The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6910

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6910-Upon entering Taishi Grand Temple, he anticipated encountering a magnificent sight, a towering statue, or even Silver in person. However, what greeted him was far more dull than his expectations.

“Your name is James Caden, right?” Suddenly, amidst the vibrant divine glow, an ethereal voice resonated. It sounded sacred and exquisite, capable of cleansing the mind of impure thoughts.

James jolted, swiftly scanning his surroundings before replying, “Yes.

That’s me! It’s an honor to be in your presence, Ms. Silver.” “You’re the Chosen One, a disciple of Emperor Yarden, who integrated the Three Treasures and is also the ruler over the Greater Realms. Despite your achievements, you remain remarkably humble. You’re much better in every aspect than those two unsightly

beings outside.”

James bowed respectfully at her praises. Just as he was about to speak, he was interrupted.

“You need not say a word. Wesley has already come to see me and conveyed everything.”

James lifted his head abruptly and said, “Madam, he…” “He has his purpose, and you have your journey. Now, allow me to show you a painting.”

With those words, a colorful aura enveloped James, unveiling a painting of breathtakingly beautiful women.

Three women adorned the scene in the painting, each exuding an otherworldly aura that left James stunned.

Silver inquired, “You should recognize them, right?”

James replied, “I only recognize the woman in the middle. She…she looks like my wife, but looks more…” “More beautiful?” Silver laughed, “Silly child. That is your wife, the complete Yin governor.”

James gasped at the revelation. He never expected his wife, in her complete form, to be so stunning. She was like a goddess and embodied all the qualities women could only dream of-perfect and flawless.

“You should also know the other two. That’s your second body, Frona. The other is Yehria, lingering outside the temple.”

James’ eyes widened in shock. Upon closer inspection, he found that the other women in the painting resembled Lesia and Yehria. However, they had much more exquisite and captivating appearances.

After a while, James asked, “What’s the purpose of showing this to me?”

Silver explained, “They are your Quiver Tribulations. It’s one of the three great tribulations you must face. It’s also the hardest to overcome.”

James nearly staggered at this revelation. He would understand the Yin governor being part of his Quiver Tribulation but could not comprehend why Lesia was also included. Even worse, he was in disbelief that Yehria was also one of them.

Silver saw through James’ thoughts and chuckled, saying, “Quiver Tribulations aren’t always necessarily romantic. They can be related to all kinds of emotions like love, grace, and even hatred.

“You and the Yin governor represent a love tribulation, which is almost impossible to eliminate. You and Frona symbolize a grace tribulation. Although it can be severed, you don’t wish for such an outcome. Meanwhile, you and Yehria are entangled in a hatred tribulation that will be hard to overcome.”

James furrowed his brows and asked, “Are you suggesting I must resolve these three tribulations before proceeding?”

Silver replied, “I simply want you to recognize what lies ahead if you seek greater heights in cultivation. Not only do you need to integrate the Five Spirits, you’ll need to overcome three great tribulations.

James inquired, “Besides the Quiver Tribulations, what are the other two?”

Silver did not respond. Instead, she waved her hand and summoned numerous Wama Energy Balls.

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