The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6904

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6904-Lesia’s regretful voice resounded. “Sigh. Beautiful women are indeed a curse!

Love sure can make one blind and torment one’s soul.”

James retorted, ‘You speak as if you’re not a woman yourself.”

Lesia responded proudly, “I am, but I would not act that way. Master, you have every right to express your reasons to Thea. She’s not a fool.

“Lyla’s intense love for you attracted a tribulation for herself. Ultimately, she chose to end things in the most extreme way. It isn’t your fault. You can’t control another person’s affection.”

James raised his head and took a deep breath. “Even so, people will say that she wouldn’t have fallen so deep if I hadn’t given her hope or rejected her early.

Silence is allowing it to happen, which is betrayal. I’m a scumbag.”

He hissed, “But she never expressed her feelings for me directly. Do I have to tell every woman close to me to stay away because I have a wife? Or to warn them not to fall for me, or else they will suffer?”

Lesia burst into laughter. “If that were the case, you’re either crazy, or people will think you are.”

James sighed and said, “Right? Besides, everyone knows I’ve been searching for my wife. Which woman beside me doesn’t know about Thea? When have I ever hidden it from anyone?

“I don’t think I didn’t make myself clear, but I’m still at fault. I might as well just take the blame.” “Haha!” Lesia laughed. After a long pause, she said, “If you act like this, people will say you’re arrogant. A woman just self-destructed for you, yet you feel wronged.”

James replied, “It’s not that I feel wronged. It’s just that there’s really nothing I can do. As a man, explaining too much would look like I’m making an excuse, and that would imply guilt. Whatever it is, I’d be to blame. I’ll have to bear it anyway.”

He suddenly reached out and looked at the gleaming energy in his palm. “

Lyla’s self-destruction wasn’t solely a result of being ensnared by love.

Instead, it stemmed from a loss of hope in life itself. Love merely served as the final blow to shatter her heart.

After hearing James’ remarks, Lesia agreed, “Her life has been pretty tragic.

She lost her parents to Xachary and then was manipulated by him. He was like her religion but ultimately discovered the truth. Back then, she already had thoughts of going down with him. But after encountering you, she found a new beacon of hope and faith.”

With a sigh, Lesia said, “I don’t know if you figured it out. I’m still not sure whether she was in love with you or held great respect for you.”

James looked at the flowing energy in his palm and shook his head with a sigh.

“Regardless, she made a mistake. Instead of living for herself, she chose to live for others. Entering the Xaeclon Rank is already her limit.”

Lesia suddenly realized and asked, “Is that why you chose not to stop her?” “Nobody isn’t scared of death. However, some never find a purpose for living. If Lyla isn’t able to grasp this, I’ll only be extending her suffering if I resurrect her.”

James gently released the energy within his palm into the surroundings. “Since you’re uncertain of your reason to live, take some time to think about it and decide whether you’d like to return.”

Seeing the energy dissipate, James closed his eyes.

Lesia asked, “Ms. Thea is still angry. How will you resolve it?” James replied frustratedly, “Resolve my ass. My wife is also grappling with confusion and can’t concentrate. Perhaps the anger might prompt her to reconsider whether to merge with her other half or devise an alternative.

“Then, I’ll be able to focus on the Greater Realms affairs and find the remaining three pearls to cultivate the Five Spirits.”

After speaking, James vanished into the void.

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