Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1221 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1221

Jasmine sighed and said, “Some parents can be quite baffling. They disapprove of their grateful children but play favorites with other children who can’t care less about them.” Serenity took a moment in silence before saying, “These parents hurt the kids who care while their favorite children hurt them instead. Some siblings never get close and even cut contact after their parents pass away because of the deferential treatment among siblings.”

“I’m lucky my family is not like that. My grandparents treat us all equally. There are no favorites or least liked. My uncles are nice too. We get along well with our cousins,” Jasmine said.

Serenity did not add to the conversation after that. She wished she had a family like Jasmine’s.

She was not on good terms with her cousins.

Ring, ring, ring….

Jasmine’s phone rang.

Thinking it was Josh, Jasmine pulled out her phone and said to her best friend, “He didn’t call me the whole day today. I think he’s starting to get bored of me.”

Serenity amusedly replied, “Mr. Bucham loves you to the moon and back. He’ll never get bored of you.

“Like attracts like. My man is committed, so I’m sure his best friends have the same attitude when it comes to love too. Don’t worry, Mr. Bucham had been single for so long for the right woman to come along, and that person is you.”

“It’s not Josh. It’s my brother.”

Serenity murmured, “Oh, it’s not Mr. Bucham…”

She thought Josh called to ask Jasmine out for dinner.

Serenity had informed Zachary that she met Shawn, but Zachary had not replied. She wondered if Zachary might get jealous.

She only happened to run into Shawn, and the meetup was no more than five minutes. Surely, the man would not be jealous… right?

Since he was not responding, Zachary was probably busy at work.

Zachary was the CEO of York Corporation after all. Time was money to him..


Jasmine accepted the call from her brother. “What’s the matter? Something’s going on at home?”

“Come home quickly, Jas! There’s something you got to see.

Drake sounded thrilled over the phone as he urged Jasmine to hurry home.

“What’s that?”

Jasmine was itching with curiosity.

“What’s the something I got to see?“.

Drake answered with a smile, “I can’t tell you right now. Anyway, just come back as soon as you can. It’s something good. That’s what I can tell you. Hurry home, okay?”

“B*stard! Just put me out of my misery. What is it? Did something good happen at home? Did Dad win the jackpot? Did you bring your girlfriend home?”

Mr. Sox got into the habit of buying lottery tickets. He had never won anything, but that was his guilty pleasure.

He would only buy the same set of numbers, and he believed the numbers would win him the jackpot one day.

“Well, I won’t tell you to come home quickly if I’m bringing my girlfriend home. Stop asking, Jas. I told you it’s something good. Just come home, and hurry. Tell Serenity to watch the shop tonight or just close early.”

Jasmine looked at the time–school was almost out.

“Drake, just tell me already. The kids are getting out of school soon, so that means we’re going to be busy at the shop. This better be good, so unless the sky is falling down, I won’t be heading back until after six.”


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