The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6906

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6906-After a moment, James suddenly slapped his forehead and chuckled.” Stephen, Leuko, thank you.”

Stephen chuckled. “We owe our lives to you, Master. We’re family. You don’t need to be so polite with US.”

Leuko, standing aside, rolled his eyes and inquired, “Has Ms. Thea forgiven you yet, James?” James furrowed his brow, glanced back at Thea in the Forbidden Bloodshade, then shook his head with a rueful smile.

Stephen looked at James and said, ‘We’re aware of what happened. If needed, we could revive Lyla-“

James waved his hand to cut him off and sighed softly. “Let’s discuss this later.

Don’t bring it up in front of my wife.”

Stephen and Leuko exchanged glances, then nodded simultaneously.

James frowned and said carefully, “I must make a trip to Zymurgy. We’re in the dark about the Fortieth Heaven. I should investigate a little and see if I can cultivate the Five Spirits.

“As for my wife and children, I’ll entrust them to you for now. In the Great Historial Land, you’re invincible. When the time comes, you’ll know what to do.”

Stephen and Leuko nodded once more.

James walked toward the two children and lifted them. Stephen watched but hesitated to speak.

Leuko interjected, “Actually, it isn’t that hard to integrate the Five Spirits. I can harness the Chaos Essence to create Three Spirits. Stephen can use the Hongrome Essence for the remaining two.” Stephen chimed in, ‘That’s right. Why do you have to go through such great lengths.”

James said smilingly, “What I seek is the Five Xloria Pearls, which is what you can’t give me.”

Stephen and Leuko gasped at his words.

James kissed his children’s cheeks and said, ‘Train diligently. I hope my children will be able to join me in the battle against Zymurgy.”

Stephen took a deep breath and said solemnly, “Yes, Master!”

Leuko asked worriedly, “Are you familiar with the Five Path Emperors, Master?

If you go recklessly…”

Stephen leaned close to Leuko and reassured, “Don’t worry. Hurry and hand over what we’ve prepared for master.”

Leuko sighed and nodded. With a sweep of her hand, a beam of purple light shot toward James and gathered into a radiant information orb.

“Master, this contains our compiled insights based on past recollections about the power dynamics above the Fortieth Heaven, including details on the Five Path Emperors. You must study it thoroughly. Many lives may depend on it.”

Upon hearing this, James smiled, gently placing his children down before accepting the information orb.

“I’ve forgotten that you two are born from Hongrome Essence and possess greater knowledge of Zymurgy than I do.” “With your precious gift, I’m sure I’ll survive.”

James turned and patted his children’s heads. Then, he cast an emotional glance at Thea, who was cultivating in the Forbidden Bloodshade. In an instant, he vanished in a flash.

Thea slowly opened her eyes after James had left.

“Is bidding farewell already too much to ask? Or have we already become strangers?”

Upon hearing her words, Stephen and Leuko turned to Thea.

“Mother!” “Mom!”

Zuriyin and Lyall dashed into the Forbidden Bloodsade and threw themselves into Thea’s embrace.

Leuko rushed over to explain, “Master had come to bid you farewell. He…”

Before she could finish, Stephen stopped her.

Thea embraced her children and slowly turned to them. “Although he has the information orb, he’s still walking on a tightrope between light and death,” she said.

Stephen saidin surprise, ‘Then why didn’t you stop him?”

Thea shook her head and sighed. “Who could stop him? He has been suppressing himself. As the first in the Greater Realms to integrate the Three Treasures, he needs some opponents.”

Leuko asked anxiously, “What if he gets trapped?”

Thea closed her eyes and said, ‘Then we would fight for him.”

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