Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1213 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1213

The Hunt family was speechless.

They exchanged glances, and then Mike said, “Serenity, discuss it with your sister and name a price. Just sell the house to us.”

“If we offer to sell it, will it be you or our grandparents paying?”

Mike said, “Our grandparents are the ones staying in the house, so of course they’ll be the ones paying. However, they don’t have much savings after Grandmom got sick. All of us pitched in to pay for her medical fees. They may not be able to fork out a large amount of money at once.

“You can let them sign an IOU. They’ll pay you as much money as they can now. If it’s not enough…”

“Can they owe you the money?”

Serenity could not help but ask, “They’re old and don’t have a source of income. How are they going to buy a house?”

Mike was silent.

Old Mr. Hunt heard his grandchildren’s conversation and said to his two sons angrily, “You brothers help me pay for the house. Scott’s share can be considered paid for since your mom and I are staying in the house now.”

Stuart and Christ echoed each other, “Dad, we don’t have a job and have no income now. Our children are the ones supporting the family now. How can we afford to buy a house for you?”

Old Mr. Hunt looked at his two grandsons.

Mike said, “Granddad wanted to give Uncle Scott’s house to John. If we’re buying it, then. John should pay for it. That way, we won’t have any objections if John inherits the house.” John said, “I have a house in town. I don’t need another house. If Granddad has property, I want a stake in it. If he doesn’t, then I won’t pay. Granddad gave birth to my dad, but he didn’t give birth to me. The responsibility of buying a house for Granddad for him to spend his retirement doesn’t belong to me.”

Old Mr. Hunt was livid upon hearing what his most precious grandson had said.

Liberty and Serenity knew that their relatives were shameless, but they were still appalled.

John did not feel shameless and said, “Why don’t you chip in for letting our grandparents stay in the house too, Serenity? At most, you can ask them to pay you some rent. Houses in rural areas aren’t expensive to rent. A house will cost three to four hundred dollars a month. Our grandparents can afford that much.

The others agreed with him.

However, Old Mr. Hunt said, “Your grandmom and I have to keep our money for retirement. You all should pay for the rent. Don’t tell me you can’t afford it. Both of you have families. too, can’t you afford a rent of a couple of hundred dollars a month?”

He glared at his two sons and scolded them, “Your mom and I were able to raise all of you when you were young. Scott passed away young, but you two lived a good life.

“When Scott and his wife passed, your mom and I suffered so much scolding to get the insurance payout, and who did we give it to? We gave it to you so you could have the capital to start your own business. It’s thanks to us that you were able to live such a good life.

“Can’t you afford to support us in our old age now? Liberty, Serenity, you two will buy from us the land that was allotted to us.

“Your grandmom and I will continue to stay in the house, and the rent and electricity bills will be split equally among your three uncles. You just collect the rent from them. Ten years ago, we signed an agreement that you don’t have to provide for us when we’re alive, nor bury us when we’re dead. We’ll keep our word. You two don’t have to care about us. I still have three sons and a bunch of grandchildren. I’m not afraid there’s no one to bury me when I die.”

In fact, Old Mr. Hunt was a little hurt. He had many children and grandchildren who all lived good lives, but when it came to supporting him and his wife in their old age, they pushed the responsibility among each other, saying that they could not afford to support the two elderly.

Back when they were poor, his wife and he were able to raise four sons and two daughters. However, none of their sons or grandchildren could support them in their old age. “How much is the price for a square foot of land there?” Serenity asked.


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