The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6903

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6903-After Lyla spoke, she slapped her head decisively.

A moment later, she trembled all over. However, her beautiful face was illuminated by an extraordinarily bright and relieved smile. Vast amounts of Genesis Power and Marciais Power surged forth, instantly filling the entire void.


With a deafening explosion, Lyla self-destructed, and a powerful shockwave spread out. Thea was instantly knocked away.

“Lyla, you silly girl…” Amid Thea’s hoarse cries, the void where Lyla had selfdestructed gradually returned to calm. Her dispersed powers merged into the Wanith Tai Chi World.

Lyla left nothing behind as if she had never existed.

“Lyla!” Thea slowly closed her eyes, tears streaming down her cheeks. She knelt in the void, overwhelmed with regret.

Though she had not interacted much with Lyla, she knew quite a lot about her.

Lyla was cold as ice, wise, capable, and, above all, loyal. Beneath her beautiful appearance was a heavy and conflicted soul.

To her, James was a complicated existence. She loved him but could not have him. Even though she knew it was impossible, she could not give up. However, this led to the current consequences.

After a moment, Thea, still kneeling, wiped away her tears and suddenly stood up. “Why didn’t you stop her?!”

James sigh came from behind. “There was no way to stop her.”

Thea stood up with tears flowing down her cheeks and snapped at James, “ You have the Terrastride Step. You could have stopped her before she selfdestructed. You’re the Greater Realm’s ruler and have successfully integrated the Three Treasures! There are many ways to stop her!”

James remained silent.

Thea stared at James with teary eyes and said, “What are you afraid of? Do you not believe me, yourself, or the depth of her affection for you?”

James still said nothing in response.

Thea shouted, “She’s dead! Gone! Because of her love for you, she killed herself! She killed herself to express her love for you! Why are you pretending not to know?!!”

James did not utter any words.

Thea took a deep breath and growled, “You’re despicable, James! I don’t think I know what you’ve done all these years because we’ve been apart for a long time! I know everything! I just never had the time to deal with you!

‘There are many things you could resolve and end in advance to prevent these tragedies! But you have her hope and caused her to fall deeper for you!

Ultimately, she killed herself because of you!!!”

James finally raised his head from the silence and looked directly into Thea’s angry eyes. “Are you finished?”

Tears still rolling down her face, Thea replied, “I don’t want to hear your excuses. Can she be resurrected or even reincarnated?”

James shook his head and replied, “I don’t know.”

Thea waved her hand dismissively and said, ‘That’s enough. You’re the Greater Realms’ ruler and have integrated the Three Treasures. I can’t understand your inscrutability, nor do I care to.

“But, James. I must tell you. If Lyla doesn’t return, you and I will carry a burdensome guilt forever. I’ll never be able to overcome this, never.”

With that said, Thea transformed into a purple-red light and vanished into the void.

James did not follow and silently closed his eyes.

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