a loved one.

On many occasions, he contemplated summoning Light Thea for a heart-toheart conversation with his wife, allowing them to determine the best course of action.

However, Light Thea seemed uninterested, and his wife appeared terrified at the prospect of encountering her other half. Thus, this notion had to be set aside.

Just then, Lyla and Rubella emerged from the void, wearing tense expressions as though the world were collapsing around them.

“Master,” Rubella greeted with a bow as soon as she approached, her demeanor respectful.

However, Lyla looked at James with a complicated expression.

James looked at them and asked, “Did you two not have any enlightenment?”

Rubella lifted her head and said, “We did. But we’re unsure of how to choose now.”

James facepalmed after coming to a realization and said, “I gave you the option to abolish your cultivation rank or to enter the Wohrdaemon Tower, right?”

Rubella nodded tentatively.

James’ gaze swept over the two women, and an idea formed in his mind. “ Rubella, since you haven’t entered the Xaeclon Rank, there’s no need to forsake your cultivation. You can proceed directly to the Wohrdaemon Tower to cultivate your two powers first. After that, come see me.”

Rubella furrowed her brow and turned to Lyla, who had remained silent. ” And what about her?”

James reprimanded, “Just worry about yourself.’ Visit to read full conten

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