The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6907

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6907-In the Forty-Seventh Realm of Zymurgy, amidst the vibrant hues of a grand temple, enveloped in sacred light. Two flashes of light emerged, and a man and woman appeared.

The man possessed a striking handsomeness, yet his messy hair and the ominous purple-red aura swirling around him hinted at a darker nature.

His companion, draped in a flowing black robe and a veil of mystery, exuded elegance. Her long hair cascaded down, and her every movement held a captivating allure.

It was none other than Morgott and Yehria who thought they had escaped from James.

Since their escape to Zymuegy, they had disguised themselves and concealed

their auras.

With Yehria’s guidance, Morgott lifted 70 seals and fused them with his fragmented spirits. His Demonic Body had been cultivated to near perfection, and he had regained about eighty percent of his prime.

Though they could not navigate Zymurgy with ease, their ambition remained unsatisfied.

Standing together, they gazed upon the imposing plaque in the grand hall ahead of them with the words, ‘Taishi Grand Temple.”

Morgott asked, “Is this the final fragment of my spirit?”

Yehria nodded solemnly, ‘Yeah, but lifting the seal won’t be easy.”

Morgott asked Yehria, “Don’t you have the Xyloria Tai Chi Axe? Is it not good to use any more?”

Yehria shook his head ruefully. “It’s only applicable against Tirta Power because of their connection.”

Suddenly, her face flashed with slight fear as she looked at the plaque.

“What we’re confronting is Taishi Power. It’s a seal crafted by Taishi.”

Morgott asked anxiously, “Then what am I to do? My last spirit lies within this seal. It has my Three Treasures, Five Spirits, and my Tyrant Spear.

“Without them, I’m still incomplete. I’ve recovered eighty percent of my strength and can kill a few trash at the Soma Daeclon Rank. However, I still stand no chance against a powerhouse like James.”

Yehria’s face darkened as she retorted, “Who are you calling trash?”

Morgott quickly corrected, “Ah, I forgot you’re also at the Soma Daeclon Rank.

However, didn’t your cultivation rank drop? You’re only at the Nith Xaeclon Rank at best right now.”

Upon hearing these words, Yehria was struck by a sudden surge of anger. With clenched fists trembling with restrained anger, she turned around and murmured, ‘Your words would drive anyone to think of vengeance against you!”

Morgott merely shrugged, his gaze fixed on the Taishi Grand Temple. “Cut the nonsense and summon the Xyloria Tai Chi Axe. Well have a chance if we can even crack it a little.”

Yehria sighed and summoned a giant axe that emitted colorful light rays.

The axe descended toward the Taishi Grand Temple.

A loud boom echoed as the temple erupted in a dazzling display of divine light. A powerful force surged outward, knocking Yehria away.

Even the formidable Morgott could only muster a defensive stance amidst the potent force.

He surrounded his body with a shroud of purple-red light as he braced himself.

The overwhelming force subsided moments later, and the luminous expanse of divine light dissipated.

Morgott slowly raised his head and looked at the unscathed Taishi Grand Temple in astonishment. ‘The Xyloria Taishi sure is exceptional. Compared to the Xyloria Tirta and Taichi, he is so much stronger.”

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