The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6902

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6902-Rubella lowered her head in deference to James, extending her hands before embracing Lyla. She instantly transformed into a light beam, vanishing into the Wohrdaemon Tower.

Lyla, on the other hand, seemed sorrowful. It was as if she had many unspoken worries.

Looking at Lyla, James instructed, “Lesia, return to the space for now.” “Another love-struck damsel,” Lesia remarked with a sigh and shook her head before returning to James’ soul space.

Just as James was about to speak, Lyla interrupted him.

“I’m not here for you. I came to see her,” Lyla explained, gesturing toward Thea.

James replied solemnly, “She’s focused on cultivating right now. If you have a

message for her, telling me will be the same.”

Lyla shook her head and disagreed, “No, it’s not the same. It will have a great impact on my decision.”

James sighed in resignation and said, “You…”

Suddenly, Thea interjected, “It’s time we talked.”

James turned to Thea surprisedly and rose to her feet.

“Weren’t you cultivating?” James inquired.

Thea rolled her eyes and reprimanded, “Could you be more of a gentleman?

You shouldn’t intervene when we women are talking.” James fell silent.

Lyla urged, “Leave.” “Quick! Leave!” Thea also chased him away.

James promptly made his exit after they insisted he left them.

At that moment, Lyla finally locked eyes with Thea.

The two beautiful women stood face-to-face, painting a beautiful and serene sight.

“I understand that I can’t compare to you. But I still want to have an answer before death,” Lyla said with a sorrowful tone.

Thea inquired, “For that brute?” Lyla nodded and answered, “Perhaps I may be really shameless, but I…” Thea said while smiling, “You can’t control who you fall for. If we label human desires shameless, many will have to bear the title.”

Lyla sighed and said, “Thank you. Don’t blame him. It’s on me.”

Thea countered with a smile, “I should be thanking you. For a woman with your beauty to favor my man validates my judgment that I chose the right man.”

Lyla fell silent, and her thoughts veiled in contemplation.

She initially expected Thea to be hostile, quarrel with, ridicule, suppress, or use her superior status and strength to destroy her instantly.

Thea’s cheerful, confident, and generous response was unexpected.

At that moment, she realized that she was not only inferior to Thea in terms of appearance, figure, temperament, cultivation, and status but also in mind, self- discipline, and conduct.

She had overestimated herself and was too self-righteous. In the eyes of others, she was not even worthy of being considered a love rival.

What more could be said? Her action only resulted in a more profound humiliation.

Having realized this, Lyla bowed deeply to Thea and suddenly struck her forehead with her palm.

Thea was startled and screamed, “Lyla! Are you crazy? Why would you selfdestruct? You won’t be able to reincarnate.”

Lyla said slowly, “It’s my final dignity. You’re indeed the only man worthy of him, Thea.”

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