The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6905

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6905-James was consumed by a flurry of activity in the following years.

First, he boldly decided to abolish his allies’ cultivation base and sent them into the three towers to be reborn through Nirvana.

Next, he supported Yegor in establishing an extensive intelligence network that spanned the Greater Realms, even infiltrating the most remote corners of mortal planets. Their primary objective was to identify and monitor individuals with exceptional talents without directly interfering with their destinies. All gathered intelligence was meticulously cataloged at Skynet’s headquarters and kept as an essential database.

This strategic initiative was important to James’ plan to quickly assemble an elite team. After all, his opponent was the entire Zymurgy.

Subsequently, he orchestrated the relocation of the two prominent holy temples led by Zeux and Beatrice to the Great Historial Land. The Zazen, Shadow Yarrowvale, and Xephyr Temple were also migrated alongside. Ultimately, they collectively became known as the Five Great Holy Temples.

Their responsibilities extended beyond appraising energies. They were also tasked with helping Zeux and Beatrice safeguard the Wanith Tai Chi World, maintaining internal order, and defending against incursions from the heavenly realms.

To bolster their defenses, James bestowed upon Zeux, Beatrice, Zenda, and the leaders of the Shadow Yarrowvale Temple and Xephyr Temple a Supernatural Power to harness the Spiritual Providence of living beings.

Empowered by the blessings of spiritual Providence, these five powerhouses were well-equipped to confront powerful opponents below the Historial Daeclon Rank, ensuring the security of the Wanith Tai Chi World.

Once Yegor, Truett, and Xitlaly had completed their tasks, James instructed them to abolish their cultivation, to be placed within one of the towers for a journey toward nirvana and rebirth.

Having concluded these arrangements, James embarked alone for the Great Historical Land.

Standing before the entrance of the Forbidden Bloodshade, his gaze fell upon Thea, seated in a crossed-leg position with a purple light enveloping her.

James looked at her and took a deep breath.

After Lyla’s demise, Thea stayed within the Forbidden Bloodshade. James knew she was really mad.

Nonetheless, her aura indicated remarkable progress in her cultivation over the years. She had ascended to at least the Tenth Level Demonic Body and had reached the Soma Daeclon Rank’s peak. She had become a formidable powerhouse.

With her at the helm, the Wanith Tai Chi World would be in capable hands.

However, as James contemplated addressing her, uncertainty seized him.

Ultimately, he decided to leave without saying a word.

As he walked away, two purple light beams pierced through the void and stopped at James’ shoulder, manifesting into two children.

The two children were about seven to eight and had an adorable appearance.

Remarkably, they were gleefully munching on sparkling lightning bolts.

“How much trouble have you stirred up, Zuriyin?” James inquired with a playful tone.

The little girl huffed and promptly leaped off James’s shoulder, clearly displeased by his question.

James chuckled softly, extending his hand to affectionately pinch the cheek of the boy perched on his other shoulder.

“You’re still without a name, right? I’ll give you one now,” said James.

The little boy replied, “I already have a name! It’s Lyall Caden!”

James was momentarily taken aback. “Lyall Caden? Where did you get that name from?”

Lyall ignored James’ question. Zuriyin, who was nearby, answered, “Mom gave it to him.” James was rendered speechless.

‘Lyall Caden? Lyla, Lyall? It seems the impact Lyla’s death had on Thea was tremendous. She used such a way to remember Lyla,’ thought James.

At that moment, potent Hongrome Auras filled the air. Then, two bursts of purple light shot through the void and materialized into Stephen and Leuko.

“Zuriyin, Lyall, didn’t we agree not to disturb Mom…oh?” Leuko’s words trailed off after noticing James.

With palpable excitement, Stephen rushed over to James and instantly knelt on the ground. He greeted respectfully, “Master!”

Leuko followed suit, quickly calling out, “Master!”

Seeing the couple’s display of respect, Lyall immediately leaped away. Together with Zuriyin, they also assumed kneeling positions.

Amused by their sudden mannerisms, James chuckled and said, “Why don’t you look at that? These two rebellious little ones actually learned some manners.

Alright, up to your feet.”

James promptly supported Stephen and Leuko in standing. However, the two children remained kneeling, seemingly afraid of the couple.

James gently prompted, ‘You can get up now.’’ Leuko swiftly instructed, “Listen to your dad.”

In response, the children promptly rose to their feet, their demeanor shifting from impudent to respectful.

James was surprised by their behavior.

Stephen leaned into James’ ear and explained.

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